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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you are in the working world and have any kind of professional commendations associated with your birth name, you may have reason to think twice about changing your name. A reason women change their last names after marriage now is to show a strong sense of family unity. Changing your last name take a lot of effort legally, so be sure you ask yourself the 5 questions listed above before you make a final decision about changing your last name.
Even though it is now more socially accepted for a woman to keep her maiden name, fewer brides choose to do so.

Some brides decide to use their married name legally and their maiden names professionally to keep their achievements associated with their name. Threatened by the concept of being smothered by her husband and sacrificing her own preferences, a bride kept her maiden name to make a strong statement to her husband and the rest of the world – she is an individual first, than a wife. But if his name is significantly more complicated than your maiden name or if your new name would sound like a middle school torture (i.e. The trend changed with the rise as feminism throughout the in the 80s and 90s where 80% of women changed their last names after getting married. Have you accomplished something professional that is important to you and will be hard to connect to you if you change your last name?
Now, many women feel that their identity is expressed in other ways and feel a name change is less significant of an individual expression.

Also, your future children, who will no doubt be embarrassed by you for something or another, may have to explain to their friends why your last name is different than their father’s if it is. Is your maiden name an important part of your identity or do you feel your individuality is expressed in other ways? Do you think a family is more unified when all members have the same last name than a family where the members have different last names?

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