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We offer executive coaching certification programs at various onsite locations worldwide as well as online using our hi-tech live e-workshop platform.
Are you a beginner or novice coach seeking a resource to help you get started as a volunteer coach? By completing the course and passing the test, you certify your basic knowledge of basketball skills and coaching concepts. The forum provides a space for you to ask questions about the material or applying the material to your coaching.
The Level II course is more involved and covers these and other subjects in more detail, while also requiring attendance at a coaching clinic.
New coaches starting their coaching certification after September 1st, 2015, need to follow Volleyball Canada’s new certification format and requirements.

The ICF Coaching Competencies assessment is based on ICF’s defined eleven core competencies for professional coaching. The Self Assessment brings awareness to your current level of competencies and serves as a yardstick for learning. To activate the Self assessment on ICF Coaching Competencies assessment , please register with your name and email id. For coaches interested in bettering their coaching ability and assisting their athletes, this course provides the basics to expand your horizons and learn more or improve your weaknesses. Volleyball coaching certification requires all Head Coaches for 16U teams are fully certified as Development Coaches (old Level 1) and all Head Coaches for 18U teams are fully certified as Advanced Development Coach (old Level 2).
Provincial Championships will be fined.  Amount of fine will be determined by coach’s level of certification.

These provide clarity about the skills and approaches that make coaching effective.  All Coach-specific training programs are required to build competencies along these areas.
A certification course offers one way to improve your coaching ability and level of knowledge in an efficient manner.

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