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Though you can go through Courage to Change by your self, it was designed for small group studies and workshops in churches, homes, businesses, schools, doctor's offices, and weight loss or wellness clinics. Learning the lessons from Yesterday, Enjoying the Blessings of Today, Trusting God for Tomorrow. There is an urgency for spiritual correction that is alive in this spiritual shifting that is happening Right Now.
Changes are put into motion to teach us what we need to know, and to correct us where we need correction. Are you fighting it, or are you staying willing, teachable and completely open to God's correction?
I LOVE Who I am-Where I've come from-Where I am Going-and all the Things to see, learn, take in, get rid of, let go off = I Love My Life, I Love Myself, I Love!

I LOVE Who I Am, I Love My Life= Because, All of these things and others, have Been Turned Around for Good in my LIFE, Good in Changing me, And Glory to God IJN!
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. You will learn about every emotion you have ever had while trying to take care of yourself, the reasons why, and how to move forward to success!
You are about to be taken on a weekly journey of self discovery and life change as you dive into the Courage to Change book and journals.
The material is broken down into a system of 12 weekly readings in the book and simple lesson plans and journaling found in the Life Application Journal. Suggest a solution." and "How do you handle distractions when you're trying to get something done?" Inflation size approximately 8 inches.

The Captain's Log also gives you a complete nutrition and exercise program to follow as well as a 12 week daily exercise and nutrition log book. You will train smarter, not just harder and will learn about many trade secrets most programs fail to teach.

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