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Using the FontDialog, you can change the font type, style, size, color, add effects and specify character sets for the font.
We will be changing the font of the text box depending on the constructed font using the FontDialog control.
We first called the ShowDialog static method of the FontDialog control to show the actual dialog to the user. Date picker lets you select a date from the drop down calendar and you need not to enter the date manually.
I have shown how to store data inside database, how to view them in a GUI and how to delete them from database permanently.
Information on the listview that must be modified is selected and when we click on the edit button a new window gets opened.
Strawberry Perl is a perl environment for MS Windows containing all you need to run and develop perl applications.
ActiveState is the leading provider of technology solutions based on Perl and development tools for Perl programmers. First we will change Text Font, Font size, Font Style, Font Stretch etc in the text box .Follow the example below.

Whenever you positioned your cursor over any GUI elements it will show a single line message like shown in the picture below.
On the right hand side under Login tab provide your new password and confirm the password again.
When the downloading is completed you have to install it to your Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express and to do this just click on install button finally the work has done. As our installation process is completed, so WPF About Box (CS) is ready to use for the current project and we can use it for future. In this post the final part of MySQL, C Sharp- DOT NET database interaction example would be shown, that is, updating or editing an existing data.
Now run the code to see the first part of mysql c sharp data updating example is working fine.
It is a special type types of Text Box allows you to hide your entered password with a special character. If you again dock an element in the left side it will fix next position to the previously docked left child. The message that shows when your cursor is positioned over a button, icon, hyperlink, or many other elements in a GUI.

Next, you have to select a template and after double click on it you can see the downloading process like the following image. Since the FontDialog control is not a visual control, it will be located at the bottom portion of the Designer. We check if the user presses the OK button by testing the value returned by the ShowDialog method.
If the user presses OK then we change the font of the textbox to the one specified by the user. To do this, first right click to the project name, with which you want to add that template, then go to Add and click on New Item.
You can then handle the Apply event to apply the changes to the target font while not closing the dialog itself.

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