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Lots of people new to iPod and iTunes service who own the most of the albums in Windows Media Player WMA audio format. If the WMA files you may want to enjoy on your iPod are common files (no DRM protected), you can easy convert it.
The following guide will show you how to convert both protected and unprotected WMA (Windows Media Audio) music files to MP3 format for Apple iPod or other MP3 music players.
Today, WMA format, often used for storing recordings such as audio books, is a common file type on PCs and Windows-supported devices.
WMA to MP3 Audiobook Converter is an easiest way to strip DRM protection and convert Overdrive WMA files to MP3, WMA, or WAV format.
Apart from OverDrive WMA conversion, this application will work with any purchased or legally obtained Windows Media Audio audiobooks.
In spite of WMA to MP3 Converter software simplicity, it still has all essential features included.
Besides converting WMA to MP3, WMA to MP3 Converter is also able to convert any given audio format, such as M4B, MP3, rax, MP4, WAV, RA, SND, OGG and AIF, to MP3, WMA, and WAV formats. All you want to do is to install this full-featured WMA to MP3 Converter, and it will help you to convert WMA to MP3 or whatever format you want. To convert OverDrive DRM WMA to MP3, WMA or WAV format with WMA to MP3 Converter, you must make sure your DRM WMA files are playable on your computer, that is to say, your computer has been authorized to play, sync and burn these audiobooks. Highly recommend DRM Removal to anyone, because I think it's the best in the market today.Professional, works smoothly, no bugs, and simple to use with great functionality. I got a lot of tracks from Napster but they’re in protected wma which iTune will never paly, so is there any protected wma to mp3 converter software program that may convert protected wma to mp3 for my ipod? I simply started using KaZaA and didn’t realize you cannot burn audio recordings to some CD because they???¤re protected wma format.

I simply downloaded music from Bearshare so when I place the music into my psp, it says not supported. Recently i bought a music player, and want to transfer my songs which i purchased in the Zune Marketplace to iTunes.
Music or songs that downloaded from the online music providers like Napster To Go, Nokia Ovi Music, Rhapsody, BearShare, iMesh, Kazaa and many more are DRM protected.
It will remove DRM from WMA files and convert WMA to MP3 that can be played on any music player. The WMA format closely resembles the more prevalent MP3 audio format, the most popular file container for online sharing and downloads. You can adjust compression quality saving plenty of disc space as spoken word audio files don't need 256-320kbps bitrate.
Here's the list of supported online music download services: Napster, Rhapsody, Nokia Comes With Music, Kazaa, iMesh, BearShare, and many others. Multiple conversion mode allows parallel conversion with up to 15 files running at the same time. This software is especially useful for those people who prefer to control process of music file conversion from main program window.
When the conversion is completed, simply unfold Converted folder in the left panel to get the output files.
Simple user interface and very fast conversion speed (up to 40x) from normal speed will let you enjoy your converted and unprotected music in seconds. It completely removes DRM protection as advertised and does the conversions really fast, especially in batch mode. I would like a protected wma to mp3 converter will be able to place the songs on my small Zune.

I wish to determine if there’s any protected wma to mp3 converter available that may convert the Rhapsody songs into a music player compatible mp3. Whenever I attempt to tug them into iTunes, it says that they’re protected and can???¤t be converted. Audiobook downloaded from online libraries such as OverDrive, leading digital media services, are saved as DRM protected WMA files. WMA to MP3 Converter software will convert your OverDrive audiobooks in multiple conversion mode saving your time. Just download more and more new OverDrive WMA audiobooks to a selected folder on your computer and run WMA to MP3 Converter software. If you only get a Mac, please click here to get a powerful WMA to MP3 Converter for Mac application. You don't need to browse through lots of option dialogs, checkboxes, drop-down lists with weird looking settings to get this program working. Searching, I???¤ve seen people suggest burning a CD which has all of the songs after which re-ripping them, however i kind of have over 350 songs, and although it???¤s possible, I truly wouldn???¤t prefer it. But if you want audiobooks on your own player, then you will need to install this WMA to MP3 Audiobook Converter and convert them to audio format of your choice.

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