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Changelings are humanoid creatures with discolored, slimy skin, hollow eyes, and a round mouth with many teeth. Meanwhile, the child changelings feed off of the human mothers' synovial fluid by suckling with their round, many-toothed mouths at the back of their necks.
When Sam and Dean notice suction marks on the backs on victims, changeling is one of the theories Dean goes with. In European folklore and folk belief, a changeling is the offspring of a fairy, troll, elf or other legendary creature that has been secretly left in the place of a human child. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
Just a quick warning, this fic does have innuendo's in it (though nothing that would put it in the position of clop) so if you're even slightly offended by stuff like that, this ain't your fic. The activities of the changelings are orchestrated by a "mother" changeling, who disguises herself as an adult woman. The changelings take their place in human homes as soon as they are formed, and feed off the mothers until they waste away.
The changelings steal children in the neighborhood from their beds at night and then take the real children's places in their family homes.

The real children are kept alive, in cages, in the basement of a house abandoned mid-construction, for the "mother" changeling to feed off.

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