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Christopher Germer, PhD, author of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion; clinical psychologist specializing in the application of Buddhist psychology and meditation to alleviate difficult emotions in psychotherapy and everyday life.
When we meditate, what usually occurs is that we find a mind that is running riot with our attention and mental energy.
Our feelings of impatience and frustration with ourselves in meditation are certainly understandable, especially when they persist in spite of our best efforts to overcome them. What’s almost as magical as learning not to beat ourselves up when encountering our distractions and inattention is that as we progress in our exploration of the mind and its habits through the practice of meditation, we begin to realize that not just us, but everyone has this same kind of desire to be free from the suffering of their mind and to be happy in the peaceful and calmly abiding attention that goes with a meditative or non-distracted mind. The meditation and mindfulness that we’re aiming our minds toward and that we want to cultivate as health-care professionals or even as parents or partners has to be based on the single goal of alleviating others’ suffering through changing the way that our mind works, becoming mindfully aware ourselves. The compassion that comes with a deep mindful presence is based on the realization that the person in front of me is no other than another me, another human who wishes to have happiness and to avoid suffering. To support you in your practice, I’ve posted below a script for an exercise in compassionate intention.
Ebook and two chapters from the book, Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind, on how to meditate. Here’s a pitch for my book, Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind. As always, please feel free to share your comments on meditation and contact me if you’d like to see additional content or other discussions on this site. Jerome Stone is a Registered Nurse and the author of the book Minding The Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind.
Download TWO FREE CHAPTERS of Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind and a FREE E-Book! Brahma Kumaris Australia was established in Sydney in 1975 (then known as Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres) after a young traveller came across this spiritual wisdom in London and brought it back to his homeland.
We can get ourselves into a bit of trouble when we think of compassion only in terms of “giving.” It leaves a huge opening for our ego to step in.
Even worse, the mask can become a shield for hiding away the parts of myself that I don’t want to show the world. A few years ago, I was on a retreat that focused on becoming more ourselves and living up to our potential.
Sunada Takagi is on a mission to help people open their hearts and minds through mindfulness.
Sunada also teaches and leads retreats at Boston Triratna Buddhist Community and Aryaloka Buddhist Center. As a postscript, I’d like to post a comment I got elsewhere in response to this article. The idea behind compassion-based meditation is that "the feelings we have about people can be trained in optimal ways," says Lobsang Tenzin Negi, who developed the protocol. The meditation protocol, known as Cognitively-Based Compassion Training, or CBCT, was developed at Emory by study co-author Lobsang Tenzin Negi, director of the Emory-Tibet Partnership.
The research team also included senior author Charles Raison, formerly a psychiatrist at Emory's School of Medicine and currently at the University of Arizona, and Emory anthropologist James Rilling.

When most people think of meditation, they think of a style known as "mindfulness," in which practitioners seek to improve their ability to concentrate and to be non-judgmentally aware of their thoughts and feelings.
The magic of the practice of meditation is that slowly and gradually, we gain perspective into how ridiculous our wild mind can be, how impermanent our thoughts are, and how compassionately we need to deal with ourselves when working with our mind. While it is not necessary to have a religious or spiritual basis or foundation for one’s meditation, most of what is written on meditation and compassion springs from these sources. But as we sit in meditation we can begin to recognize the subtle violence inherent in our impatience with ourselves. Conceptually, compassionate mindfulness is a focused and attentive desire or intention to help another person due to a compassionate impulse based upon the realization that our patients suffer due to the very same mind “dynamics” that we encounter as we begin to practice mindfully aware. You may also wish to view other posts within this site to find additional relevant articles on this topic.
He also has over thirty years in a variety of health-care settings and is a long-time practitioner in meditation, with an emphasis in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and Christian and Kabbalistic Contemplation. A few years later, Dr Nirmala Kajaria from the Brahma Kumaris in India was asked to base herself in Sydney as the BK senior teacher, while the young traveller went to South America to start BK Centres. It’s such an easy trap — to fall into acting from that mask rather than a fuller experience of my being.
It’s more a contrived act than something springing from a fresh, alive connection to my feelings in that moment about the person and the situation.
It makes my ego feel good to think I’m strong and capable, someone who can step in and be of help.
As much as it wants to see itself as the proverbial cavalry riding in to save the day, it’s not the most helpful way to see things. I first came across it over ten years ago, but it’s only now that it’s starting to sink in what he meant.
Her work includes leading classes in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in the Boston area, and coaching individual clients through life transitions -- from anywhere in the world via phone and Skype. Although derived from ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices, the CBCT program is secular in content and presentation.
While CBCT includes these mindfulness elements, the practice focuses more specifically on training people to analyze and reinterpret their relationships with others. As our awareness and understanding of our limitations in meditation continue to deepen, we begin to gain greater insight into what is happening.
Finley’s quote beautifully describes the compassionately spacious quality that we need to have with ourselves in order to learn how to mindfully attend to ourselves as well as others. Profoundly, the only difference between my patients and me is that they’re there and I’m here. Another new BK student returned home from London and opened a second centre in Collingwood, Melbourne. To put it in the worst terms, I suppose it’s like the compassion gets a bit institutionalized.
She hadn’t said much the whole weekend, and I knew that she too was struggling with her demons about taking a stand and openly being herself in front of others.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to just be a human being, here to share the fullness of who I am. True presence and real communication can sometimes be pretty gritty and unpleasant, but that doesn’t make it unspiritual. We have been providing some financial assistance to them for the past 8 years and this will be our first meeting.
We realize we are catching ourselves in the act of perpetuating violence towards our wandering mind, our wayward will, or our sleepiness—in short, toward those very aspects of our self that need to be loved the most. In fact, at some point in our lives, many of us end up there and find out what it’s like to be there! One “secret” I shared with the group was how I wanted to be a singer, and to have the courage to perform publicly.
It’s when I stop trying so hard to be something I’m not that something genuine pops up out of nowhere.
This boost in empathic accuracy was detected through both behavioral testing of the study participants and through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans of their brain activity. We realize that to stop meditating simply because we feel we are not good at it amounts to abandoning the very aspects of our self that need patience and loving encouragement.
Sunada flips that idea on its head — that it may be just as important to be vulnerable as it is to be strong, and to receive as it is to give.
An example is giving spare change to a homeless person because I had decided that I’m going to be kind to a homeless person today. A Near Enemy is something that sort of looks like the real thing, but isn’t on closer examination.
But the Buddha always taught that it’s not the action that counts, but the true motivation behind it.
Well of course, it’s impossible to say that to a group like this without getting prodded into singing before the weekend was through. We see that the whole venture in meditation is going to be a rough ride unless we can learn not to invade and abandon ourselves in response to all the ways in which meditation exposes our limitations and shortcomings.
And, because it has EVERYTHING that you need to learn how to meditate and to use your practice at the bedside. Am I using my kind acts as a way to make myself feel better and compensate for all the icky stuff inside that I don’t want to deal with? In other words, it’s only when we can bring the whole of ourselves forward to meet someone that a real connection takes place.
For that one moment, I felt a strong connection with her because something real in me touched something real in her. But of course, everyone gave me a big round of applause and kudos, because this was SUCH a supportive group.

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