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Money is the big motivator for legalizing marijuana, one of the most lucrative crops in America. As part of an annual survey of high school seniors (Cohen and Lessin), the daily marijuana users in the classes they studies (N = 414) were questioned about problems they experienced from marijuana use. If the above study were replicated 2010, the data, in all probability, would reflect an increase in maladaptive behavior, due to the increased potency of today's marijuana.
Older teen marijuana users are more likely to have an increase in delinquency and more likely to engage in unsafe sex. Marijuana users have more suicidal thoughts and are 4 times more likely to report symptoms of depressions than people who never used the drug. Overlooked is the fact that as states look to increase revenue, it is ironic that so few are seeking to increase taxes on alcohol. Experts in drug prevention know that significant increases in the cost of any drug results in the decreased use of "that" drug by youth. Some 2009 national data is reporting that 12th graders are smoking more marijuana than cigarettes.
Research shows that most teens who are using marijuana or prescription drugs report that they obtained them from friends and relatives.
Smoked marijuana (which is what is being distributed in the Clinics) is still a dangerous drug and contains cancer-causing compounds. Major research studies continue to provide evidence that smoked marijuana damages the brain, heart, lungs and immune system.
Why would you want to give such a drug to anyone who already has an illness such as cancer? Other data is showing that most of the people using legalized medical marijuana are using the drug for recreation versus medication.
There has been an increase in crimes, automobile and workplace accidents, by individuals using marijuana than before the law passed. In an interview by PBS on the "The California Report" May 21, 2010 regarding environmental issues of legalization of marijuana, it was disclosed that it took 18 hours of electricity a day to grow the "hot-house" pot resulting in an increase of 25% more electrical per day per grower as compared to the average homeowner.

How would you feel if you knew your physician finished a joint before performing your surgery? How safe would you feel knowing your airline pilot decreased his peripheral vision by smoking a joint prior to the flight? If you are in pain and feel marijuana is your only alternative, why would you suppress your immune system by smoking marijuana when you could take a pill that could do the job?
It affects memory, coordination, higher cortical levels of thinking, and vision according to Neuroscientist, David A Goodman, Ph.
While the use of marijuana may be regarded by some as a matter of individual choice, it has a deleterious effect on the attainment of goals set forth by schools. This is due to the fact that the THC attaches itself to the fatty tissues, mainly those of the brain and the sex organs. According to PRIDE, even if the new tax revenue would amount to a billion dollars, the actual cost to the state to deal with increased marijuana abuse and addiction would be 6-7 times that amount ($6 billion or more).
The cost to society caused by alcohol use is horribly disproportionate to the revenue generated by current taxes on it.
Unfortunately, once marijuana is legalized, the prices will automatically decrease and more young people can afford and will use it. Therefore, if more education, especially through the media, is increased on the negative effects of marijuana, then youth would avoid it use. Also more youth are using as they view the use as state-sanctioned and medically beneficial.
Additionally, the fuel used for the electricity generating diesel engines has resulted in many fires and the spilled diesel fuel has contaminated the water and soil in the pot farming areas. Are you also aware that your children's brains, which are still developing until the age of 25, can be damaged by marijuana?
This is a typical image of the brain that has been damaged by the repeated use of marijuana and other drugs. In fact, marijuana smoke contains 50-70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than does tobacco smoke.

Since state taxes on alcohol are not indexed to increase with inflation, the low rates of the past do not keep pace with the cost of living. Another consideration is that many people will now simply grow their own to avoid any taxes. Marijuana users inhale deeply and hold their breath longer which increase the lung's exposure to carcinogenic smoke.
Unlike drugs that are composed of one chemical, marijuana has 420 known chemicals, and when these are combusted, they break into about 2000 other compounds. It is reported by many children who enter drug abuse treatment that they thought "pot is medicine and good for them", and of course "feels good". Goodman stated that the strength of marijuana has increased so dramatically that it should no longer be called "pot." One puff can give you an immediate high, which demonstrates the effects upon the brain. In some cities, such as Boulder, Colorado, accidents from marijuana exceed those due to alcohol. The Journal of Neuropharmacology, Vol 56, Supplement 1, "Issue on Frontiers of Addiction Research", reports that marijuana is as addictive as tobacco. As in the case with alcohol revenue, it will be as difficult to raise taxes on marijuana once their newly established lobby is in place. A study reported by the National Institute of Drug Abuse Newsletter in 2008 followed people who had regularly used marijuana over 25 years. Drivers stoned on marijuana have slower reaction time, poorer judgment and impaired visual processing: all of which impairs driving ability. A major finding was that these folks managed their lives from one day to one week, but were unable to do tasks requiring higher cortical thinking, such as planning ahead and setting goals. Since the ingredients of marijuana attaches itself to the fatty tissues, such as the brain and the sex organs, and have a cumulative effect, it has the potential to be more harmful than tobacco.

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