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With today’s advancements in technology and business operations, you may find that your sheepskin has now become a dusty relic. After all, if you graduated from college in 1980 and, say, earned a bachelor’s degree in business, you no doubt know that what you learned is now somewhat dated. However, that being said, this sad fact can also be turned into something positive as you have the opportunity to learn something new or transfer what you already know to another field. For example, your skills in organization can be used in a number of jobs, whether you learn to prepare taxes or choose to work as a legal clerk. Salaries for all the above jobs are set at about $25,000 per year with the exception of a cardiovascular technician, who makes about $40,000 annually. You may also think about acquiring training in accounting or bookkeeping, which forecasts about a 20% increase in jobs in the next ten years.
In 2006, over 3,000,000 people held jobs in both of the professions, signifying the need for employees in the field. Older workers also excel in work where their life experience can be used, such as private detective, career consultant or trainer, or financial counselor. So, even if your sheepskin is rather musty and dusty and lacks the same influence as it once did, you can still hone your talents or learn a new skill. In fact, the above-mentioned jobs can be learned through online courses or training programs that do not require a lengthy amount of time. If you are seeking a career change then and are over fifty years old, you can make this part of your life better than ever. This isn’t a new development either: A smaller Levin survey in 1998 revealed that 46 per cent of American clinicians surveyed often thought about leaving clinical practice. Thinking of leaving a job in clinical work (or leaving another medical job for clinical work) is one thing; Actually leaving to make a go of something else is another. National Health Service Corps runs a competitive scholarship program for those wanting to start or retrain in numerous medical careers. The Department of Health and Human Services runs a Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students program. The Department of Health and Human Services also offers loans surrounding the same disciplines as its scholarships for disadvantaged students. The Faculty Loan Repayment Program is another need-based, competitive program for degree-trained health professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds serving on the faculty of an accredited health professions college or university. Soliant has earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for excellence in healthcare staffing.
Explore your options with your current employer. More and more companies have internal career and development services (think Verizon, IBM, Microsoft to name a few).
The Age of Disloyalty & Career Change: Should you Tell your Employer you are Changing Careers?
In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Service released comprehensive data regarding duration of employment over the past 30 years.
This law has been touted as a measure of protection on both sides, but with the decreasing number of contracts offered and erosion of unions over the years, employers have been very liberal in their willingness to exercise this doctrine. Of course, these days, it seems like workers are just as likely to change careers as they are jobs (no official study has been done on the subject yet). A close friend has recently run into a dilemma around whether or not she should tell her employer that she is changing careers. At the same time, she is taking evening classes and needs to leave work by a certain time on nights that she has classes.

Layoffs in this industry are everyday occurrences and if it’s known that she is changing careers, she might jump to the front of the line (in spite of good performance). Is she under obligation to tell her employer she is changing careers when it might result in her termination?
Are these expendable employees under obligation to tell management that they are changing careers?
In some small organizations, out of sheer lack of numbers, many employees are a one-person show for their given specialty. Beyond a courtesy 2-week notice, are you obligated to tell your employer you are changing careers?
A lot of the time, though, it’s because you have to look for a new opportunity (if your SO gets a job elsewhere, for example), not necessarily because you want a different job. If the employer is in the habit of laying-off people without notice, they should expect the same from their employees. However, if the employer treats their employees with respect, it is normal and natural to expect the reverse. I currently work at a medium to large company where we have an at will policy for up till 6 months. I don’t think anyone is ever obligated to tell your company you are leaving but I think it can have its perks if you give them more time because sometimes you they might put together a counter offer.
At no point in time is is ever ok to put your own livelihood on the line for you can rest assure the employer would never do the same for you.
Whether for a desire to escape malpractice and managed care insurance headaches or to develop talents not usually put to use in the exam room, doctors are seeking to leave – or at least take a break from – the clinical realm. Fagin Fellowship provides $120,000 over two years for advanced research training and mentorship to assist doctorally-prepared degree-holding nurses in the U.S. The questions you need to ask yourself are the same whether you’re a lawyer who’s burnt out after 5 or 20 years into their practice, or a financial analyst who now finds that your true passion might really lie in teaching. And the average number of jobs held by those born between 1957-1964 (up to age 44) was at 11. With all of this disloyalty and change, it creates some interesting dilemmas in the workplace.
And it has already put her in some awkward situations where she’s had to make an excuse of not being able to stay late to work on a project. It’s pretty common that in less than 2 years, most of them realize work is actually work and they go back to a school or transfer to greener pastures.
Employees are often replaced secretly, months and weeks in advance, and perhaps told a week in advance that hey, this is the new person you shall train for your position. She asked me if she should give notice, if she should tell them that she has found new employment.
It should be – the average cost of hiring and training a new employee and getting them to a point of being productive is obscene. They have all the power in the relationship when there are 10 other people willing to take your job for less money.
Explore career lists and find jobs that forecast strong future growth where you can either get the needed training in a relatively short period of time or make use of the experience you’ve acquired to your advantage.
Or you might just find yourself generally dissatisfied and unmotivated in your current career, but you don’t know where to even start in terms of finding a new one. Generations X and Y are too young to do a study like this, but I fully anticipate that number to skyrocket.

In a culture where this is expected, it’s fairly common that the employees are up front about their impending departures.
If at anypoint you find yourself in a situation where you have any amount of power, then take it. A good way to gauge if this path is something you should pursue is thinking about what you’d like to do in a broader sense.
The Myers-Briggs one is perfect for getting an in depth look at yourself, your values and your natural strengths, especially if you’re having a hard time articulating or nailing down what exactly is meaningful to you. Leaving behind the security of a regular paycheck with benefits is harder the more entrenched in a field you are, but there are ways to make this jump more manageable. They haven’t given her any notice of termination, yet here I am hiring her replacement. Have an offer at another place for more money, use that to get even more money at your current job.
Never give them 4-8 week notice because if they find some one, suddenly you will find yourself without a job.
Maybe you’re an analyst and would like to take on the Human Resources department because you really enjoy working with people.
The most comprehensive version of the test is offered by MBTI and they offer you a complete comprehensive evaluation of your type. Whatever your financial situation, there are ways to soften the blow of venturing out into the unknown.
There is almost a factory line of even fresher chickens coming through right after them to gladly fill in, and the company is certainly not dependent on any one employee.
Or you might find that you want to tap into your creative talents and try marketing or advertising. If you’re looking to save yourself the $50 and are willing to do a little leg work, there are plenty of free versions of the test out there.
Some of the better ones include those offered by HumanMetrics and TypeFocus  and will give you a brief overview of your type. Work up to taking a part time job in your field of interest, by starting with an adult internship.
You’d be amazed what can happen when you position this as an opportunity for you and the company. Once you have your results, head over to Truity to learn more and watch their short videos where they go into career choices.
They cater specifically to students and offer a lot of opportunities for those pursuing MBA’s or law degrees. If you’re looking to break into the corporate world, Goldman Sachs’ Returnship initiative is a paid 10 week training program that is a specifically targeted to those who have been out of the workplace for a year or more. Once you get a better sense of what you want to do, the more you acquire the skill set necessary to break into the industry, the smoother the transition will be.

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