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No matter what your reason for changing names, it's up to you to notify the various organizations of your new name and the process is the same for everyone. It's always a good idea to update your will when changing names, especially if recently married or divorced. Request 2-3 original copies (also called certified copies) of your marriage certificate, divorce order or legal name change order.
There’s a number of different forms, so be sure to complete the correct one based on your name change situation. Fixed Fee Request QuoteWe believe that you should not get any surprises with our fees and are entitled to an agreed competitive fixed fee quote for services to be provided.
Click hereNewsletterOur monthly newsletter is packed with good tips, advice and information. Click here to see our Newsletter ArchiveCompany FormationAt Parfrey Murphy we want to make setting up your own company as quick and simple as possible while also ensuring we guide and advise you on all options available to ensure you get the right setup. Business Growth ServicesWe work with businesses to help them make a better future by using our business growth services. In Person: Parfrey Murphy Chartered Accountants, Lee View House, South Terrace, Cork, Ireland. Client Testimonial"Your advice has helped me to turn ideas into sound business offerings with potential. A good business plan will help improve your chances of securing finance through focused, logical and comprehensive provision of information.

For businesses with well organised and up to date systems, the process of preparing a business plan is made much easier.
Organised presentation of key factual information assists a bank to better understand the commercial proposition and potential risks attached to the business.
A good business plan will concentrate on reporting factual statements and assumptions that can be easily verified and lead into structured arguments to support that outcome. In conclusion, the process of preparing a focused, detailed business plan can be an excellent way to go “back to basics” and understand how to strengthen the performance of any business.
This entry was posted in Business Growth, Business Tips, Our Blog, Startup and tagged business plan. After changing names you can keep one of the extra copies with a friend or relative for safekeeping. If you need multiple documents notarized it's easier to do it all at once and get one or two extra copies. These services are far more valuable than traditional accounting services such as preparing annual accounts and routine tax compliance. For example in the hotel and catering industry, there is a substantial amount of benchmarking available on key performance indicators (KPIs). The goal of a well-presented business plan is to assure future support from a funder and ultimately business survival.
The KPIs relating to hotels will focus on room occupancy,  average room rate and revenue per room available.

You'll be pleased with our commercial products and services, as well as, our personal services.
First you have to get your marriage certificate(s) back, then go to Social Security, then to the DMV when you get your new social security card, etc. I bought some pink ink pads in two different tones and ended up with this: I had purchased extra envelopes with my Vistaprint Save the Date order (as it was super cheap to do so), and had to make my wedding invitation fit the extra envelopes I bought. My intent was to print all of the invitation materials through Office Depot on white cardstock. Due to our guest count size, we decided not to have our reception there and opted for a hotel since we had many guests traveling from out of town. Everything was going smoothly and then, 6 months before the wedding,  I got a call from a lady who runs the Gardens informing me that they were shutting down indefinitely. We almost lucked out with a recently opened "botanical" space but before we signed a contract, we pulled out.
It was not the grandiose gardens that I had imagined, but it was still lovely (and budget friendly!).
I then took my lavender paper band and centered our names, folded the ends, and used a large adhesive glue dot to keep the band together. Overall I felt that the invitations worked out great!

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