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Powerful words and inspirational quotes to inspire and motivate individuals to achieve success! You will have a rare oppor­tu­nity to link inspi­ra­tional quotes to the 7 attrib­utes Sports Wis­dom have iden­ti­fied are cru­cial for sport­ing suc­cess. This book can be used by par­ents, coaches, men­tors, teach­ers as well as busi­ness lead­ers to inspire indi­vid­ual excellence.
Why waste your time on the inter­net search­ing for some moti­va­tional quote or source of inspi­ra­tion when you can have this won­der­ful resource at your fingertips.

We sug­gest you read through all of the inspi­ra­tional quotes and then choose two quotes from each sec­tion.
This book gives you access to 401 great inspi­ra­tional quotes to find those words to help you take the next step. Then mem­o­rize each of your selected quotes, and repeat them to your­self over and over until you become con­fi­dent in using them. May the ones that truly res­onate with you become your com­pass on your own path to success.

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