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Australian hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea's 2013 singles are rounded up on this EP, beginning with the dubsteppy, T.I. Il y a un peu plus de deux semaines, nous vous faisions decouvrir «Change Your Life», le nouveau single de Iggy Azalea. Un clip dans lequel Iggy nous montre ses courbes grace a des tenues sexy, le tout dans un decor kitch. Passionne par la culture urbaine depuis mon plus jeune age, c'est un reel plaisir de partager cette passion avec vous. Iggy Azalea’s ‘Change Your Life’ video came out this week and it is neither short of a dame or dime. Despite the video being somewhat on the smutty side, Iggy embraces her feminine power with claws outstretched.

We’ve watched Iggy from her humble mixtape beginnings, where her tracks were honest trap music and her rhymes were measured. Set at a cabaret club in Las Vegas, the clip sees Iggy as a show girl strutting her stuff in some pretty risque garms; from a red bikini accompanied with nipple dots in the pool, to a shimmering and flirty feathery ensemble on the dance floor. She’s come a long way and is making it into the charts with melodic hooks and dance-drops to accompany her feminine bad-ass chic-ness. The snarky and sassy "Work" appears in its original mix and in a mix with rapper Wale added to the cut; then there's the simple and infectious trap track "Bounce," which does just what it says on the tin. The two traveled to Las Vegas to shoot the video for the song, with part of the sets being Cheetah’s Topless Club and a swimming pool where the Australian beauty flaunted her bikini body.
Hardcore fans will be disappointed there's nothing new or exclusive, but newcomers get some of the diva's best bits in one easy package.

Women should be able to have strong feminist ideals while wearing a killer pair of stilettos and suspenders. No woman can deny that to utilise their beauty for their own pleasure or confidence is a bad thing. Of course, it can be interpreted with as much irony as you like and for this, we giggle along.

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