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Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite Directors, I have loved each and everyone of his directed films I have watched. Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) returns from work one night to find her young son Walter missing, shocked and horrified she calls the LAPD only to be shut down and told they were not able to do anything until 24 hours and that 99 out of 100 times the kid shows up by morning.
After several weeks of investigations Christine Collins gets a visit from Police Captain J.J Jones (Jeffrey Donovan) with news that her son has been found, and is alive.
The Changeling is a superb film, and Clint Eastwood’s visionary style comes through as clear as glass, but what Eastwood really has a talent for is bringing the absolute best out of his cast. I say with no hesitation that Changeling was one of the best films of 2008, and one I strongly urge anyone who has yet to see it to do themselves a favor and check it out! Nothing is scarier than an unknown enemy, and no beastie is better at being unknown than the Doppelganger. Please Note: By submitting your story you agree that we can publish it on the Internet and on other mediums if the opportunity arises.
Changeling Disguise: Is an at-will power that allows the changeling character to transform their appearance to that of any other medium sized humanoid race. Changeling Trick: Is an encounter power where you make a bluff check against the target's passive insight. Changelings are commonly harmless, passive people and are uninterested in politics and social affairs. The changeling's body structures are slender, even more so than elves and border on being frail. The Changelings of Riedra experience far more respect than those that inhabit Khorvaire due to them being embraced by the Inspired. Riedran Changelings are invariably drawn into the service of the either the Thousand Eyes or Iron Gate and most are deeply loyal. Due to their nature Changelings do not have much recorded history however what is known is their evolution and was a result of many years of interbreeding between humans and dopplegangers which led to the birth of the first changelings.
During the Last War the changeling were often employed as spies and assassins which only reinforced the stigma they receive in the present day. Many changeling revere The Traveler of the Dark six whilst others seek out their own philosiphies. In 4th edition, the words "changeling" and "doppelganger" have the same meaning, though the latter carries a more negative connotation.
Actor Jason Butler Harner attends the premiere of "Changeling" at Ziegfeld Theater on October 4, 2008 in New York City.
The whole scene, while offering a bright note, is kind of superfluous to the dark tone of the rest of the film, but could super savvy Clint's homage to Oscars long ago strike a chord with today's academy members?
I pretty much sewed all weekend except for the times when I was so tired that I just sort of sat there and stared at the wall or babbled incoherently. I did the 50% water change yesterday (bringing the salt down to about 2 tablespoons worth for the whole tank) and cleaned off my poor plant so it isn't coated in algae.
After the gross disappointment of the Earthsea mini-series, I was extremely excited about the potential of a Studio Ghibli movie. I think I passed this on to a few people already and to be honest, I don't remember where I got the link from originally.
I recently watched J.Edgar (which I very much enjoyed and you can count on me writing about that in the near future), and it gave me the urge to revisit Changeling, one of my absolute favorite of Eastwoods directed films, and also the one I feel is one of his most under appreciated. This would begin a series of horrific events in Christine`s life that would last several years.  At the time the LAPD had been under a lot of scrutiny over allegations of corruption and greed by a local reverend played by John Malkovich, who makes it his personal goal to exploit all the LAPD’s wrong doings on his local radio program. Everyone from our leads, Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, and Jeffrey Donavan, to each and every secondary character shine in their roles.
They are an exclusive race to the Eberron campaign setting being first featured in the Eberron Campaign Setting book in 2004.
Their shapeshifting has led to them being used as spies and assassins which has in turn led to them being mistrusted amongst the people of Khorvaire. Due to their capricious ways of life many people have come to distrust the changelings which has led to them becoming social recluses or more commonly has pushed them to create fake identities to escape persecution. Rather than creating their own art and achievements the Changeling are happy with claiming other societies' as their own. Their hair colour is most commonly a light shade of silver followed by platinum and blonde.
Any hopeful Changeling can make their way to Riedra in search of acceptance however, it comes at the price of losing ones' individuality as Riedran Changelings are specifically tutored on how to relinquish all sense of individuality so that they may further serve the Inspired.
