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So, two months later during the peer session sign up at Event Camp East Coast, I took the opportunity to submit this topic, with the help of my friend, brain researcher Andrea Sullivan of BrainStrength Systems (who had been part of the original discussion at ECTC). With thanks to Sarah Vining of the National Conference Center, who took notes, here are a few nuggets from this juicy discussion. Hi Jenise,  When I first signed up for hootsuite I thought my brain was going to explode.
Suicidal tendencies are caused by depression, and the majority of us will experience depression at some point in our lives. It is important to note, however, that severe depression is a relatively long-term predicament, and should not be confused with simply a hard week. Previous articleWhy Does A 14 Year Hunger Strike, The Draconian AFSPA And The Fight Against Injustice Remain Ignored?
Men are killing themselves left, right and center, and YKA posts a picture a woman curled up in bed. Most importantly, the article needs to make it clear that though it is possible to help someone who is depressed, it isn’t always possible to save someone who is suicidal. It should also be mentioned that people who are suicidal need professional help along with the support of their loved ones.
Over the past twenty-five years, Chicano artists have made a unique contribution to public art in California, transforming thousands of Walls into colorful artworks that express the dreams, achievements, aspirations, and cultural identity of the Mexican-American community.

But I survived and agree with your comment that it's all about adequate filtering and choosing who to listen to. We like to think that we and the people we love are somehow safe from it, until we aren’t any more.
Suicidal tendencies, which affect people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds, are not as rare as we like to think, and neither is suicide. Although some attempts at suicide are undeniably impulsive, the majority are planned well in advance. If you suspect that someone you know is considering suicide, talk to them about it directly.
Studies done by the US government have shown that more than 70% of individuals with suicidal tendencies mention their plans of suicide to a close friend or relative, often in an offhand, casual manner.
None of us want to look to the past and see the warning signs too late; none of us want an individual who deserves help to live a happy, healthy life to be unable to get it when we can give it to them. Parents do not give their children time, and at best, get a tutor for them, thus overburdening them in the process. Putnam, has become a classic book about gradual breakdown in the social bonds between people.
We accomplish our mission by producing, preserving and presenting community-based public art.

According to government statistics, over 100,000 people commit suicide every year in India. My life goals are to keep up with the Kardashians and become the young, brown, female Malcolm Gladwell.
Twice as many men ended their lives as compared to women – a man in India commits suicide every six minutes. A lot more damage happens to a lot more people than the person who attempts or commits suicide. Feel free to tell them that you may not be able to understand how they feel, but are there for them.
It is VERY important to mention that the responsibility of saving someone’s life can NEVER be on any one person.

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