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The contents of this webpage are taken from the book How to Increase Life Force and to Fight Cancer, by Ven.
Ajarn was raised as a monk from childhood, he went to India and was the first Thailand monk to received a doctorate in Bhuddist studies from India. To perform this meditation you will chant sounds and visualize moving colors under your palm while placing a hand over each chakra location.
Visuddha: Continue with your opposite hand, place it over your throat, mentally imagine a spiraling sky blue cloud penetrating the front of your body, going through it and exiting in the back.
Anahata: Continue with your opposite hand, place it over your heart, mentally imagine a spiraling green cloud penetrating the front of your body, going through it and exiting in the back. Svadhisthana: Continue with your opposite hand, place it a bit below your navel, mentally imagine a spiraling orange cloud penetrating the front of your body, going through it and exiting in the back.
Muladhara: Continue with your opposite hand, place it over your private parts, mentally imagine a spiraling red cloud penetrating the front of your body, going through it and exiting in the back.
Research has already explored the physiological and psychological benefits of AUM meditation.
I know I know, you must have heard a million times about John Friend's scam, and you are tired of it.
These sessions are non-denominational, we sing devotional songs from different traditions of the heart from around the world.

Reconnecting with the joy of our spiritual practice - traditional and modern chants, bhajans, poems by Rumi, Kabir, Mirabai and others, yoga nidra and other sound meditations, healing meditations, singing bowls.
Register your interest in chanting here if you would like to know about dates for sundays and other chanting events.. The 2010 event was a great evening, and we raised several hundred dollars for the women and children of Afghanistan. A joyous and soulful way to let go the old and bring in the new with a special evening of chanting, reflection, sharing and fun. Mana and friends will be leading devotional chanting with songs invoking the divine from different traditions around the world.
Tell your friends and join us for this popular event - now to be held at Camelot theatre in Mosman Park.
When you need a break from it all or want to wind down from a workout, join Shiva Rea, one of the world's most inspiring yoga teachers, for this seated meditation.
These chanted sounds and visualizations activate your body's natural energy centers and revitalize your non-physical bodies. He returned to Thailand, disrobed and taught at Chiang Mai University as a layman for over 20 years. Mentally imagine a spiraling Indigo cloud penetrating from the in front of your forehead, going through your brain and exiting out the back of your head.

Conducted during a two-month period in 2011, the work is a part of ongoing research in clinical and sports nutrition by Dr.Priti Rishi Lal and will be presented at the International Conference on Food Studies to be held in October, in Illinois, USA. At the end of the 21-day period, tests showed that after the game, players practicing AUMkar had significantly healthier water levels compared to the control group. Open to all with an interest in singing, dance, poetry etc as pathways to the divine within all our hearts.
Lal found that despite educating athletes on the need to drink adequate water during play, most players still suffered from dehydration during the game, leading to reduced performance and physical capabilities, as well as significant long-term health problems. This also translated into better performance at tests measuring heart rate and physical agility. In fact, when we gave them a basic test on their knowledge of body hydration, most of them scored 100%.

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