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Resident artist and instructor Willem has produced a reference for key points on how to do standing meditation. For your standing meditation to be effective it is also vitally important to breathe deeply and freely. I would like permission to use the above instructions and illustration in a book I am writing about martial arts. There are times when it feels right to push a little; and when I do, I incorporate appropriate amounts of strength and technique to get the job done. The likelihood of doing well in any given race is directly proportional to the amount of preparation I put into it; and rarely a result of how much leg strength I have. Move, live, and eat well with bi-monthly Chi fitness tips, wholesome recipes, and special offers. From grocery lists to yummy breakfasts and nutritious dinners, our Recipe Library can help get you started with good eating habits or rejuvenate your palate.
This excellent video teaches Tai Chi for beginners and will take you from an absolute beginner to intermediate level within a few hours. As the video states, it’s important when learning Tai Chi for beginners to adopt a daily practice.
Affectionately nicknamed “meditation in motion” by the Harvard Health Publication, Tai Chi offers many health, wellbeing and physical benefits while still being accessible to all levels. Originating in China as a martial art and a form of meditation, Tai Chi has a long history and tradition dating back as far as 2,500 years ago. As the Harvard Health Publication pointed out, Tai Chi differs from other forms of exercise in several key ways.
While Tai Chi’s gentle movements make it easily accessible to all, this does not mean that it is not a tiring and thorough workout that can with time improve your physical health.

Tai Chi can not only help to prevent illness, but can also improve the quality of life for those living with chronic illnesses and pain.
With endless benefits, limitless possibility for fun and a 2, 500 year track record to back it up, Tai Chi is the perfect activity for health conscious seniors looking for a way to improve their quality of life while strengthening their body and preventing potential future diseases. It is several hours long, however, so perhaps you could do a little now, then return for the next lesson later (we recommend bookmarking this page by pressing CTRL + D so you have this page saved for future use).
Tai Chi promotes relaxation, strengthens muscles, improves muscle tone, creates energy and improves overall health.
This gentle but challenging form of exercise can improve your strength, flexibility and balance while decreasing stress and even helping you sleep better. The exercise consists of a sequence of slow, deliberate movements through a series of poses. Unlike other forms of exercise, Tai Chi movements are never forced, allowing your muscles to be relaxed. A study done at Tufts University found that Tai Chi was more effective at relieving the chronic pain associated with arthritis than other standard exercise techniques.
This will also give you a healthy amount of daily exercise that will help with weight loss programs, fitness programs and other health related efforts. It has also been proven to improve the quality of life for people living with different chronic illnesses such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and can even help the recovery of patients who have recently had a stroke.
Your joints are neither bent nor fully extended which means that your connective tissue is not stretched or at risk of injury. A study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, conducted in 2006, found dramatic improvement to lower and upper body strength in patients over the age of 66 with below-average fitness and cardiovascular risk.
By using Tai Chi to promote inner calm and a healthy lifestyle, you can live your golden years to the fullest.

It is truly remarkable that Tai Chi is able to offer all these amazing benefits with very little risk of injury. These key elements make Tai Chi an easily accessible activity that is gentle enough for any level, even during recovery from surgery, while still being challenging enough for more fit adults.
These improvements were found after just only 36 Tai Chi sessions.  Improvements were also found in the patients’ flexibility, particularly in women.
Tai Chi can also help improve the quality of life for patients living with Parkinson’s disease. Not only will Tai Chi improve your health and by extension your quality of life, but you will also find a new way to express yourself through your body and the beautiful movements you can make with it when using Tai Chi. This makes it the perfect activity for health conscious seniors looking to improve their quality of life without endangering themselves. Tai Chi can also lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular fitness in elderly adults, help relieve chronic pain and increase energy, endurance and agility.
It’s a great way to remain healthy and active for your entire life while practicing a form of meditation for your body that promotes concentration and inner peace. The calm and relaxation that Tai Chi promotes can also improve the duration and quality of one’s sleep and diminish stress. Louis found that Tai Chi helped the balance, walking ability and general health of patients with Parkinson’s disease.  It can even help patients recover from a stroke because of the drastic improvements that it can make to one’s balance. All of these many benefits lead to improved overall health, wellbeing and quality of life as we reach those golden senior years.

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