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Now the title of my post of saying it’s okay to get angry does not encourage you to go off on someone or lose your temper. When we don’t deal with issues that are stuffed down, it makes us feel stuck and overwhelmed.
I drew this meditation cartoon as an example of what happens when we don’t get quiet and do some soul searching.
I took a cartoon class a year ago and as a result I finally began to draw again after thirty years.
My love for creating meant that I had collected many “master pieces,” but I had no place to put them without having my own room.
So, a few weeks ago when I was journaling and having my quiet time in the morning, I started getting very angry. If your heart is speaking to you about unfinished business in your life, I encourage you to get quiet and get in touch with what is causing unrest in your soul. If you’ve never practiced meditation, it is a powerful tool to help you in your life. Next time I’ll be talking about the benefits of cumulative effects in our daily lives. But trust is broken, even shattered when something happens that rocks your world: a senseless act of violence, a natural disaster, an unexpected diagnosis, a betrayal.
I have heard pastors say that the sermon on the mount should really be called the teaching on the mount.
Before he would speak, however, he would tell everyone to turn off their electronic devices. I have to admit that I struggle as I get older with realizing the concept of having less time than in my youth. How the Be Still Meditation Helps You Listen to God and Become All God Created You to Be By Jackie Trottmann The Psalmist says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Being still is not easy. As Christians we are familiar with prayer, but meditation has not been a spiritual practice for many. I don’t know if this happens to you, but many times I find myself waking up in the middle of the night. If you have been searching for your purpose, mission or vision for your life, and are still searching with angst and restlessness, like I was, you’re probably making these three mistakes. When I started in the radio business in 1986, my goal was to be one of the top executives in the market. Our connecting with God and practicing ways to be contemplative aren’t limited to prayer, meditation and writing. Have you ever stopped to think of simple things you do – Preparing a meal, walking your dog, painting, gardening, cleaning your house or apartment, sitting in the presence of a loved one and not speaking, fishing – almost any kind of hobby?  All of these activities lend themselves to putting your whole heart into it.
I put house cleaning on the list because it seems so odd, right?  Cleaning doesn’t require thought. Stop and consider what simple, “mindless” activities can translate to adding “meaningful” peace and joy to your life. Growing up in the Christian faith, meditation was never mentioned – only prayer and Bible reading. While I had been on a spiritual path for decades and had an active prayer life, I wasn’t doing a lot of listening. Since I have been using the meditations, I have noticed that I NOTICE so many things and feel more aware. I was surprised by the lack of these kind of CD’s in Christian and Catholic shops in the UK. The CD that introduced me to meditation involved a mantra, using the sound of “ohm.” It was awkward to be able to practice it everywhere because it was loud. Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God,” was a verse that was so simple and so powerful.
I wanted others to experience all of the wonderful benefits I had by practicing meditation.

