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Christian monks and nuns have been practices meditation, leading its simple life of frugality and following all its principles.
The practice of this kind of meditation everyday will help you become a better person and handle your problems better. Meditation whether Christian or of some other form helps bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds.
This remarkable book will help you follow Jesusa€™ counsel to find the kingdom of God within you. Discover and practice methods of meditation that the Desert Fathers, Pope Gregory, Saint Francis, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross and others used to attain holy rest in God. Through meditation, you can discover the single eye Jesus spoke of and the highway of holiness mentioned by Isaiah, which represent spiritual faculties in the brain and spine. Meditation awakens these centers of energy and consciousness so you can experience the inner kingdom of peace, divine love and light, wisdom and joy within you. Awaken yourself to find the peace, vitality, intuition, love, joy, and the presence of God within you through the practice of meditation.
Utilizing a goal-centered approach, Jones details an eight-step journey to show you how you can awaken your Diamond Essence-your soul.
This complete guide includes a discussion of the varied methods of meditation and provides an opportunity to practice and proceed at your own pace. A unique book combining the threefold nature of Love, the Spiritual Life, and the Nurturing of the Inner Child.
My book is based upon these two questions: How much do you love yourself, others and your Creator?
Creative affirmations and guided visualizations are included throughout my book in order to assist you in loving yourself, others, and your Creator, and to teach you how to live in love, peace, and joy.
In my book Conversations with Christ you will learn the simple yet remarkable methods prescribed and practiced by the Saints to establish your own communion with Christ and experience Jesusa€™ threefold plan of salvation. Seven Mansions Of Color offers inspirational and practical methods for the use of color in onea€™s daily life. Topics include: color in the aura and chakras, healing properties of color, spiritual awareness through color, color meditation, color in your home and wardrobe, etc.
For Boulder folk, centering prayer is offered at Wesley Chapel every Wednesday at 11:15AM-12PM.
Mindfulness and Christian Meditation are both widely practised nowadays and have much in common. Meditation means turning round our attention which habitually flows outward to all the attractions of the world. Among the many aspects that Mindfulness and Christian Meditation have in common is the necessity of having a daily practice. Similarly in the Christian Meditation teaching of John Main who was the initial inspiration for the World Community for Christian Meditation, you meditate without ambition or expectation – you accept what happens, indeed he says, “Be grateful if nothing happens”!
In Christian Meditation the anchor for the attention is the age-old practice of focusing on a sacred word or phrase, a mantra.
Present moment awareness is fundamental in both Christian Meditation and Mindfulness practices – that is not being in the past, ruminating on past joys and sorrows, not anticipating the future anxiously or indulging in fantasy. As a Christian Meditator following the teaching of Jesus, we are called to ‘leave self behind’. John Main wrote “The mantra leads us to attention, a spirit of attention, a mindfulness of what is, not what has been or what might be, but what is. Please contact organisers of events that were planned to take place at Meditatio House for the new venue. Our Mission: To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all. Meditation is not something new to the Christian experience, but is deeply rooted in Christian tradition. The way to set out on this pilgrimage is to recite a short phrase, a word that today is commonly called a mantra. Only then can we enter into loving awareness of the Spirit of Jesus deep within our heart.