Due to their devoted service to the Inspired, Changelings are feared and distrusted in the other lands of Sarlona. In 3.5, changelings refer to the PC race of distant descent from doppelgangers, the latter being a more monstrous and powerful race which is thus generally not playable. I had been eyeing it up for about 6 months, and my wrist watch was getting sad, so I thought I'd just go ahead and see if I can adjust to using it as my only watch.
My fish are still quite active but they are not eating as well as I would like.I stopped at the fish store to ask for advice about the weird mouth fungus yesterday afternoon. I haven't been able to find poetry for the last few Fridays and I keep forgetting to put up photos on Mondays.I'm trying to get through some costuming for GenCon in August and an event in September. I purchased it through JBox at the first opportunity and watched the official subtitle the day it arrived at my door.I loved the Earthsea books as a child. I think the woman's outfit dates this firmly in the Edwardian era (near "Titantic" fashions if you ask me; I love the feather trim!). Between my fish problems and illness totally screwing up my plans, this really hasn't been my week. I have several other photos from this album already (all the photos are pasted on a dark gray paper).
To her shock and horror, when she is lead by the Police accompanied by a slew of press, to be reunited with her missing boy, it’s not him. As a matter of fact had this not been based on a true story, and was a work of fiction,  the events of the film would seem far too hard to believe even plausible. One performance in particular that stands out, though rather small, is Geoff Pearson (who some may know as the dad from Unhappily Ever After, or as Deputy Chief Matthews on Dexter) who plays Christine`s eventual attorney.  He jumps in later in the film and steals every scene. Though few in number, they often band together to form small cells of deviants, plotting and spreading fear.
The changeling can use this at will and lasts until they choose to change again or are killed in which case they revert to their natural form.
I was a little too exhausted to game, but it was still fun.I made some bloomers like I said I would.
I was a bit annoyed to notice that the tank my fish came out of at the store is currently suffering from an infestation of ick. I'm making good progress, but I still have a lot more to do and not as much time as I would like. I've upped the salt content to 4 table spoons, but I can't raise the temperature any higher.
The original link she sent is from Rag & Bone Blog.There is apparently an artist by the name of Theo Jansen who has focused on something that he calls kinetic sculpture.
At least I can put up my Friday poem, I guess.I thought I might put up something by Lovecraft this week, since I've been reading a lot of his work lately.
I don't know what was wrong with him, since he didn't have any ick spots and the water temperature should have been well within his okay range.
I find this one kind of amusing, since the huge hair bow seems a bit silly to my modern sensibilities.The 300 dpi version of this photo can be found on it's section of the period photos page. They are often versed in many cultures, having lived as each, making Doppelgangers exceptional manipulators.
Their natural look can be scary to some due to their lack of detail and distinctive features. The dragons of Argonessen for example use Changelings to infiltrate the ranks of the Inspired and other nations often find Changeling agents are better suited for operations in Riedra. The gears inside are visible through both sides of the watch and it is a bit smaller than the standard "pocket" sized watch so it will be a bit easier for me to carry. The parents are only identified as "Mom" and "Dad".The 300 dpi version of this photo can be found on it's section of the period photos page. Unfortunately for Christine Collins that is not the fact, and the events portrayed did in fact happen.  She would be forced to fight a long and truly terrible battle for her son with only the aid of a persistent Reverend Gustav Briegleb and a few locals.

Most changeling will set up a handful of personas so if one is compromised they can disappear and switch to one of their others. My first attempt was very sad (I failed to put enough ease into the hips and thighs), but my second attempt turned out okay. It also came with a matching watch chain (very cool).The second dose of the Triple Sulfa medicine (which is a broad spectrum anti-biotic) went into my fish tank last night. Please see 6 below for an explanation.If it was not for modern medicine I would be a vegetable. Then I can move on to finishing an 1890's jacket to go with my pink skirt and get a jump start on the natural form gown I have to do.My fish are doing okay. I do like creme soda (which most of my friends agree is the closest us muggles are getting to butterbeer), but I definitely wouldn't want it every day. Their personas that they create are incredibly realistic and have their own personality traits, backgrounds and network of friends. There are two more doses to go, but the fish are not improving, so I went out and picked up some anti-fungal medicine today. When my mother was giving birth to me the umbilical cord got wrapped around my neck and was strangling me.
