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Today, Wednesday the 27th of January, we are starting the next round of the group program my cravings cleanse and if this show really lights a fire in you and you want to create a new relationship with your body and feel good in your body come and join us! The University of Hertfordshire in London England put out an interesting little study from their department of psychology recently called “Bodily pleasure matters: velocity of touch modulates body ownership during the rubber hand illusion”. As a mother, entrepreneur, (new) wife, and woman-with-her-own-dreams, I often struggle with keeping all the plates spinning…and the thing that normally drops in the day-to-day is my own self-care. Today’s modern woman, and not a few cool dudes, are held back from giving ourselves what we really need by guilt. Admitting that you need to work on something is acknowledging a failure and that is really, really hard to do. Today, I want you to watch Jada Pinkett Smith, the actress, singer, and mother, on how she views this mess we are in. This year has been especially inspiring, and I wanted to share the top ten books that moved me, made me laugh, educated me, inspired my thinking or behavior…or, in the case of Come As Your Are, all of the above! This book shows the psychology and practice of what it takes to be authentic, and to overcome the inevitable shame and self-criticism that comes with rising above your old habits.
Recommended for: those on the verge of more leadership, for women on the journey of self-acceptance, those who desire new relationship dynamics, those who seek bravery to be more authentic. Recommended for: women and men who desire more comfort with their own sexuality, want to improve their sexual relationship with themselves or a partner, or those who want to boost their libido without pills. If you’ve read Come As You Are or you’re just ready for a deeper, more vibrant, and more sexually empowered life, this book is for you. Amy Jo Goddard shares a more personal and spiritual approach to sexuality, how to get back in touch with desire, and how to heal past shame and trauma that may be in the way of enjoying your body. This book walks you through how to find your erotic truth, and how to feel confident and empowered about your truth as a sexual person. Recommended for: women looking for permission to explore their sexuality anew, for those looking for a guide in exploring new ways to enjoy sex, those who desire to build and activate their desire. Shame, self-judgment, non-existent boundaries, low self-esteem…this is the torture of the modern woman. Elizabeth Dialto, personal trainer turned women’s self-empowerment and Wild Soul Movement coach, explores and untangle the ties that bind us to a life we don’t love. This book offers: spiritual evidence for self-care and “selfishness,” short and efficient exercises for feeling aligned and in love with your body, the low down on becoming discerning rather than judgmental. Recommended for: Women who want to feel strong and fall in love with their bodies, women who want to learn to trust their instincts and create foundational rituals for juicy self-care.
My dear friends Jen and Jadah invite you into a sane and tasty approach to health that will inspire and energize you to get in the kitchen and blend up some magic. Simple Green Smoothies includes a 10-day green smoothie kick-start to welcome you into the plant-powered lifestyle, with shopping lists included. Despite years of trying to “downsize,” organize and de-clutter, I’ve always had piles of papers and masses of t-shirts that end up like a tangled mess of gluten-free spaghetti.
Recommended for: the pack rat, the daughter of the hoarder, the new couple that just moved in together or are about to move, the downsizer, the peace seeker. As with many of my favorite books this year, Jena connects the psychological issues of body image and sexuality with food choices and behaviors. Recommended for: the woman who has tried every diet under the sun and is ready to finally enjoy her body and life NOW. In this techno-democratic world where everyone with a smartphone can be judge and jury, public shaming has reached a fever pitch. When I came out as “no longer vegan” I felt the virtual mob jeering at and demonizing me through Facebook and Twitter. This book examines some high-profile cases of public shaming and asks: what are we doing with our voices? Hilarious and deeply considered, this book is a powerful trip into the public cyber-psyche, and makes you think about what part you want to play on this public stage. With her warm humor, Amy shows us the show behind the show business curtain – how female comediennes are taking their place in the spotlight, and how she rose to fame with a “rising tides lift all boats” kind of attitude. With chapters like “Treat Your Career LIke a Bad Boyfriend” and her Plastic Surgery Haiku, Amy will make you laugh as much as she will make you think about how women’s bodies are viewed as part of their talent.
Recommended for: anyone who loves to laugh while being inspired to take a big risk creatively or in their career.
