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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter E-mailIn order to make effective long-term changes in your health and wellness, it is important to evaluate how easily your thinking can lead to self-sabotage. The following are examples of sabotaging thoughts that fast-paced individuals commonly make: “I don’t have enough time,” “I travel all the time for work,” “I have to entertain clients and eat out all the time,” or, “Watching what I eat is impossible.”  Do any of these statements sound familiar? Sometimes, it is helpful to conjure up a previous success in another area of your life, then take that attitude and apply it to eating and exercise.
Replace the negative thoughts with reasonable alternatives that are practical and realistic.
In order to lose weight and improve your overall health and wellness, it is not helpful to think pessimistically. A few weeks ago, over 70 pre-qualified startups demoed their products and services for a chance to compete on Techweek’s main stage, for $100,000 is cash and prizes.
It's clear that Chicago is a special place for startups, and we want to make it the place for people to join them. Less than a year ago, I asked a prominent figure in Chicago’s startup community about local investors’ interest in the social enterprise model.
Real-time online auction marketplace Proxibid is not a new company, but it has certainly stayed fresh since being founded in 2001 by four Omaha-based entrepreneurs.
This was the subject line of an email that Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia sent Jamie Wong several years ago. So many of them are prepared to suffer for their business strategies, yet so few actually take the time to learn how to strategize.
Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Skills are pretty easy to gain: you can search on YouTube, purchase training programs or hire someone to do it for you. Perhaps not so easy though is believing in yourself and your business, overcoming your fears and lack of confidence, or pushing through challenging times when your mindset seems to be enemy number one.
Fears, limiting beliefs, negativity, and insecurities can all slow you down or even prevent you from achieving your goals. Here are a few common mindset challenges entrepreneurs experience (just so you know that you aren’t alone in this). Humans like things to stay the same and your brain is wired to interpret change as dangerous. When you step outside your comfort zone, your brain creates anxiety in a misguided effort to keep you safe. You wait for the end to come because you fear that you’re not good enough and that everyone else already knows it. Fear of success is very sneaky and lurks in the subconscious mindset of many entrepreneurs. Let’s look at ways you can challenge those mindset issues and create the success you desire. When you say yes to change, you expand your boundaries and open up a whole new world of possibilities.
Taking small steps outside your comfort zone will help you become familiar with change and eventually embrace it. Bring all your brilliance to your business and step confidently forward into your amazing future. Yes, it takes time to become conscious of your limiting thoughts and learn how to change them. You no longer need be held back from achieving your goals by fear, lack of confidence or self-sabotage.
Imagine how empowered you’ll feel when you control how you perceive events, how you respond to challenges, and how you interact with others. By entering your information you’re giving us permission to add you to our email list. Margie’s worksheets and training really showed me how to break it down to see what I would cover and then how to take each aspect of my program and go even deeper with it. As a result of Margie’s program I was really able to focus in on one area that I am specifically good at and that I can offer to a tribe.
Margie’s Signature Program in a Weekend provides an intuitively guided framework within which to break through mindset blocks and take action. One of the biggest benefits is the intensity and focus provided by working all through the weekend.

