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The Christian Meditation app will assist Christians with learning the important art of meditation. Christian Fitness for spirit, soul and body with Christian Fitness Expert Laurette Willis, director of PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry. The method involves the repetition of a single word faithfully and lovingly during the time of meditation. John Main recovered this way of bringing the mind to rest in the heart through his study of the teachings of the first Christian monks, the Desert Fathers, and of John Cassian (4th century AD).
John Main's legacy inspired the formation of the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM), and his work is being carried on by Father Laurence Freeman, also a Benedictine monk. The Community has its International Centre in London, but is a 'monastery without walls', a family of national and emerging communities in over a hundred countries, each with local Christian meditation groups, supporting meditators on a weekly or monthly basis, in homes, parishes, offices, hospitals, prisons, schools and colleges - pretty well everywhere that people live and seek. To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian Tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all.
Individual meditators and groups can offer a range of support for those enquiring about Christian meditation. Booking is now open for this year's UK Annual Conference Going to the Heart of the Matter - Must all religious people now be mystics?
When asked about the content of the conference, David posed the question Must all religious people now be mystics? David Tacey is Emeritus Professor of Humanities at La Trobe University, Melbourne, and Research Professor at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Canberra. David grew up in central Australia alongside Aboriginal cultures, and has a life-long interest in indigenous issues. He completed a PhD in literature and psychoanalysis at Adelaide University and undertook post-doctoral studies in psychology and religion in the United States on a Harkness Fellowship. Click here for a flyer with details of how to book or contact Jacqueline Russell 01296 488450 office hours only please. It is a time of silence and stillness with a daily flow of meditation, a short talk and a regular meeting with one of the retreat leaders.
The accommodation reflects the simplicity of the Cistercian way of life and, at the same time, is warm and comfortable. Having written previously about the similarities between Christian meditation and mindfulness – what they hold in common – I feel moved to complete the picture by saying something about what distinguishes them.
Mindfulness, which derives from Buddhism, exists in many forms and is practised in different ways.
The world of illusion that John Main refers to in this statement is the world we build up out of our thoughts.
In this respect, contemplation, or meditation, is very far from being just a Christian thing - it is the essential key to all deep and true spirituality and the ultimate answer to all unreality. Mindfulness and Christian Meditation are both widely practised nowadays and have much in common.
The practice of Yoga predates Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism and this path to wholeness has been interpreted over the centuries and throughout the world in many different ways.
Please contact organisers of events that were planned to take place at Meditatio House for the new venue.
Our Mission: To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all. Having a quiet place within your home where you can go and meditate, pray, write in your journal, and just have quiet time is important. Be careful with the candles – always blow them out when you leave a meditation prayer room .
Having a meditation prayer room will encourage you to spend time with God and encourage your spirits. In Christian meditation the object is to focus on our Lord and the empowering words He has given to us. With Certified PraiseMoves Instructors on 4 continents, 2 TV shows for adults and children reaching 350 million, Christian fitness DVDs, CDs and books - Laurette shares the latest info on fitness for spirit, soul and body - with a *healthy dose* of humor!
This is a very ancient Christian way of prayer that was recovered for modern Christians by the Benedictine monk John Main (1926 -1982). It is in the same tradition as The Cloud of Unknowing, written in England in the 14th century. The WCCM continues John Main’s vision of restoring the contemplative dimension to the common life of Christians and engaging in the common ground shared with the secular world and other religions. The World Community is ecumenical and promotes unity through its dialogue with both Christian churches and other faiths.

He is an interdisciplinary scholar and public intellectual who has written extensively on spirituality, religion, youth experience and mental health. He has written on Aboriginal spirituality and on the suicide epidemic in Aboriginal cultures. His books have been published internationally and some have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Taking place in November the week long silent retreat will take place in a Cistercian Monastery situated in the Cotswolds in an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is suitable for people who have been meditating seriously for some time in our tradition, and have some experience of integrating meditation into daily life. It offers a profound, integrated experience of both sides of the spiritual journey of meditation - of solitude and fellowship, and gently opens participants to explore how they are called to share the gift. It has for example been taken up by the NHS to help support people who are emerging from episodes of depression and help prevent relapse.
To quote Rowan Williams, 'To learn contemplative practice is to learn what we need to live truthfully, honestly and lovingly - and is therefore a deeply revolutionary matter'.
We are all aware of the stress and bustle of modern life and seek some escape into a state of peace or freedom from stress. It is sometimes described as "meditation in motion" because it promotes serenity through gentle movements, connecting the mind and body and setting the spirit free in dance like expression. You may attend a class where there are candles, joss sticks, chanting and references to ancient Hindu texts.
It involves relaxing the body, calming the mind, going beyond discursive thinking, and looking inside. Pillows help to create comfort and are also functional for those who wish to sit on the floor . The table will have on it what is most significant to you.Find a table and cover it with a table cloth of your choosing. No I am not royalty but I am trying to start treating myself better – learning to appreciate myself with the help of my prayer and meditation prayer room . It may take awhile – go with what your feeling at the time when you are working on your room. This practice literally involves clearing the mind of all thoughts to rest in God’s presence.
The idea is that when thoughts start to come into your mind that you focus on the sacred word to bring you back to just resting in God. I’ve heard it described that when one’s thoughts drift, to say the sacred word to clear the thoughts. In contemplative prayer the goal is to learn to just let the thoughts go, in other words, let them float by so as to clear the mind.
The Christian Meditation app will assist you in developing the focus you need to practice the art of Christian meditation. Meditation is a universal spiritual practice which guides us into this state of prayer, into the prayer of Christ. She was reflecting on the popularity of Eastern pathways and added: ‘Eastern religion has seen mysticism as something close to the ordinary religious consciousness’. Others may seek to practise Mindfulness to achieve better mental clarity, to ease pressure in a stressful world, or to find a better balance in their lives. Originally developed in ancient China for self-defence, Tai Chi and its sister practice of Chi Kung ( energy cultivation ) evolved into a graceful form of exercise that's now predominantly used in the West for stress reduction and to help a variety of other health conditions.
The objective usually is to take you to deeper states of consciousness, to experience yourself beyond the mind, or to “see things as they are”.Meditation is a type of contemplative practice, which is a broader category. If you have room a small sofa is always nice to have in the room for lounging or even a quick doze. You can also ad a screen to section off a part of the room to make your space more private and intimate. It is always nice to have candles that have a relaxing scent such as lavender or sandalwood. The word practice is used with meditation and with spiritual disciplines because they take practice!
It brings us to silence, stillness and simplicity by a means that is itself silent, still and simple. I am wondering if the future of Judeo-Christianity resides just here: that ‘mysticism’ or what might be called ‘contemplation’, viewed as marginal in the past, will become the new ‘ordinary’ religious consciousness. The image we have of ourselves, the image we have of others, and the world we live in is made up out of thoughts: our own thoughts and, often, the thoughts of others we have unthinkingly made our own.