Since most of the descriptions of pumpkin juice seem to suggest it is cool and thirst quenching I assume it must not be sweet (or not very sweet anyway).I guess I'll go with pumpkin juice then. I actually think a good chunk of it is too wordy for my taste (I couldn't get through "The Fungi of Yugoth" with my head pounding like it currently is), but there are a few slightly shorter poems that I like.A lot of Lovecraft's published works are now available in the public domain. I want to know why they didn't bother to tell me this before my fish got sick.On a morbidly tangential note, I am now firmly convinced that Sushi Muramoto sells the best sushi I've ever had.
I turn it up another one tomorrow morning and probably another tomorrow afternoon (shooting for about 82 degrees fahrenheit).
The changeling can be evasive and will often try to avoid confrontation or anything that will draw attention to themselves.
Since there is casing in the bottom I can tie them up around my knees when I'm wearing them as period underwear (ie. I can't use the fungal medicine until I'm done with the Triple Sulfa, so it will be two to three more days. I was delivered by emergency C-section, which saved me from the exciting possibility of brain suffocation.As a child I believed my parents' cat was smarter than me.
The exchange between Sparrowhawk and the cloth merchant (about whether or not a cloth was actually from Gont) was as far as I could tell the only mention of other cultures or places. I agree, but I just can't stop seeing them as organic (despite the fact that similar designs would almost certainly work as purely mechanical and steam rather than wind driven).
I've personally been reading them off of wikisource, since they overtly require research and proof that works are in the public domain before they will put them online. The store is closed tomorrow, so I'm supposed to bring in a water sample on Thursday.I am no longer sure why I wanted to keep an aquarium. Hopefully that will work if the Triple Sulfa does not.I managed to get the tank temperature down to 78 degrees (F) by lowering the temperature in our apartment. I want to put it in my tank so badly, but I can't add any plants or fish until I get these disease issues sorted out. I'm planning on doing a large water change tomorrow and moving back down to two tablespoons of salt (in the whole 10 gallon tank).
There is some argument about whether the copyright on all of his works has expired, because of the terms of his will and a lack of proper copyright extensions being filed after his death. Despite all the literature saying that it's relatively easy and painless I have been having a pitiful time. I think the problem was that the apartment was too warm during the day when we were off at work.My corset is about 75% done.
She taught herself to hunt by watching another cat and then figured out that she understood plate glass windows, but birds did not. I think Le Guin has already done that far more gently than I could.The villains were laughable and we never had a good idea of what they were actually going to do to threaten the world. I don't really understand all of the issues involved, but there is a discussion about it on his wikisource page.I chose this poem because I liked the imagery (and it is relatively brief). I think the main thing we were noticing was the amazing quality and freshness of their seafood.
I'm pretty sure I'm doing most everything "right", but I'm still getting screwed by the perverse whims of fate. She died of kidney failure when I was 12.I got my first computer when I was in high school. Sure, Cob babbled something about "opening the door between life and death" but we did not see the dry land and Cob showed no hints that he could or had done anything to cause magical trouble there.
I was very much a bookworm as a kid, but I recognized early on that hard work can be worth a lot more than talent. I'm not sure if the fish can take a higher temperature if I get something to aerate the water more.
The only one of their non-sushi dishes that we have tried so far is the miso soup, which is quite good (plenty of sea weed and tofu!).I only really have two complaints about the place.
I sewed in the extra casings last night, so now I just have to cut and tip the bones and bind the edges of the corset. 90% of the things they had on display claim that they will cure the same six poorly defined ailments. They don't look like ick, but they've spread since I got the school.I'm hoping to get my hand on a book on fish diseases next week, since no one at the fish store could even tell me what it might be. Also, as much as I know I'm smart, I've never seen myself as the creme-de-la-creme of intellectualism. In most of Lovecraft's works cats are the only wholesome creatures and they will often try to defend their owners from evil and madness.
The first is that it is designed to be a high ceilinged, hard walled space, so it is quite loud.