Prior to working with Margie I had a lot of loose ends floating around and wasn’t able to string them together in a cogent thought process. First and foremost, as a result of the Signature Program in a Weekend, I love that I am comfortable now making a program.
I am going to tell my coaching colleagues that if they want to be guided though the process of developing their signature program, this is it!!! I realized that I wanted to expand my very small practice with individuals to include solid offerings for groups. Her logical, patient, and caring approach will help you face challenges and reach goals you might think were beyond you.
Margie, you took the deepest lesson and biggest story of my life and helped me write a life changing program that I can share with the world! It invited me to grow and to push myself to create a strong sense of vision for my business and myself. Overall, this program was amazing and Margie is a wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding instructor. It has been very helpful to know that I am not alone in my uncertainty about how to convey what I do and who my ideal client is.
In a nutshell, it has been very helpful to me to go through the exercises you provided to identify my ideal client and define what it is that I do. If you are ready to step out from the one-on-one client model to leverage your time and gifts for maximum impact, income potential, and freed time so you can enjoy your life and business, I can’t recommend Margie’s program enough! I recently had the pleasure of working with Margie in co-creating a workshop directed at new patient acquisition.
Margie’s insight, direction, (and patience!) lead me through a seamless process that resulted in a kick-ass presentation.
Margie created a structured, productive method so that I could produce a solid program in and of itself.
The time had come to create a signature program that would help me grow my business and allow me to serve more clients. While I have worked with effective “business coaches” in the past, I now see that the programs I’ve participated in before were more like “business trainings.” While the information was helpful and the content was solid, I often experienced emotional conflict around what I was learning, and couldn’t always see how to apply it to my business. Margie brings her experience as a life coach into our business relationship with astounding results.
Margie helped me see how much great content I had and she made it simple to pull together into signature programs. Margie helped me get very clear so that I could determine exactly what my signature program was. Margie guided me to create my first signature program and then develop that into additional programs to be offered at different investment levels. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin but Margie lovingly supported and nurtured me with no pressure to stick with a formula.
Change your mindset text is written on transparent white board by hand with marker isolated. This is all too common because it’s not easy to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur and have never-ending confidence! Don’t think about what you need to make something possible, not at first; just think about what is possible. It may be an opportunity for more revenue, for business, or inner growth, or it may simply be an opportunity to learn. What if you decide for yourself what success looks and feels like for you in your business and in your life? It can lead us astray, steer us away from our strongest hopes and desires or … help us fulfill our biggest dreams. I wonder if I had been meeting with you privately as my coach, instead of taking your introductory group program, if it would have taken so long for the concept of creating my own signature program to sink in?? I can see how to organize my expertise and how many different directions I can take all of my program components. The small group sessions work well to cross-pollinate ideas and bring fresh thinking into the exercises.
If you know you are ready to transform your business but are unsure of the framework for your new program – run, don’t walk – to sign up.
I’ve had this information about my niche and my coaching gifts in my head and deep in my bones, but had no way to articulate it and get it out into the world.

Because I had heard Margie speak at more than one online event, I knew that she had a clear and well-defined road map for creating a signature program that I could use in my own business. In a world that just keeps speeding up, Margie is an island of stillness and sanity that, strangely enough, allows you to keep pace without feeling overwhelmed. I have been continually impressed by the quality of her work, and I have learned so much from her. I found out a lot about myself too, and some of the areas I’d neglected in my business that will allow it to grow.
Margie is an expert in her field and demonstrates creative, detailed knowledge and implementation.
First of all, I am taking away the recordings and the documentation that you have provided to us so I can continue to work through these exercises as I grow. So solid, in fact, that modified forms of my program (mini-programs) can stand on their own as offerings. Her support and kind encouragement have been exactly what I needed to propel me forward in my business. The step-by-step format and the great worksheets covered everything you need to know about building a signature program. Then she helped me take my masses of material and taught me how to organize it in a way that made sense. Try to unlock the positive messages you send yourself in the business realm and transfer them into other areas of your life, such as health and wellness.
And then you can choose to move forward through the new experience and expand your brain’s safety zone.
Innovation is going forward with something “new” even though you don’t know how it will turn out.
I was able to tell them exactly what I can do to help them and that made all the difference during our conversation. The Signature Program in a Weekend lets you put all of your pieces of the puzzle together and come out with the finished product.
Margie has integrity; she is easy to talk to, always put me at ease and helped me focus on the important things. You are a wonderful and encouraging teacher and the materials for the weekend were so helpful and well thought out. Margie helped me to recognize – and own – my vision, my unique talents and expertise, and to make a direct connection with the community I am here to serve.
I had an idea about what I would want to say, but in a very MAGICAL WAY, my message became so clear and focused – thanks to you.
The worksheets really helped me to work through some of those issues and see concrete areas of my business I can build upon. I now know how to put together my content and marketing materials in a way that attracts the people I want to work with.
This truly has been a breakthrough for me that I hadn’t been able to achieve before on my own.
Be an innovator and give it a try with every intent of learning from whatever the outcome is. After working with Margie in her 6-month coaching and accountability program, I see things much clearer and I’m more focused, I am better off and my investment was well worth it; I believe it will pay off over and over down the road. I now feel super confident, ready and so blessed to know that my pain and struggles can help to lift others. I hold her, her superlative work, her high level of integrity and consistency, and the value of her services in the highest of esteem. I tell every coach I meet that they would do well to hire you as their business coach to help them grow their burgeoning business. As a result, my email subscriber list doubled and my signature program has been a great success. They’ll be back – that’s normal – but they don’t have to dictate how you act in your business or how you present yourself.
She has a strong desire to support your progress, and she provides inspiring direction and guidance without ever pushing too hard.

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