Through the meditation practices of Mindfulness and Christian Meditation we can find a way of stabilising these special moments and integrating them into our daily life. The furniture you place in this room should be comfortable for reading and journaling also.
For instance I have placed paintings on my wall that reflect my culture heritage, and beliefs.
You will get great pleasure in creating something for yourself that has special significance to you and in some cases only you. For some who have followed a Mindfulness course it may be important to develop this in a way which acknowledges the spiritual and they may choose to do this through Christian Meditation.
It is important to find a class where you are comfortable and at ease, both physically and spiritually and where the discipline supports your own journey to wholeness.
It all depends on your personality and also what puts you in a place of peace and reflection.
The Aramaic word maranatha (“Come, Lord!”) is often used.For 10 to 30 minutes, repeat the sacred word.
According to him, one should keep the mind on the sacred word, no matter what thoughts or emotions arise. It dates to the days of the Desert Fathers, who lived in extreme poverty and deprivation at the dawn of Christianity.
One of the earliest influences for this practice was the fifth-century monk Benedict of Nursia, who is also known as the father of Western Monasticism.
Other influences were Evagrius Ponticus and John Cassian.The way of practicing is similar to that of centering prayer and John Main’s Christian Meditation (explained above). It involves choosing a short passage from the scripture, memorizing it, and then repeating it silently for some minutes. During practice, all ideas, thoughts and images related to the passage are allowed to arise spontaneously in the mind. It is somewhat in between contemplative reading and contemplative prayer.On top of the silent repetition, some people also visualize scenes from the life of Jesus, or other biblical tales, in order to create a more engaged experience.
John of the Cross.Contemplation is a simple intuition of God, produced immediately in the soul by God and giving the soul a direct but obscure and mysterious experiential appreciation of God. We begin by thinking of the favor which God bestowed upon us by giving us His only Son; and we do not stop there but proceed to consider the mysteries of His whole glorious life. You select a verse and reflect on it over and over in your mind…if you know how to worry, you already know how to meditate. The process begins with a consideration of the purpose of one’s life and the relationship with the rest of creation. Next comes a period of meditating on the events of the life of Jesus, and another for thinking about his suffering and death. During each day of the Exercises, a typical retreatant prays with a particular exercise, as assigned by the director, reviews each prayer, and, following four or five periods of prayer, reports back to the spiritual director of the retreat who helps them to understand what these experiences of prayer might mean to the retreatant. She would use devices such as short readings, a scene of natural beauty or a religious statue or picture to remind her to keep her focus. Another option would be to do a few minutes of mindfulness of breathing.After the prayer or reading is finished, focus on the greatness of God, on the presence of God, with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. It is a form of mystical union with God, a union characterized by the fact that it is God, and God only, who manifests himself. Under this influence of God, which assumes the free cooperation of the human will, the intellect receives special insights into things of the spirit, and the affections are extraordinarily animated with divine love. This union that it entails may be linked with manifestations of a created object, as, for example, visions of the humanity of Christ or an angel or revelations of a future event, etc. The latter makes use of mental processes of recollection and focusing, which are similar to the Yogic practices of pratyahara, dharana (concentration) and dhyana (meditation), potentially leading to a form of ecstatic absorption (samadhi).Hence the understanding that making use Asian meditation practices, without adding special eastern belief, can help you be a better Christian, and feel closer to God. It is not so much the practice in itself that carries any religious aspects (what belief do you need to focus on your breath?), but the intention and worldview that is often attached to it.If you are a practicing Christian, whether you want to try forms of Christian contemplative practices or other types of meditation, your spirituality will be benefited. Regular meditation is invaluable in aligning with God’s Will, reducing self-driven suffering, and following the teaching of “loving thy neighbor as thyself”. As an Indian, I always feel that meditative prayer will help us to look inside and have self realisation. Thanks a lot Giovanni for your article – Jose Giovanni Dienstmann I’m glad to hear that, Jose!

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