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Post-traumatic stress disorder is developed after experiencing a trauma that makes you frightened, anxious, sad and disconnected from others.
Usually the insecurity feeling and sadness fades with time and people starts enjoying their life, but at times the trauma becomes too overwhelming that the affected person may find it difficult to come out of the painful memories and sense of danger. People having this disorder have intense and unpredictable feelings, difficulty in concentrating and decision making, disrupted sleep and eating patterns, recurring emotional reactions, strained interpersonal relationships, extreme stress, anxiety etc. Many people depend on drugs and alcohol to cope with these situations which will aggregate the condition. Ways To Cope With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Deep Breathing Deep breathing exercises play an important role in coping with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Relaxation exercises are found to be very effective to get relief from the anxiety and stress.
Tensing the muscles is a common symptom of anxiety, hence whenever an anxiety develops; body immediately tries to relax the tension.
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing This technique incorporates certain elements of cognitive behavioral therapy along with rhythmic movements such as eye movements and left-right stimulations like sounds or hand taps.
Bilateral stimulations and eye movements unfreezes the information processing system of brain, which gets interrupted during the extreme stress periods. Exposure Therapy Exposure therapy is a kind of cognitive behavior therapy, which expose the patients to situations or objects that develops anxiety. Moreover, psychologist teaches the patients and their family about the disease and helps the patient to recognize and alter the thoughts that leads to troublesome feelings and behavior. A good support from family and friends are also necessary for the fast recovery of these patients. Recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder is gradual and requires time and more often the symptoms won’t disappear completely, however good treatment help the patients to deal with the symptoms and lead a healthy living.
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This final lesson in my series four-part series on creating space in the body is all about how you incorporate cyclical, deep breathing to multiply practice and health benefits (review Lesson 1, Lesson 2 or Lesson 3). Now that we have built up to deep, spherical breathing over the last five lessons, it’s now time to apply your skill while in motion (see the first blog in my deep breathing series to study the progression).
Many people who practice Tao movement arts, such qi gong, tai chi or bagua, focus only on what is directly in front of them, up-down or left-right because these directions are in their field of vision. Deep, internal breathing has many dimensions and benefits as I discuss in my feature article on Tao diaphragm breathing, which I recommend reading before moving on to these more advanced breathing techniques that target the kidneys and upper back. Normally the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder develop hours or days after the incident, but in certain people it may appear after some weeks, months or years after the incidence. People having post-traumatic stress disorder find it difficult to come back to their normal life, mingle with others or feel secured. However, with proper and timely treatment, one can easily overcome these symptoms and lead a normal life again. Progressive muscle relaxation result in relaxing the different muscle groups within the body. Thus symptoms of muscle tension become a signal to relax the body and in this manner you can regulate the stress and anxiety to a great extent. This exposure is carried out only in a controlled and safe manner and this helps the patients to confront the fear and gradually makes them more comfortable with situations that cause anxiety and fear. A thorough knowledge about this disease helps the family and friends to communicate properly with the patients and take care of their relationships.
It’s also not uncommon for adults to hold their breath when feeling anxious or under stress. Slowly and steadily breathe out through your nostrils, pushing all the air out of that balloon you just inflated. Improve your technique while standing in line at the grocery store, sitting in traffic or waiting for the next bank teller. It’s an easy breathing practice, particularly good for beginners, that covers some of the primary points you want to focus on when you come to sit.

However, if you haven’t solidified your foundation in the previous practices, you may experience the opposite results in which case you would simply want to revisit and continue developing those techniques before continuing forward. Many of my students have commented, “Surely, if the chest doesn’t move it’ll become stagnant and blocked”! Do not attempt any exercises if you have a physical, emotional or mental condition that may make you susceptible to injury. By practicing this technique, body moves to a relaxation mode whenever there is a tension in the muscles. Because deep breathing releases tension from the body and clears the mind, it is an easy way to improve both your physical and mental well-being.
This technique can help you relax before you go to sleep for the night or fall back asleep if you awaken in the middle of the night.
Take these little moments throughout the day to practice good posture and improve your deep breathing. This is a speciality of Earth Element Qi Gong (Gods Playing in the Clouds in the Energy Arts System) and bagua because each art develops the ability to create spherical movement.
The exercises that follow will not only help relax and calm any anxieties but, when practised over time, can also contribute to a healthy mind and body. If you slouch, the diaphragm and other organs are compressed, making it harder to breathe deeply. If you are really tense and feel as though you are holding your breath, simply concentrate on following your breathing in and out. Although once you develop spherical awareness, you can apply it any exercise, such as qi gong, tai chi and Taoist yoga. Think about oxygen being pulled up from the bottom of your stomach to the middle of your chest to the upper lobes of your lungs.
Please Note: RESPeRATE should only be used as a part of an overall health program for achieving goal blood pressure, as recommended by a doctor.

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