I guess my fish fall under the imprecise umbrella of "cotton mouth" regardless of what their actual disease is. I'll cross my fingers that it is something I can fix rather than some sort of horrible fish terminal illness or something. They were treated as caricatures, stereotypically evil, and cowardly when they couldn't overbear someone with force. Every resource I look at disagrees and half of them suggest broad spectrum antibiotics, which will kill my nitrogen fixing bacteria.I hate every unscientific f*ck who thinks they can give aquarium advice without understanding basic biology and I mostly want this to go away. This is not so much of a problem if you avoid the weekend rush or eat a little later or earlier. I manged to have a slight freak out when I pulled out a bone to adjust it's length and it shed a tip in the middle of a casing inside the corset.
The first 14 CDs I ever bought (to play in my new computer) were all Japanese imports related to anime series. As far as I can tell online this means they might have either a bacterial infection or a fungus.I think the medicine the guy gave me was anti-fungus (the package isn't super clear), so if the fish don't improve I'll have to start over and dose them with something different that might kill a bacterial infection.
That would be just my luck.On that note, some of my driftwood is now growing white fluffy fungus.
After beating my head against the table for a minute or two I sorted it out by ripping out half of the casing and then shaking the whole corset vigorously until the tip fell out.The bust of the corset still doesn't fit as well as I would like (should have gone with a smaller top measure, I think), but it's good enough for now. I loved music, but I was more than a little out of touch with the mainstream.I have been practicing bio-feedback since I was in middle school.
I'm going to do some research on the medicine ingredients before I put the first dose in the tank tomorrow, just to make sure it's not going to be super bad or dangerous to the fish and plants.I wish I had a better resource for advice.
They were two dimensional cardboard cutouts shoved in to serve a shallow point in the story.Arren's Shadow sub plot was practically incomprehensible (I really have no idea why they thought that was a good idea at all).
They won't be period correct, but they should be acceptable as underwear and period "inspired" outer wear. I was originally referred to a therapist to be trained in bio-feedback exercises because of my migraines.
I'll take them out and try to scrub them off when I do my big water change tomorrow.Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been writing more about what I'm doing. There was no hint as to what had fractured his personality to such an extent or driven him to murder, and there was no direct resolution of any but the most mental levels.

Part of me expects that they are going back into the kitchen and killing my dinner with their own hands (after wrestling a pit of crocodiles to get to it). I got some really pretty black lace with a spiky edge that should look good (assuming I can stand hand sewing it on).
Depending on how well they turn out I may make some pajama pants using the same pattern later. The training helped me to understand and control my body and my reactions to stress far better than I ever had before.
They can't even seem to agree with each other on whether I should do simple things like keep salt in my tank. I'm not sure if I even believed in the mental resolution as the character portrayal in that scene was very stilted.The sword Arren carried was never explained. I suppose I'd need a "beauty mark" coloring irregularity on my forehead, since all animagus seem to be marked in some way. Legions of cats from the alleys nocturnal.Howling and lean in the glare of the moon,Screaming the future with mouthings infernal,Yelling the Garden of Pluto's red rune.
Considering the general clean, slick decor those uniforms just seem really out of place to me. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a drawstring into the top binding since I'm going to have to bind it with a thinner width than I normally do. Back in those days I carried around a lot more social anxiety than I do now.Because I'm not a very religious person, I often make up my own "traditions" and "superstitions" to follow.
I disapprove of this unscientific stratagem for dispensing advice.I was also very disturbed by an off hand comment the guy made yesterday. Sparrowhawk commented at one point that it was forged with magic and that he doubted Arren could open it. I think a drawstring might help with the bust shape problems though, so I'll probably try.I had some trouble tracking down eyelet lace that was wide enough for my petticoat ruffle. For example, folks who have visited my apartment may have noticed that I have a string of bells hanging next to the inside of the outer door. He said something to the effect of, "Well at some point you're just better off buying new fish." At some point yes, my fish might be too sick and need to be euthanized, but they are not even near that sick right now (and besides, that's like $20 worth of fish! I eventually found some out at the Joann's on the east side (thanks again for suggestion and the ride Danielle! I ring those bells when I enter or leave the house because their sound keeps out "bad things" that might be lurking outside. As a child I was a lot like Hermione, except for the fact that I never had such steadfast friends. I don't actually believe in evil spirits or curses or intangible but malignant forces like that. Why should I care if no one has told me anything about what it means?"Cob started out as a promising villain and got incomprehensible and stupid near the end.His first major action was to attempt to kill a minion who had "failed him". I was very much the bookworm, know-it-all, and even had the tendency to tattle to teachers down. The only problem is that it's a cream color, so I'm going to have to make the petticoat out of muslin if I want to match it (my broadcloth is a bright white).I washed the lace and some muslin tonight and I'll iron them tomorrow.
