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2014 Chinese New Year - The Year of the Horse Predictions - Chinese Zodiac Chinese ZodiacYour guide to Chinese Astrology and the Chinese ZodiacHappy New Year! February 19, 2015 marked the beginning of the Lunar New Year, when Chinese, Vietnamese, Tibetan, Mongolian and Korean people around the world celebrate the New Year. The zodiac sign of the Sheep will reign in the coming year, so let us take a look at Chinese zodiac predictions for the year 2015. It might be a bit lonely for Tigers, as the singletons will have difficulties looking for the One this year.
Although Cupid is shooting a lot of arrows, too many options are leaving you in a whirl, or even leading you into a bad relationship. Amy Reimann,A beautiful longtime girlfriend of Dale Earnhardt Jr who comes from a long line of car racers and family men, but he is not just quite into the married, family man mode just yet. Amy graduated in 2005 with a BS in Interior Design from the University of Kentucky where she also was a cheerleader and a dancer with the Wildcat Danzers. Amy was once married to 31-year-old Tommy Cook who she met while at college, she a cheerleader he a football player (wide receiver) some media said Amy and Earl met while she was doing some interior decoration job and she was still married to Cook, they marriage last two years and from 2010 until this day she has been dating Earnhardt. The Jade Emperor sent his servant into the forest to announce that there would be a race among the animals with a special prize for the 12 winners. He sent his servant into the forest to announce that there would be a race among the animals with a special prize for the 12 winners. The rabbit explained that it was true, he couldna€™t swim, but he had managed to cross the river by jumping across the stones and sailing on a log.
The successful animals gathered on the bank and watched as the rest of the contestants swam across.
Then came the most amazing sight of an amazing day a€“ a rooster, a monkey and a goat traveling together on a raft.
The cat was not part of the 12 zodiac sign because it got pushed into the water by the rat, while sitting on the ox’s head to cross the river. You have permission to republish Vision Times articles under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and Vision Times. Providing chinese clothing since 1999, good orient has happily designed and sold hand tailored custom chinese dresses, qipao, cheongsam, and wedding dresses..
For those who are attached, you might try too hard to please your partner and have it backfire on you. There are not many opportunities to meet potential lovers, and you won’t have success declaring your love to a crush either. Venus is on your side and you will meet someone pretty decent and if you are considering confessing your love, go ahead. Besides not having any chance with your potential partners, you might even embarrass yourself in front of them.
Amy Reimann might want to put her foot on that one or she should just be patience and give her NASCAR stud a little more time.
Unfortunately, at that time, there was no way of counting the years, so he couldna€™t be sure how old he was. Just as they were about to make landfall on the opposite the bank, the rat jumped off the oxa€™s head, making him the first one across. All the animals had shown tremendous resourcefulness in crossing the river, but he had expected the dragon, which could both swim and fly, to easily win. The rooster had found the raft and the other two had helped to navigate and clear away reeds. The emperor was beginning to wonder if any other animals would make it across and if he had made his challenge too difficult. The animals were discussing the subject when the pig appeared on the bank, earning him the twelfth year.

Well, the rat pushed him back into the river before they reached the other side and he was swept to the other bank. There seem to be more hurdles for you to overcome, but fret not, things will work out at the end of the day. Even for those who declare their feelings to their crush, the chances of rejection are pretty high.
It isn’t a very wonderful year for those born under the zodiac sign of Bull, as you may meet some difficulties in almost all aspects of your life. As long as you present yourself in a prim and proper manner, you will be able to attract people’s attention. For those who are married, one of you might be moving at a faster pace and leave the other feeling neglected. Be conservative in your approach in dealing with anything, or else you might easily land yourself in a lawsuit.
Married and attached ones will bssk in the sweetness of love and the both of you will work in unison towards a common goal, bringing your relationship to a whole new level. Contrary to common belief, it being the year of the zodiac itself doesn’t necessarily warrant a good prediction.
For those in a relationship, the chances of getting married are high, as long as there isn’t any one intruding in the relationship. As it is a smooth-sailing year for you, you might be stuck in your comfort zone both in work and your love relationships. Your zodiac constellation has come into a position that clashes with the star of the New Year.
If you are married or attached, you might see your relationship plateau, or you might face a long-distance separation.
For those married and attached, your relationships might be affected by jealousy, misunderstandings and mistrust.
The first to arrive were the cat and the rat, but they soon realised that it was further than they had thought.
The horse was swimming furiously and was just about to make land when a snake slithered out from under his hooves. You will meet important people who will help you in times of adversity, so don’t hesitate to seek help if you must. However, you have to keep your spirits up, and be cautious when it comes to decision-making. You feel confident and empowered, and therefore highly organised and motivated in anything you do. For those married or attached, spice up your relationship and remember the love vows you had for each other and never forget any anniversaries or birthdays! Take one step at a time and be a little more patient reaping the results of your hard work. Opportunities and chances don’t come easily, but your guardian angels are watching, so be assured that things will only get better if you should meet with any adversity. Married and attached Dragons will find their relationship stagnant or even boring, leading to an unstable relationship and possibly even infidelity!
If you are always staying at home and not going out to meet people, chances are you are missing out on many other opportunities. For those married and attached, your relationship might face trust issues leading to unwanted quarrels. However,if you’re prone to nagging or bossing your partner around, remember to take things with a bigger heart to avoid unnecessary quarrels. Married couples might feel neglected by their spouse and end up quarreling more often than usual.

However, even when you are not doing much and staying put where you already are, things will only get better!
Married and attached Roosters will have an uneventful year, but be extra-cautious if your partner starts to confide a lot in another friend, who might potentially become an intruder in your relationship.
It might bring you more unexpected inconvenience but you need to keep your cool and make it through. This is because your sign is attracting too many unwanted “romantic encounters” which will affect your relationship. The horse was so surprised that he reared up in shock, allowing the snake to slither across the line for sixth place. The dog explained that the water had been so clean that he couldna€™t resist bathing in it. Although your environment is constantly changing, you will make it through the storm as long as you keep calm and move on. For those who are married, the marriage will be stable but take things with a bigger heart and do not harp on trivial issues with your spouse. Hold on to the trust and confidence you have in your partner, for this will be to key to overcome any obstacles in your relationship.
Financial issues might be the root of most quarrels but don’t take things too hard and let the bills hurt your marriage.
The key for this year is to keep your confidence level high, stay motivated and never procrastinate or slack. In trying times, your partner’s friends and family might be the saviour of your relationship, so be sure to score some brownie points!
However, with opportunity comes risk, so it’s good that you meet people out there with some reservations and be cautious of those with ulterior motives.
However, as long as you stay positive and take each other’s feelings into consideration, things should be fine. Although you don’t exactly get a huge monetary gain, things are working out as you have hoped. Be observant of the friends your partner makes – they might be the ones endangering your relationship.
This spur of energy is beneficial for your career, but remember not to neglect your loved ones. In fact, as long as you are cautious and honest, the negativity will not be able to affect you too much. Things will be smooth sailing at work, and some small investments will also reap a considerable return.
If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. You should also spend more time caring for your family and friends, as they are precisely the ones providing you the support to work so hard!
For work, it is not a year for you to explore areas outside your expertise, or else you might be easily conned. However, this streak of good luck will not work on unrealistic wishes, as things that are clearly not yours will never be yours.
And this is how the 12 animals were chosen to be each Chinese Zodiac sign, with each animal representing a different year. There might be a third party attempting to interfere with your marriage, but be smart in handling the situation and avoid cold wars with your spouse.

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