What can I say…this book is my heart and soul, and comprises the hours of work, coaching, and teaching I’ve loved serving over the last 15 years. If you’re ready to change your relationship with food, and your relationship with your body, this book is for you. Recommended for: the woman who seeks to love and reclaim her body and desires, and the man who loves her. Our sub-conscious thought is that we still have to restrict and deprive ourselves, muscle through, strain, and toil to find happiness and achievement. We got on the phone, her in LA, me in Brooklyn, and talked about her desires to create a work-life balance that really honored her mission to run a great company, while at the same time preserving precious time with her daughter and creative time for her own passion projects. I’m in this high-powered role, making good money, but I feel like people are looking at my body because I have a good 15 pounds to lose, and I’m not as young as I used to be, and all these young female execs are hungry and hotter than me, and my sex-life is on the rocks even though I WANT my sex life to be what it used to be, and WHY do they order cookies for every meeting, when am I going to get the trainer with all these meetings on my schedule, and can I get home in time to make a healthy dinner for my daughter and not get distracted by work email so I can actually BE THERE for her childhood?!!!
Beating yourself up, restricting your pleasure in life, is like throwing yourself into a cage match with wild animals: your mind and biochemical responses are so stressed that your body is essentially trying to escape the stress by escaping YOURSELF, which is impossible, or to fix the stressed body through suppressing it, which is self-destructive, or you end up avoiding the feelings with food, or other counter-productive actions.
Beating yourself up blinds you from seeing the truth behind your cravings, and keeps you in a war with what your body is telling you.
Self-indulgence is what we do to numb our emotional pain and stress, rather than see, feel, and complete the cycle of stress through self-care. Self-compassion is taking a deep breath, stepping back, taking the judgment out of your situation, and being patient with yourself through the process of healing and taking a break to align your desires with your life.
Once you write your self-compassion manifesto, I want to hear from you below in the comments!
I was the vegan chef girlfriend in the background rolling her eyes as my then boyfriend ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month, and got very very sick.
When we’re in a leadership role, or trying to step into leadership, we have trouble with the balance between competence and confidence.
It’s very challenging for us to be authentic when, as women, our number 1 secret shame, as Brene Brown pointed out yesterday, is body and appearance shame.
I think that it’s time that we start listening more to that, and honoring our cravings, and following our desires. Jen wants to get rid of her bloating, which bothers her daily, and has a bigger life’s craving to feel confident and comfortable in her body.
See, we spend so much time worrying and obsessing about food, and our bodies, but we don’t really take time to enjoy eating.
When we eat too quickly, on the run, at our desks, in the car, or secretly, with the lights off, we are in a state of panic, stress, and unease. When you eat slowly, with ease, enjoying your food, taking breaths, chewing completely, savoring, your body can digest.
This is the first step in changing your digestion and the impact your digestive health has on your cravings, even before you change what you eat.
She’s on it, and looking forward to feeling different with food, and enjoying it with others. Eating real meals, like a person who cares enough about her body and her life to take the time, is the first step in transforming your relationship with food, your energy, and digestion. See, it doesn’t matter what you eat, if you’re always eating in a state of stress, your body and relationship with her, and food, won’t change. There are 3 possible reasons we crave salty, crunchy fatty foods, and I can help you figure it out, and eat to avoid them with this simple roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe.

We often crave crunchy foods as a way to release pent up aggression, anger, and frustration. Roast in oven for 10 minutes, turn the cookie sheet so the sprouts cook evenly, and cook for another 2-5 minutes until sprouts begin to brown slightly.
This natural crunch, with mineral rich sea salt and sprouts, will give your body and taste the sensation you desire.
When you’re happy because something good happens, food with a slightly sour or bitter flavor taste better. When you’re unhappy, “healthier” foods (maybe slightly bitter greens, other healthy vegetables, milder tasting foods) are more unappealing, as sweeter, fattier foods remain pleasurable. So when we feel stressed or disappointed and crave ice cream, don’t blame your willpower, your neurotransmitters and taste buds are partially to blame as well. Every month we invite as many people as can fit in our Brooklyn apartment, cook up a storm, and enjoy a 3+ hour meal with good friends, conversation, and good food.
Making every meal, not just big brunches or holiday dinners, sweet is a high priority for me. When you take the time to make each meal an experience, a joyful occasion, it tastes better.
The next time you need a boost, reach out to your inner circle of friends – they will help boost your self-worth and inner confidence.
Whenever I’m feeling a little down about myself- PMS or not- I do have a few little quick confidence boosters, that always seem to do the trick for me. Whether it’s a new fragrance or your signature scent, a few spritz of perfume can boost your confidence and lift your mood.
In ancient Egypt, both men and women wore makeup and the wealthiest of people were buried with makeup, for use in the afterlife.
