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Cut & Paste code from text box to use this Chinese symbols graphic on your profile page or as a Myspace comment. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Chinese Symbols for ConfidenceChinese, looking back on history, have been evolving for over 4000 years that many characters have approached aesthetic perfection.

Note: Just like English many Chinese words may have various meanings and full of nuances, so contact us for accurate translations. Chinese symbols for credence, confidence, credit, faith, reliance, trust, have confidence in, rely, trust in, accredit, believe, confide, depend. Chinese symbols for accreditation, dependence, reliance, reposal, trust, trustfulness, confidence, hope, rest, rely, repose, confide, depend, entrust, intrust.

Chinese symbols for secret, confidential, classified, private and confidential, confidence.

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