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Before we talk about how to duplicate a page, we need to spend some time to understand what we are seeing in the Page Thumbnails pane.
When we now click, something different is happening: The thumbnail gets selected (indicated by the blue border around the thumbnail in the screenshot).
If we want to select the current page, we need to make sure that we click on a portion of the page that is not currently being shown (or, we can simply change which page is active in Acrobat in order to being able to select a page). This entry was posted in Acrobat, PDF, Tutorial and tagged Adobe Acrobat, PDF, tricks, tutorial. Is there a plugin that allows a user to copy a page a variable amount of time and put it back in the pdf. This is what happens when you duplicate a page with form elements: None of the form fields will be renamed, so they will all have the same names as on the original page. I wasted hours with the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC being unable to copy and paste pages, and not finding anything useful in the system documentation.
I can’t figure out how to use page templates to duplicate a page and rename all form fields on the duplicated page. WPF CURSORS Currently i have thatyou probably should changed Forums thatyou probably should work maybei am writing.

For example, to detect when a window resizes itself, wb_create_window() must use the WBC_NOTIFY style and include WBC_RESIZE in param. Calls to wb_get_image_size() are still valid, but it is advised to substitute them for wb_get_size() in your code; obsolete functions will be dropped in the future. Calls to this function were causing a warning if allow_call_time_pass_reference was set to FALSE in php.ini. Numbers are sorted numerically, other strings are sorted by character order according to locale. On a very high level, all pages in the currently open PDF file are reflected as thumbnails. When we click on a thumbnail that is not the active page, the cursor remains an arrow, and the page gets selected. There is nothing in Acrobat that would allow you to do this – at least not the way you want to do this. My workaround was to save a copy of the file and Insert Pages – From file, but it was very slow going. I knew pages could be duplicated since I had done it accidentally in the past, but couldn’t figure out how to do it when I wanted to.
Really not enjoying Adobe Acrobat Pro DC at all and found your page after days of struggling to figure out how to copy a page.

The two constants currently have the same value to guarantee backwards compatibility, but it is advised to replace WBC_LINES in your code where applicable because the values may change in the future.
In the above screen shot, we can clearly see that the top of the page is brighter than the bottom of the page. This means that if we want to select a page that is not currently shown, it does not matter where we click, but for the active page, this is important. On Windows, you can try to print to the Adobe PDF printer and selecting to place multiple PDF pages on one printed page. This is who AcroForms work, and that feature makes it very easy to have the same information on multiple pages (e.g. The other thing we see is that the cursor is a little hand… This usually means that we can grab something and move it around.
When we click on that bright portion of the page and move the cursor, we can pan around on the page. Alternatively, you can use page templates to duplicate a page and at the same time rename all form fields on the “spawned” page.

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