How good does it feel to be wearing not only matching lingerie, but also one that’s cute and flattering? Growing up and even in my late teens, I never considered myself a very girly or feminine girl- despite loving makeup. I loved this post and completely agree with everything mentioned, I also find highlighter is quite the confidence booster, a good matte bold lip and dewy highlighter are essential when I’m feeling a little lacking in the confidence department! I totally agree with all of these – a pair of heels always gives me a confidence boost!
I am the same, I generally try to do an outfit post once a week but if I’m feeling crappy (or ate really poorly) I don’t feel like doing it! Feeling down about my appearance is something that happens on a regular basis so these are all great tips for me. I definitely agree that matching underwear is a huge confidence boost – it’s like a little secret that I can keep all to myself!
Absolutely agree with you on this one, and its soo true a cute set of lingeries can literally boast your confidence to next level. I love reading affirmations to boost my confidence, I feel like reading positive quotes really inspire me. People who have self-confidence are more likely to feel like they can achieve their goals and that they are capable of SEIZING THEIR LIFE.
The Gallup organization has done extensive research on the positive effects of leveraging one's strengths. Comparison is a doubled-edged knife at times it can be a great motivator, but it can also promote self-doubt and foster low self-esteem.
I firmly believe that dressing up changes how people respond to US and how WE respond to situations. 10 Confidence Boosters Pinterest Pictures, 10 Confidence Boosters Facebook Images, 10 Confidence Boosters Photos for Tumblr. Today’s show is all about pleasure and pleasure impact on our body, on our energy and on our metabolism. We love the idea of nourishing our lives and bodies with daily baths and pleasure playdates with our friends, but something keeps us from following through on a regular basis. Give them as gifts to people you love who are seeking health, inspiration, and fun…give them as gifts to yourself. From the psychology of what “puts the breaks on desire and libido” to the physical anatomy of how our bodies work, and how we can love them more, this book makes the science easy to understand.
Follow it up with 100+ delicious recipes that address everything from weight loss to glowing skin to kid-friendly options.
Filled with no-stress practices for savoring life and food, her examples will help you access your body’s wisdom.
More and more people who make mistakes in full view of the cyber-tribe go through the public shaming ringer. I cried when her show Parks & Recreation ended, and I jumped for joy when her first book Yes Please hit the shelves.
Get another fresh page, and imagine this person, who you love so much, and that they are describing this same problem to you.
I was just telling everyone that I totally scrapped my talk, and this is the only slide that I’m going to be using. Towards the beginning of my professional vegan-ism, which by the way, was the right choice.
Helping to loosen up that physical shame that Brene Brown was talking about, it really takes getting into your body. When we take the judgement out of it, it’s about having fun and being engaged, and seeing what happens next. Salty cravings often indicate a lack of trace elements and minerals in your diet, which the body tries to get through eating more salt. This is something that I do all the time, sometimes even when sitting in my home office, wearing leggings and a baggy sweater.
This is probably one of my favorite ways of boosting my confidence when I’m feeling a little down. Sometimes when I put no makeup on because I know I’ll be staying in all day and my skin is having a bad day, it makes me feel so gross! I LOVE the perfume idea, it does always give me a little boost of happiness to smell something nice so that’s a good one. Face mask is an awesome idea too, it’s definitely nice to treat yourself once in a while. I love whipping out a bold lipstick to give me a little bit of confidence when I’m feeling rubbish. I get headaches with a lot of them, so I have curated a few that work with my chemistry and sensitive head. When I’m feeling down, I seem to go towards not so pretty looking lingerie, however changing it to something flattering, it makes me feel better instantly.
In general wearing some makeup and perfume makes me feel instantly better and more confident. Those lacking confidence have the tendency to view life with a negative lens that distorts their perspective about self and what they can accomplish in life. Focusing on your accomplishments, identifying and understanding how you have and will use your strengths has proven to build self-esteem and one's resiliency. Another way to identify one's strengths is to take a personal survey among friends, family and colleagues asking them what they think you excel at or to list your accomplishments.
You could be lecturing yourself about work and career path, ranting in your mind about your weight and eating habits, or condemning yourself for your sexual desires and body image. What I began to realize was that what I was hiding was a lot of food shame and body shame, that what I needed as a human being had changed, and that didn’t make me a bad person.