I sure as hell wouldn't be buying $20 of fish out of your magical ick tank to replace them!There's only one major fish store in Madison that I haven't been to. It allays some of my anxiety about the outside world and helps me see my home as a protected safe haven.I try to never pass on memes or email chain-letters with an overt demand that others propagate them. It's down on the south west side, which is more out of the way, but might be worth it if their people were less uneven. I don't know.Maybe I should just give up on the fish store guys being non-stupid and invest more money and energy into educating myself. His rants were unimpressive to say the least and other than the fact that he was a wizard with goons at his beck and call, I could not feel at all worried about him.I'm going to mention two minor characters, because I think their treatment was absolutely disgusting and shameful. The two old women who visited Tenar for a fever remedy were so strongly stereotyped that I felt them to be offensive.
The sizing only changes the pieces in the front and side front, so I can probably get away with cutting either. I'm perfectly happy to be tagged, just don't expect me to send things on to others with any demands upon them to do them or pass them on further. I've already got a really good freshwater species book taught me that I've been running my tank way too hot. Just like the goons there was no attempt to make them int people with real motivations and desires.
Incidentally aquarium store guy, I don't care what you have to say about the fish being acclimated to a temperature that's almost 5 degrees outside their good range, I'm going to believe in the book that has five stars on Amazon over your gypsum selling ass.As you may notice, I've been getting increasingly upset about all of this weirdness. It would be easy to do, but I've got no idea how it would fit.Overall I think I'm on track for GenCon, except for the DocWagon thing.
I'm just a touch stubborn about the arbitrary rules I allow in my life.I desperately want to publish a book. On the down side, my experience is extremely limited and I need to be more suspect of information I can find on the Internet. His son obviously does not understand how one captures the physical habits and quirks of really people. After a while no one would pick me for their team and I'd be volunteering to referee most of the time just to make the situation less painful for everybody.
Maybe I'll be able to use some of my normal clothing for my 1890's shirt and free up a little time.
On the up side, I obviously have a much more patient and scientific temperament than many of the people I've met through this hobby so far.
Goro's people moved like dolls and often did or said things in a way that was "convenient" to his plot, but did not feel very realistic. Googling for aquarium related things I find a never ending stream of impatient, uneducated newbies.
This may seem like a small thing, but to me it is one of the great and beautiful joys of his father's movies.The important speech (with the "moral" of the story) was given three times. Okay, there are plenty of intelligent and experienced people out there too, but even they often can't agree on the best way to handle many common problems.I did spend some time talking with Alan's parents about fish keeping the last time we were over at their place visiting. This has lead me to own some books that I may never read and various other things that I may never use. They apparently kept a lot more fish than he remembered back when they lived in Kansas City. He also nurtures his students in ways that I really appreciated from my teachers in real life. For now I'm just trying really hard not to collect things that I don't want to own for the right reasons.As I said, I'm not planning on tagging anyone. I understand why Le Guin felt "the film's 'messages' seem a bit heavyhanded".After watching the last ten minutes of the movie, I was wondering if someone had slipped some hallucinogenic drugs into my water when I wasn't looking. If you would like to fill out this meme just leave me a comment to let me know and grab the rules off the top of this post.
Any Harry Potter 7 predictions?I'm going to predict that the bad guys lose (giant surprise there, huh?).
I still don't understand what was up with the dragon (needed at least a little foreshadowing) or what Cob was really threatening us with other than immediate bodily harm (scary but hardly world shattering).
I didn't understand why much of the chasing around the castle ramparts was needed or why on earth Arren though he might have a chance to live after going back to face the murder he had committed.In the end this movie did not leave me frothing at the mouth the way the mini-series did, but it left me with a deep feeling of disappointment and sadness. There were too many poorly developed characters and too many poorly thought out plot decisions. I didn't see a glimpse of the Earthsea that I love (which would not have required those other things to be fixed).Mr.

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