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Mall Home - Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. YBMW: Have you ever considered taking your engineering and creative background and entering the toy industry?
Woz: I would explain to him why the country would be better off with other people who are more into managing large IT structures already and that I could play a positive role, but it would have to be defined as something else for me. I see a lot of great names going around that are good and a manager has to be more than anything else a good talker-listener. Obviously every technology has good and bad points, but the same thing you’re saying you could say about television, at one time they could’ve said it about radio, and they probably say it about cars. I like seeing why our brains are also wired to cause us to search for these new ways of doing things, the new technologies, almost every texting device that’s in use nowadays it’s usually a cell phone. As a matter of fact, those of us who have video ability on our computers usually text and only occasionally go for a voice call or a video call. Know yourself, know who you are inside and be who you are and don’t be phony and don’t be swayed by money, don’t be swayed by other things to be someone that you’re not. The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. Along with the speakers and technology pavilions that Steve mentions above, it was also the greatest gathering of musicians since Woodstock. Right now I’m trying to focus not on the big, well-known acts that everyone hears about, but the little, tiny places that have a lot of intimacy. What happened was I woke up one morning and people were emailing me that there were all these websites saying I was dating Kathy Griffin. The best input I had was building features in the computers to make them also game playing machines like the Apple 2.
A person who doesn’t even have to have skills in that area but can talk to the people working for him and ask questions and bring them to the best answers. On the one hand, with the internet and cell phone technology, we can connect to each other anywhere instantly. There are pluses, there are minuses, no matter which way you look at it and there’s no way to add up one absolute thought that it’s sort of a 30%, a number, 30% swinging this way or that way. You could talk and the choice is, I don’t wanna call and some things it’s harder to get out of a conversation. Maybe there’s somebody that’s so beautiful that they just always wanna try a video call, but I don’t think so.

Are there any big adventures you’d still like to go on… like being the first man to Segway up Mt. I’d probably come with a slide rule… no, a little calculator, a handheld scientific calculator.
The dreams you had when you were young, 8 years old, 10 years old, 13 years old, 16, anything, those are the dreams that are good and the right ones for you for the rest of your life. Again, we are proud to name Steve our very first Geek of the Month and we look forward to bringing you more great articles that hopefully give you a little different perspective on your favorite celebrities, artists and world-class geeks.
You know, all I can do is hope it rains when I’m gone but when I’m there, it’s one of the most fun things in the world to do.
But, toys per say… No, you know, the toy market is a lot like music where you just have a ton of crap shoots, and once in a while, a rare, rare while you have a hit and it makes money. One thing I would do is I would tell the President I also don’t believe in spending a bunch of money to enhance some areas of technology. But at the same time, with our Blue Tooths and our iPods and MP3 players, we’re almost walking around in these isolated technology cocoons.
No, there’s so many things in this life that you can do, and you get to a point that you’re just overloaded with things that are all interesting and useful and fun. Hopefully one that has multiple bases so it’s easy to calculate in hexadecimal, a MacBook Pro, probably a pretty big one (laughs). In San Francisco there’s a bunch of them: The Independent, The Great American Music Hall, Cafe du Nort, Red Devil Lounge. The same person can be very different in different environments and I think people use technology to either find or maybe to hide out and basically have sort of a respite, a little bit of a peaceful time to get away from having to deal with people directly. It always comes out like, aren’t these games gonna lead to social problems, and it’s too hard to be certain, so, you know, why bother? Those things like rare excursions and what you’re talking about are more just time wasters. The thing that worked the best for me to be happy I came up with when I was 20 was, if things don’t go a certain way, don’t have yourself set up in advance to be upset.
Almost everyone writes that it was THE rock and roll concert event of their life and they’ve never been able to forget it. I think a lot more about how to take current implementations, say technology throughout the government, and make it less costly, but do as much or more. Look at a shy person, afraid to ever go up and talk to a person in real life has an easy time texting, emailing, engaging in forums, whatever.

For example, if somebody doesn’t win an election, be prepared to say, okay, that’s a fine outcome. One person is so dedicated to putting on another one that we’ve spent over a million bucks so far on a new one. I even went on XM Satellite Radio once and hosted a show on their folk channel, Folk Village. So all of the sudden it brought them into the world where they might have just gone into their bedroom and hidden. Yeah, you sort of get to a point you’re sort of more peaceful with the world and people and what leads to your happiness isn’t somehow being noted for doing something extreme. Now we’re working very strongly an US Festival in Kansas with a lot of real middle-American values.
They’re real cheap and you’ll go in and hear 4 great bands and have the night of your life whether you drink a little or not.
She said she kind of admires me but she said something to a reporter and hopes I wasn’t offended.
Don’t say everything HAS to be one way because you’re gonna have a lot of disappointments in life. Basically, you know, things like science and math and technology and education in the arts, it’s all important. I made it like a vehicle in my life to get into town from my home, which is up on a hill, I’ll just ride the Segway. I’ll ride it into a movie theater, park it inside, and watch a movie, and then ride it home. I told her, hey, you can embarrass me all you want, you can ridicule me all you want, and if it’s for laughs, it’s worth it.
I think you do more with people laughing at something than when you harm people who can’t take it.

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