When I talk about women in leadership, we have to address the weird gorilla elephant in the room. But how do we begin to actually listen to our bodies, and feel that authenticity, as Bruno was so beautifully pointing out. Sometimes we are, and sometimes we’re just mind reading and going crazy places, but we read the energy of a room so well. Savoring is a way of fully feeling, noticing, and loving, food, your body, each moment, and your live. Your digestion, metabolism, and yes, your taste buds change when you are in a relaxed, joyful state of being. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! I recently splurged on a few sets and I happened to be with a friend when my order arrived (online shopping FTW). Taking care of your looks isn’t the only or most important thing to take care of when trying to boost your confidence though. I always do a face mask, it always makes me feel more refreshed and like I’ve done something good for myself.
But just to pick you up from a dull phase I think a peppy song and long drive is all you need. I always loved shopping at VS or PINK to get lingerie even though it is pricey, but it sure boosts your confidence. I also find trying out a new makeup product (specifically eyeshadow or lipstick) is a surefire way to up my confidence. I recently did the same thing with my lingerie, bought a whole bunch of new, pretty stuff, feels so good! In school-aged students and college students focusing on one's strengths leads to better GPAs and a strong sense of hope and a decline in absences and tardiness. You may have be charged with getting more done with fewer resources at work in an environment where every win is scored and also quickly forgotten. It's important to remember that life isn't always what it appears or seems to be and that the grass is always NOT greener especially when it comes to social media posts. Dressing for success is a way for one to build self-confidence by changing what they outwardly project.
Or anything that is pleasurable must be wrong for us or that you only deserve pleasure when we reach a goal. I like that I … I think of myself as the nice, juicy filling in between Brene Brown and Amy Schumer. I’m going to take you through some exercises, so you might want to put your stuff down.
We know what other people need before they know it themselves, but all of that gets in the way of us hearing our own truth.
When you can be physically in your body, and listen to yourself, loosen up your gut a bit, and really hear what your physical self is saying. Invite a friend to lunch, go to a park or cafe for breakfast, eat outside as often as possible. Same thing goes for important meetings, or whenever I know I’ll be meeting someone new. This is why I also love meditating, using affirmations or listening to one of my favorite audiobooks to feel better and more confident about myself. Heels are painful for me now, but matching underwear (and even matching lipstick!) can really make me feel like a million bucks.
Giving yourself a pep talk is a great way to remind yourself of your STRENGTHS; the things that you have done, are doing and will do well. Don't fall victim to being your hardest critic; stop entertaining that critic called self by comparing yourself to others.
While I’m going to be energetically speaking to the women in the audience, I am also speaking to and for the men in the audience. Nowadays, red lipstick is considered a source of strength and… you guessed it, confidence!
I loved how my legs- who I always thought were a little too muscular- all of the sudden looked so long and slim. I am about to go and re do my whole bra and undies collection, it is time to revamp and feel sexy and confidant again. I became professionally vegan, and wrote 3 vegan cook books, and had this brand as a vegan expert. How do you hear this inside what’s going on, when we women, one of our strengths is also our Achilles heel? According to research conducted at Duke University Medical Center wearing any fragrance can boost your confidence. It might sound silly, but as I always say, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship in your life.
My go to is a bold red lipstick, I like Chanel Pirate, Kat Von D liquid lipstick in nosforatu, and Jouer in Grace (my mom’s name). We all want to be valued; it's important to remember that valuation starts with self-valuation. But, she had this cool trick where she kept a pair of her favorite heels under desk and wore them, whenever she had to make an important call (she probably could wear them around the office, but chances are, she’d break her ankles).
Similarly, negative statements with a positive statement, for example, I am not able to live in peace becomes I am peace. I wish I could do a spit test and show you all, and test your testosterone levels, and show you how powerful that was. She told me that she read about this trick in Cosmo and asked me if I think she’s being silly.
I am unlucky in love would be replaced with I am love and I am unworthy of happiness becomes I am happiness. The sense of body ownership through this pleasurable touch represented a fundamental aspect of our self-consciousness. Emotion in leadership, listening to yourself, which is your body, has been downplayed and set aside.
I actually thought it was pretty cool and hey,  studies actually confirm that wearing high heels is great for boosting your self-esteem and assertiveness.
The words that follow "I am" define who you are and what you are capable of so use the phrase carefully. Well I have some science and a great interview to shed a different light on pleasure and that pleasure maybe for its own sake may be good and honorable and it maybe the path to health, the path to a new relationship with your body and with food. So our awareness, our ownership, our love, our boundaries with our body has a lot to do with pleasure. We have to be able to do that for ourselves first, if we’re going to be able to do that for the company, or the product that we represent. That’s why I take people through a lot of physical exercises, and I talk about play and pleasure a lot.

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