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Rene Descartes's Meditations on the First Philosophy is undeniably one of the most important works in Western philosophy. A Beginner's Guide to Descartes's Meditations offers a concise and readable summary of the Meditations, geared toward students embarking on their studies (at A-level, or on undergraduate degree courses) and general readers. I fully recommend this book to anyone who wishes to gain a full understanding of Descartes' Meditations. I truly believe that I could not have achieved such a good mark on my philosophy exam had it not been for this book :]" - T. A highly recommended buy for students and teachers alike, and if you like Nietzsche, check out Gareth's guide to Beyond Good and Evil.
It can be difficult to find texts that are a suitable complement to A Level study as most authors seem to think that they can get away with writing books that are suitable for first year undergraduates and above with very little compromise. This book genuinely attempts to explain the basics at the right level due to the author's own teaching experience and is therefore highly welcome.
Je me considerais, premierement, comme ayant un visage, des mains, des bras, et toute cette machine composee d'os et de chair, telle qu'elle parait en un cadavre, laquelle je designais par le nom de corps. Mais, parce qu'il est malaise de se defaire si promptement d'une opinion a laquelle on s'est accoutume de longue main, il sera bon que je m'arrete un peu en cet endroit, afin que, par la longueur de ma meditation j'imprime plus profondement en ma memoire cette nouvelle connaissance. Ce mot a trois sens: A) Il designe toute substance materielle que l'homme peut percevoir et qui existe en dehors de lui. ProblematiqueAjoutez une PROBLEMATIQUE pour le sujet : MEDITATIONS METAPHYSIQUES, Meditation Seconde. Co-author of East of Tiffany's, 13 short stories of a Latino immigrant's success in USA; a journey from West Harlem to Sutton Place and Park Avenue. According to Ortega, the arts don't have to tell a human story; art should deal with its own forms—and not with the human form.

With the city as its backdrop "East of Tiffany's" is filled with earnest tales of love, loss, faith, success and morality.
First published in 1641, it contains the bulk of Descartes's central philosophical opinions, making it an ideal introduction to the founding father of modern philosophy. Well illustrated with tables, diagrams, and images, it provides a clear explanation of the seventeenth century text's central themes, ideas, and terminology.
I was studying this module without any teaching, and used this book as my main revision tool.
The summaries which first appeared online, particularly those of the objections and replies, are highly useful and the author's precise and entertaining drawings add to the book's appeal (I particularly like Galileo vs Aristotle). Even some of the books supposedly written specifically for the AQA syllabus are guilty of this, though there are signs that this is being addressed for the new syllabus.
Sections that I found particularly strong include a clear treatment of the wax example in the Second Meditation, with helpful illustration, and a useful section on Rationalism v Empiricism in the Critical Themes chapter. DESCARTESPlan detailleAjoutez un PLAN pour le sujet : MEDITATIONS METAPHYSIQUES, Meditation Seconde.
The circumstances and the characters' profound humanity are relatable despite their zip code . The guide balances critical analyses of Descartes's main arguments with discussion of his correspondence with his contemporaries (the Objections and Replies) and subsequent criticism. The book includes useful tables, diagrams and easy-to-read sections about each chapter of Descartes' book. It covers all the key arguments of The Meditations in order (including the cogito, the wax argument, ontological argument, etc.), then delves deeply into the critical themes of the text, such as certainty, the existence of God and dualism, providing some much needed evaluation points along the way.
This chapter includes plenty of useful discussion but I feel that some areas, for example clear and distinct ideas, are not quite as sharp as the Philosophy In Focus guide: ideally the two could perhaps be used in conjunction but I would not hesitate to recommend this book in isolation as there is certainly sufficient here for an A grade.

B) Il designe le corps humain, dont les proprietes physiques font l'objet d'etudes anatomo-physiologiques. Il offre ainsi un instrument de travail sans equivalent, double d'une reflexion perseverante sur la maniere dont le 'sujet cartesien' a su s'installer dans son propre monde. It also provides references to further readings, films, and literature that contain similar philosophical themes.
There's a useful overview of The Meditations providing snapshots of just the main points, as well as selected summaries from the Objections and Replies that can form the basis of discussion of the text with students.
I am also using it for this year's synoptic paper and it looks as though it will serve well for A2 in the new syllabus. C) Il designe enfin cet epace occupe par la pensee de chacun.Reflexion profonde et attentive sur un sujet donne. Les Meditations metaphysiques constituent, sous une forme litteraire fascinante, une des oeuvres-phares de toute l'histoire de la philosophie. A glossary of difficult terms and relevant biographical and historical information make A Beginner's Guide to Descartes's Meditations an ideal companion for those new to the study of philosophy. The whole thing is written in a light, accessible style with good humour and clearly with students in mind.
En religion, la meditation designe une attitude de recueillement et d'oraison mentale.Idee sans contenu demontre par la raison.
Gareth even does his own illustrations (check out the evil demon!), which you can now get on t-shirts!

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