Children are saying that they do not want merely to learn about Jesus and God in their religion lessons: they wanted to experience God in their heart. It may seem a paradox to many that children can be still and silent and enjoy it, but like adults, children also yearn for the experience of meeting God. Meditate each morning and evening with your child when you wake up and before you go to bed.
With the help of meditation you can clear your mind of all its worries for a little while and give it the rebooting that it desperately requires.
The tradition of using meditation to apply the radicals and gospels of Jesus has been brought down to our generation by the Christian monks, Desert Fathers and Mothers. When practiced in the morning it will make you feel more refreshed and more positive about the rest of your day. When you really think of it, this is one of those questions whose answers are staring us in our faces. In Meditation — Where East and West Meet, author and longtime meditation expert Alexander Soltys Jones details a unique approach to the art of meditation that will touch your life and nurture your soul.
Blending the Eastern and Western approaches to meditation, Meditation — Where East and West Meet directs you from the beginning stages to the final realization in order to reap the many physical and spiritual benefits of meditation.
Meditation — Where East and West Meet, augmented with many quotes and personal illustrations, narrates how the daily practice of meditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
Very few commit to the third stage to receive the full measure of My grace: Realization of their unity with Me. Thomas Keating, founder of Contemplative Outreach, explains the method of Centering Prayer.
Ben writes extensively about Buddhist & Christian spirituality for Elephant Journal, and The Web of Enlightenment.
Charles Keating's work on Centering Prayer is a centerpiece of contemporary Christian contemplative practice. We are all aware of the stress and bustle of modern life and seek some escape into a state of peace or freedom from stress.
Like acquiring any other skill, the essence of meditation is that it becomes a way of life, not an occasional or one-off experience.
The essence is faithfulness to the practice and not seeking special or altered states of consciousness. However, in our weekly groups we welcome all who come and in the shared silence each one follows their own individual practice. This is what we are doing in Christian Meditation, leaving behind the small egotistical mind and our obsession with our sense of self, in order to find the fullness of being to which the practice opens us.
By stilling the mind we become open to our own spirit and the creator spirit of God that fills the whole universe. Christian meditation provides your child with an opportunity to start a journey of silence and stillness where he will experience the presence of Jesus within. Young children have a great openness to the presence of God in their lives and a real readiness for prayer. The idea, that children may have deep spiritual awareness before they are taught a religious faith, is only now starting to be acknowledged.
We recommend that your child starts meditating for five minutes adding slowly a minute whenever your child seems ready for more silence till you have reached your child's age. After his death, his legacy was continued by The World Community for Christian Meditation, which was founded in 1991. John Main the primary reviver of this tradition taught from the scriptures and teachings of these very monks.
Then meditate again at night and it will allow you to enjoy the most peaceful and calming sleep which will allow you to wake up feeling all the more rejuvenated. It changes the way you live, the way you view the world.  Thus, the only conclusion that we can draw here is that John Main was a great man to have brought back this holy and wonderful tradition back to us. Second, you need to repent of your former wayward ways and try as much as possible not to repeat them.
Saturate your environment with joyous and positive energy to bring new vigor, health, peace, prosperity and spiritual realization.

By studying these affirmations and charts, your energies will be channeled so that you may become successful in all your undertakings. Learning to meditate means learning how to train and restrain this tumult of thoughts and feelings. We grow and cultivate the fruits of inner peace, stability and centred presence through daily practice.
You cultivate a willingness to see and accept things as they are, letting go of grasping or pushing away. Thoughts and images are considered distractions in the time of meditation so when they come we let go of them by returning attention to the mantra. By awakening to the spirit who dwells in our heartswe become one with the Spirit who ‘in silence is loving to all’.
The second step – which is more like a leap, or a plunge into the very basis of all that is – the second step is the realisation that God is, that God is present, that God is now and, perhaps the most wonderful of all, that God is mindful of all” (from The Door to Silence quoted in Silence and Stillness in Every Season p.346 ed. It is in their stillness that God can speak to their hearts and they can discover the love of God for each of them personally. If you wish you can play some soft music in the background.  Then you have to chant a mantra or word, preferably the Christian prayer word – maranatha.
In this manner, a few minutes of everyday devoted to meditation will help balance your body and soul better and will thus, allow you to face all the problems of your life with a stronger mind.
It opens common grounds between all kinds of cultures and faith.  It helps us take our attentions off ourselves, which is what every religion especially Christianity preaches. Through this guide, Jones encourages you to seek the ultimate goal-the union of the spirit with that of the Creator. Third, you need to practice entering the inner silence within yourself so that you may be baptized in Me. Topics include: what promotes and what diminishes joyous living, success as a way of life, transforming undesirable habits, relationships, virtues and preparation of onea€™s own personalized thought remedy chart. Through the meditation practices of Mindfulness and Christian Meditation we can find a way of stabilising these special moments and integrating them into our daily life. You become the detached observer of your thoughts and state of mind and body and hold your attention by focusing on the breath. A good sitting posture which is stable and balanced, with your spine upright, supports the stability and poise of the stilled mind which nevertheless ‘quivers like a bead of mercury’ – always ready to run off! Like many other religions, meditation has appeared plenty of times in Christian rituals too.  However these practices have slowly faded from the memories of priests today. It inspired people to improve their state of mind and it even helped bring together communities! Allow reality to speak for itself… When we listen, we allow thought to be a spontaneous expression of objective reality.
For some who have followed a Mindfulness course it may be important to develop this in a way which acknowledges the spiritual and they may choose to do this through Christian Meditation. John Main is thus, a true hero in today’s world and Christian meditation is the movement with which he improved the world. We no longer need a watcher, someone to choose, because their is no longer a choice to be made.
The field of attention may be expanded to include whole body awareness, sounds or thought processes.
Stilling the mind allows the heart to open to the unity of Being which lies behind the rich diversity of creation.This is the deep purpose of meditation. Feel all its syllables as you say it again and again till every thought, good or bad, has forsaken your mind.  And in this manner you will achieve silence, stillness and simplicity which are the three key S’s of meditation.

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