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If you want to live in the present moment and tame your run-away thoughts, all you need to do is learn from animals and think like an antelope. When you’re faced with these times, the answer is to totally let go and trust God to see you through.
Your attitude and how you view the world can translate to mean that it’s full of beauty, wonderful people and experiences. Stress can come from harried schedules, crazy work deadlines, caring for aging parents and life events (expected or unexpected). But another kind of stress I found surprising was revealed in a book called Living a Life that Matters by Harold Kushner.

Life can be stressful, so there’s nothing like a good book or movie, some mindless activity to escape. If you are yearning for a simple, joy-filled life, as opposed to a complicated, over-committed, stress-filled life, these six simple steps will help you. Learning to be still through meditation and letting go and letting God are the subjects in this video and podcast link (below). Winning a major award, taking a dream vacation, fulfilling a grand bucket list, all translate to significance. Or your attitude and view may translate to mean that you expect fear, dread and miserable people around each corner!

But before you pick up something to read, watch or listen to, I want you to consider that what you are doing may not be so mindless. Join me, Jackie Trottmann and host Graeme Hopkins as I share my story of going from losing my mind, to finding peace and freedom.
I had never given it much thought but man is the only animal that worries and dwells on an event.

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