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In Kosovo, Partners is helping institutionalize peaceful methods for resolving conflicts by integrating values from indigenous dispute resolution processes into a modern system of professional third party mediation. In Yemen, Partners works with tribal communities to improve their systems for community based conflict mitigation and reconciliation.
From August 4th-6th, 40 heads of state from across Africa met in Washington DC for the Africa Leaders Summit, in which meetings and events focused on the economic importance of the continent. Supporting local reconciliation processes through community-based approaches that explore the intersections between informal, traditional, and formal justice mechanisms. In Senegal, we are supporting civil society leaders, journalists, and local government leaders with training and resources to contribute to an empowered citizenry under USAID's Peace and Governance Program.
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Faces of MediationThis educational program trains program participants in various mediation models involving transformative, narrative, and problem-solving mediation.
Resolving local disputes through mediation has helped reduce and prevent blood feuds, or revenge killings, that can lead to widespread violence. Important elements of the comprehensive approach include skills such as conflict analysis, addressing the root causes of the conflict, strengthening traditional tribal conflict prevention and resolution systems, and building in-country conflict management and mitigation capacity. Program participants examine the role of mediation in resolving disputes across relationship types and context types.
News & World Report's list of top 30 "Best Careers!"US NEWSClick "US NEWS" logoto view the report. The diagram below shows how these methods vary in terms of how much the conflicting parties participate in resolving the conflict and the extent to which the process builds cooperative long-term relationships between the parties. Partners Yemen is a facilitator, bringing different parties together and helping them think differently and consider alternative options for addressing conflicts.

Mark Bellamy discusses the risks of political violence in the region amidst such economic growth. This program encourages program participants to become familiar with a variety of mediation techniques. Program participants are offered opportunities to practice mediation in role play scenarios, using appropriate skills, methods, and approaches.

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