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In the Water method, soft tissue therapy follows the same protocol whether you’re healing your own body through practice of qi gong or someone else’s through bodywork. The Chinese term sung is often translated as “relaxed”, but a more accurate translation is “unbound”–a state in which the body loses all unnecessary bindings, all resistances, all tension. For 20 years I’ve taught energy arts like tai chi and meditation to share ancient wisdom that has helped millions of people become freer, healthier and more vibrant individuals.

This online resource has now been reverted back to a blog, as I intended it to be, to support your training free from enterprise. For the body to shed tension and trauma once and for all, you must work in progressive stages towards the root of the issue(s), releasing bound layers from the outside to the inside, rather than going straight to the core of the problem.
Do not attempt any exercises if you have a physical, emotional or mental condition that may make you susceptible to injury.

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