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Do you like taking Field trips, day trip, long trips, mini vacations with other photographers? This is a group for Active members who love field trips, family oriented, and wants to explore new heights with there passion of photography. It takes a lot of time and effort to get some of these events together and in doing so, some require payments. This is a group where people can share ideas, experience, knowledge, and express their creativity. BUT i will tell you this, if you do pay for an event, I make sure its a SPECIAL Event well worth paying for.

Understanding divine purpose clarifies life's priorities and guides us in ways to navigate life with grace and assurance. She is currently taking some time to devote to starting a family, anticipating the birth a blessed baby girl.
Divine purpose is not only the intent of the Creator; but your innermost highest intent of your soul.
We learn through experiencing the art, by taking field trips into unconventional area to find subjects that test our skills and make us use our imagination. In addition, it is great for the more advance or professional since they can share their experience and learn about new and exciting techniques being used.

Following the path of divine purpose is the most fulfilling experience we can have in this life. It is being who we truly are in all our glory to the fullest extent of our being for the most benevolent benefit for ourselves, mankind and our world. Living our divine purpose brings us into alignment with Divine nature and into harmony with the vibration of the universe.

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