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P2V procedure works sending a mini redhat-based iso to the ESX target with minimal configuration to enable a SSH tunnel for data transfer, if this connection is not possible the conversion will abort.
Normally, to solve this, we can move the physical machine to an ESX intermediate server with DHCP (eg. Start conversion again, now put your desire settings and don’t forgive to set the network settings of the target machine with the static IP address that corresponds to theĀ ISP assigned IP failover.
Launch the conversion and log into the virtual helper machine with the vSphere Client, when it finish to start up log into the virtual console with the same user and pass of the original machine (remember that we need a superuser). Et Voila, you now should see on the screen how Converter app connects and start the file transfer.

Adding the IP Address in Redhat Enterprise Linux can be done by using the netconfig tool or by editing the network-scripts or by using the ifconfig command. Recent CommentsRouting issue Sophos UTM Home <-> Cisco ASA 5510 for only linux hosts? Remember that failover IPs must have 255,255,255,255 into the network mask and the gateway provided by the ISP.
During this period you can see on the Converter screen that the task remains waiting to connect.
While this procedure is tested on Redhat Enterprise Linux, I'm sure it should work on CentOS, Fedora and older Redhat versions.

The router arbitrarily re-assigned the IP address and all of the devices accessing the linux server barfed.

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