Quiet – The meditations focus on breathing and do not require a mantra or affirmations to repeat.
Focusing on breathing brings you immediately into the present moment, helps relieve stress and helps clear out toxins in the body. In addition, you’ll receive a transcript of the CD and additional instructions to help you receive the most from your meditation practice.
The world will ask you to keeping striving, achieving and tell you that what you are doing is never enough.
My sincere desire is that you will experience the power of clearing clutter from your mind and allowing the peace of God to fill your mind and life by learning to be still.
Join others all over the world who are learning the peace and power that comes from learning to be still. I have one brother who was seven years older than I, so he had one bedroom and my parents had the other.
I also loved books and reading and had books that my British grandmother had sent me all the way from England. Writing these words takes me back to that moment of panic and running out of the door like it was yesterday. As my anger started to build I left my journal on the kitchen table and went into the bedroom to let it rip.
I am fairly new to the blogging world and it’s been rather daunting trying to sort out the real comments from the spam. I am still getting used to the blogging world and sorting the real comments from the spam comments. I’m sure there would be people snapping pictures and posting to social media and tweeting.
If you focus on anxiety, fear, and worry, then you are going to get more anxiety, fear, and worry in your life.
I also wanted a meditation with God in mind.” That is a typical email I receive from people that have been diagnosed with a serious health condition. While I promote prayer, meditation and journaling as powerful tools, there are many simple ways to feel the love and presence of God every day.  By incorporating mindfulness of the presence of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or all three, through simple acts we perform, we can bring a sense of peace, wholeness and clarity into our daily living. It is in a moment like cleaning where you can focus thoughts on gratitude for having a place to call home. These simple activities can make us feel childlike as we get lost in the sheer joy of performing them.
Not practicing simple contemplative activities such as these steals our joy and corrodes our connection to our Creator. I need to try and instill this kind of thinking in my children when they are doing their chores as well! This practice literally involves clearing the mind of all thoughts to rest in God’s presence. The idea is that when thoughts start to come into your mind that you focus on the sacred word to bring you back to just resting in God. I’ve heard it described that when one’s thoughts drift, to say the sacred word to clear the thoughts. In contemplative prayer the goal is to learn to just let the thoughts go, in other words, let them float by so as to clear the mind.
News sources, physicians, and spiritual teachers touted the benefits of meditation for reducing stress and promoting calmness.
After getting off a conference call, I remembered a friend had given me a guided meditation CD. Another change is that even the inconvenient things and upsetting things don’t seem to bother me, and even seem to just be cause for a smile. Also, the music was okay, but I was looking for some beautiful music that would transport me to a spiritual place.
He just played a lovely concert at my church and I mentioned I was thinking about doing a meditation CD.

In addition, I wanted to create a beautiful meditation experience for making conscious contact with God. The quiet nature makes it possible to use this meditation at home, in the office or the car.
One shorter version just over nine minutes and a longer version that is almost fifteen minutes. Just as God breathed life into man, the breathing in Be Still is an act of breathing in God’s presence. As I continue to be still and clear my mind of the negative thoughts of not being enough chatter, I continue to experience God’s peace, presence and power within. I teed up what I was going to share with you on my prior post Seeking and Finding Abundant Wholeness. I asked my father where all of my drawings and books were and he screamed, “I threw them out! It’s important to resolve unfinished business so that we can get unstuck and move on with our lives.
Because I have hit the over half-way mark in my life, I feel a sense of urgency in wanting everything NOW! Mean speech, injustice, inequality in pay and opportunities, prejudice in all of its forms, and let’s not forget anger about loss.
That one step can make all the difference to break the paralysis of fear and turn it into momentum that can catapult you forward. Or, you can focus on just the process of cleaning and caring for what you have.  Instead of focusing on cleaning as a chore, think of it as giving your home love and attention.
The word practice is used with meditation and with spiritual disciplines because they take practice!
He has used it several times when he can’t get an obsessive thought out of his head, especially at bedtime. So, instead of looking to purchase another meditation CD, I started thinking about creating one. First time emails may go into your spam or junk folder especially if you have a Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo or company email. The loss of relationships, loved ones, health… Yeah, there’s a lot to be angry about! Who knew cleaning around the base of your toilet on your hands and knees could be a spiritual experience! When you try it, you will find that you have more patience, are a better listener (to God and to others), and will have more compassion. Louis Municipal Opera, Fox Theatre and composer of many film scores and documentaries for PBS. There is also a music only track that is almost fifteen minutes long that you can use for meditation or as background music.
With the purchase of the CD you will still receive access to the downloads sent via email immediately. As I became older (meaning a teenager) I moved on to charcoal, pastels and dabbled in some painting. We live in a very fast-paced world and if we are not careful we will crowd out God’s grace in our lives. After all of these years I realized that I had never gotten angry over this injustice that kept me in a self-imposed prison of fear, doubt and unworthiness.
I was in my creative world where everything was fun and beautiful – a contrast to the reality of living in an environment with an unstable father who was an alcoholic.

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