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Today is my first review of a hair styling tool and I got this tool as part of the IMBB sponsored products scheme. At first glance, this hair styling tool looks a bit intimidating and bulky, but once you get the grasp of how to use it, it is pretty straightforward. I have tried a couple of hair curling wands before this and I was always worried about burning my hands ?? With the Curl Secret tool, you have no such worry. I experimented with this tool for the past 10 days and tried out the various curl settings and I am really happy with the end results, ranging from loose waves to tighter curls.
Since the tool is a bit heavy compared to other curling wands, your hand begins to tire after a while. The instruction booklet mentions that this tool has Tourmaline Ceramic technology that reduces frizz and flyaways and protects hair from damage.
If you want to try out this new mechanism to curl hair, you can surely buy the Curl Secret, but it does not come cheap at 100 dollars. With The Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Styler With Ionic Conditioning You Can Dry, Straighten And Curl Your Hair! If you are looking for a good curling iron, maybe you have seen Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret being advertised on one of the late night adverts. The Infiniti Pro is a stylish, automatic professional curling iron that comes with features to help you create ample curls without so much effort. Another thing I love about the Infiniti Pro by Conair is their effectiveness when creating the curls. I can assure you that you will get the value of your money if you purchase this hair curling iron. What I love most about the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret is the ease of operation and using it. Brush your hair to clear off all tangles, and the blow dry to make sure it is totally dry and has gained volume. Use a clip to keep up all the hair strips and then curl one strip at a time and release it.

Then close the clamps and wait till the machine drawn in the hair for shaping, and then gives a final beeping tone which indicates that the job is done. When done curl back the strip manually to a roll and clip it to head until the roll cools down. When all the hair is done, you can slide your fingers through the curls to give a messy and more bouncy look.
It’s actually so easy that you won’t believe that without much manual job the styling is done so easily. The only downside that has been highlighted by the customers is the weight of the curler and in rare cases, hair being stuck. I wanted to try this product for a really long time and I am so happy that I was able to courtesy IMBB ??  So, read on to find out whether this product is really worth investing in. Position the hair into the curl chamber; you need to be careful to work only with ? to 1 inch sections of hair or else the tool beeps and errors out. On me, the curls hold up pretty well and stay intact for around 4 hours without a styling product. However, it does take a bit of time to get used to and also, it comes at a high price of around 100 dollars. You know what, we are all so used to using the traditional curling rods and hence find this tool complicated..
Most of the times, products advertised end up being a total fail.  The Conair curling iron is a revolutionary way to get perfect curls every time. The curls created are long-lasting, and you can choose the level of curling you want – loose, medium or tight. The Infiniti pro by Conair Curl Secret also comes at an amazing discount making it even more affordable. The work is less manual and within a few minutes, the wand curler generates all the curls you want. It uses an innovative technology which no other curling iron or wand offers, and is the automatic curling function.

The hair is automatically drawn into the curl chamber and the tool lets out steady beeps indicating that the hair is getting curled. You have to always ensure that you work with ? – 1 inch section of hair or else the tool starts beeping.
Glad I waited to red it here, I think I will go with the traditional curling rods…;) Btw, yo have lovely hair Manaswini! While it promises great things, it is important to have more information about the product before you purchase.
At the touch of a button, your hair is drawn into the chamber of the curl where it is held, timed and heated. With this automatic curler, it has never been that less manual and easier to create consistent and beautiful curls. The curler is worth every penny you spend. My main dislike of the curler is that it is a bit heavy but considering the benefits, it is worth it. Hair is drawn in it automatically, and then heated from all sides to give that perfect shape and curl. Also, initially my hair did get tangled in the chamber a few times and that really feels scary. The heat comes from all the directions such that the outcome is perfect curls. I also love the fact that the Conair Curl Secret is one of the excellent curling iron for long and short hair, which means that anyone can use it. This revolutionary new curl styler features top technologies, innovative engineering, and an automatic curl chamber — the Curl Secret® secret behind the perfect curl!

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