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For clothing that complements your colouring, we suggest you visit Kettlewell Colours and, if buying, please identify Pirina as your source of introduction.
If you are Summer or Winter you should be wearing cooler colours with a blue undertone (i.e.
See the colour wheel below to gain a  better impression of how the warm and cool colours divide up. Understanding your most flattering colors and finding the right shades of makeup can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Because you have a lot of visual contrast you can pull off deep, rich colors accented with jewel tones, and even wear bright white or icy pastels. A dark suit with cool undertones like dark navy, charcoal or black will complement your dynamic coloring. The perfect shades of lipstick, blush and eye shadows for your coloring, along with your seasonal swatch fan have been preselected for you! Avoid earth tones which can make you look sallow, and muted or powdery colors which can make you look shadowed.

Cosmetics and fashion colors, pre-coordinated for effortless beauty are yours at an especially appealing price. Shop with a Color Me Beautiful WINTER Swatch Fan, to insure that your entire wardrobe is perfectly coordinated.

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