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One of the largest publisher of schoolbooks in the world is submitting to Islamic ‘Sharia Law’, banning its authors from mentioning pigs, sausages, and anything pork-related in their books, in case the words offend Muslims. And despite outrage over the move, Oxford University Press (OUP), one of the top 5 global publishers of childrens’ books, have defended their decision for the sake of “diversity”, the Daily Mail reported.
Philip Davis, a champion of free speech, said “How on earth can anyone find the word “pig” or “pork” offensive? Since OUP distributes thousands of books in the United States as well, this outrageous decision will affect American schoolchildren as well, starting this fall. Last September, as Top Right News reported, a couple living in Rotherham were accused of racism after singing the theme song from the popular Peppa Pig childrens’ show to their toddler daughter — after a Muslim woman in a hijab complained. When the mother told the bus driver, he sided with the Muslim woman, and threw the family off the bus.
If you have not heard my radio show "Patriot Radio with Tom O'Halloran", please click on my pic & have a listen. Goppy the Elephant and Libby the Donkey are best friends but when Libby needs some money for a new backpack Goppy decides to teach her about responsibility and frugality. Normally when any sane law-abiding parent teaches their children about drugs they explain that they’re illegal, harm your body and they skip right past those times in college. While not every family can relate, no family can really call itself normal (certainly not perfect) so who are we to judge this book by its cover? There are books about different medical issues like blindness or autism, but we never heard of books about conjoined twins.
If you enjoyed this article, consider signing up for our newsletter, subscribing to our RSS feed, or following us on Twitter. Forget that stack of books by your bed with such soporific titles as “50 Ways to Change Your Mindset For Business Success” or “8 Weeks to A Better Business” or “Secrets of Highly Effective Billionaires”. The truth is, if you want to know how to succeed in business you do not have to look any further than that box of children’s books your mother has in her loft or the stack next to your kids’ bed.
One of the most important things you learn in business is the Law of Unintended Consequences.
You never know what impact your decisions may have but when they produce unintended consequences, sometimes the only thing you can do is roll with it and see where you end up.
In business there will always be predators – competitors, colleagues, clients, who will try to intimidate you. Instead, maintain your composure and remember that outwitting predators is just as effective as bringing them down, eating them up, or getting rid of them in general. Sometimes fate walks into your life in a big way and offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something epic.
In 2013, people across North America were riveted by the story of Toka, Thika, and Iringa, the last three elephants at the zoo in Toronto, Ontario.
5 Elephants will provide you with some fascinating elephant facts and figures, as well as introduce you to some of the serious challenges that wild and captive elephants face.
In No Shelter Here I explore the world of homeless, free ranging, mistreated, and exploited dogs, and the challenges they face. When you see animals performing on a stage, on television, in a movie, or at your school, do you ever wonder what their lives are like when they are not in front of an audience?

A large family of elephants ambles all day along a well-remembered route across the hot African savanna. As she plods great distances across the ice in the Canadian Arctic, a polar bear continually sniffs the wind, closing in on a ringed seal. These scenes are at the heart of Wild Animals in Captivity -a book that focuses on wild animals living in captivity around the world.
This is an eye-opening look at the lives of captive wild animals-at bad zoos, good zoos, and the best wild animal sanctuaries.
Books for animal protection groups and rescuesLooking for raffle, auction or door prizes for your fundraising event, then let me know. If you want to purchase an autographed book with a personalized message inside, no problem. Write A Quick Book ReviewIf you like any of my books, feel free to write a short review to let other people know. Hemard must have loved children as he made numerous drawings of them and also illustrated, and even wrote, books specifically intended for children.
For Pergaud’s delightful novel of warring armies of young boys entirely unaffected by civilization, La Guerre des Boutons [War of the Buttons], Hemard made the definitive illustrations in vibrant pochoir. As adults we can still remember the selflessness of The Giving Tree… a message we hope to pass on to our own children. The extremely conservative Teach a Donkey to Fish tramples all over any lessons you’ve taught your children about sharing and generosity.
Now we actually have to talk about the birds and the bees because It’s NOT the Stork! Inspired by the true story of two male penguins from New York City’s Central Park Zoo, Roy and Silo, And Tango Makes Three tells the story of an unconventional penguin family. Unfortunately when parents or other family members make mistakes it’s the kids who suffer the most.
These book might be good for something, but staying awake past 8pm is probably not one of them. You might not think that if you give a moose a muffin he’ll want another, and another and another. And no matter how many times someone tells us how wonderful it is (whatever “it” is) we are convinced we’ll never warm to it. In business we are often presented with new opportunities that take us out of our comfort zone and extend us in ways we find challenging. But you’re afraid – maybe you don’t have the right skill set, you lack experience, and it’s way above your pay grade. After decades of living in a too small enclosure in an inappropriate climate, the elephants desperately needed a change.
Their huge size, giant ears, amazing trunk and incredible intelligence make them unique in the natural world. Saving Lives and Changing Hearts: Animal Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers has something for everyone.
But more importantly, I focus on people I call the “dog champions” — those individuals, small groups and professional organizations around the world who dedicate their lives to helping dogs.

In On Parade, The Hidden World of Animals in Entertainment I provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the backstage lives of animals in the entertainment industry. Halfway around the world in a zoo in Alaska, a single female elephant paces back and forth in her cramped, concrete pen.
In a zoo in Jakarta, another polar bear lies motionless on the concrete floor of her enclosure, panting in the tropical heat.
But there are a lot more books on the shelf (or Kindle library) than there were when we were kids.
The book has been described as a glimpse of what enlightened drug education could be and as an outrage. Dumbed down to the point where even mommys and daddys can understand, Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House? Visiting Day approaches the subject of dealing with an incarcerated family member without judgment. The zoo and animal activists agreed that they should be moved to a healthier home, but the best option—the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) sanctuary in distant California—seemed like an impossible dream. They are highly active, complex, wide-ranging animals who play a key role in the ecosystems they inhabit. Having exposed the cruel treatment of animals in zoos and the entertainment industry in my two previous books, I now show a more positive side of the human-animal relationship: animal sanctuaries and rescue centers. Enhanced with photos, informational sidebars and inspiring good-news stories, I hope No Shelter Here galvanizes young readers to become Dog Champions in their own communities. As I did in my first book, Wild Animals in Captivity, I examine troublesome issues, including animal training practices, their living conditions, and their lives after the curtain comes down.
The image below depicts King Louis IX rendering justice beneath the oak of Vincennes, apparently in the case of a badminton game gone terribly wrong.
Covering topics like prison, drugs and conservatism, there are some really unconventional children’s book out there today. Or that when he eats all the muffins and you have to go to the store he’ll ask for a sweater which, as it turns out, has a loose button that he’ll want to sew back on or that his efforts will lead to a sock puppet play. In clear, straightforward prose, Rob Laidlaw describes the elephants’ experiences on the journey of three days and 4,100 kilometers that brought them to the sanctuary at last. From a donkey sanctuary in Canada to a bear rescue centre in China, Saving Lives and Changing Hearts examines numerous efforts around the world to rescue and care for animals in need.
And millions of other dogs are used in scientific research, for entertainment, and kept as pets in a remarkable diversity of conditions.
15, 2012, in the Rare Book Exhibition Gallery, Level L2, Lillian Goldman Law Library, Yale Law School.

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