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When it comes to breaking up, we're usually of the opinion that the person doing the dumping should at least have the decency to do it in person. But the breakup texts in the slides below are so funny, we may have to reconsider our stance. Tell us which breakup text is the best (and by "best" we really mean most awful) in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for 15 hilarious autocorrect fails from Damn You Autocorrects.

Amy Reimann,A beautiful longtime girlfriend of Dale Earnhardt Jr who comes from a long line of car racers and family men, but he is not just quite into the married, family man mode just yet.
Amy graduated in 2005 with a BS in Interior Design from the University of Kentucky where she also was a cheerleader and a dancer with the Wildcat Danzers.
Amy was once married to 31-year-old Tommy Cook who she met while at college, she a cheerleader he a football player (wide receiver) some media said Amy and Earl met while she was doing some interior decoration job and she was still married to Cook, they marriage last two years and from 2010 until this day she has been dating Earnhardt.

Amy Reimann might want to put her foot on that one or she should just be patience and give her NASCAR stud a little more time.

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