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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Technical skill is only a small fraction of what makes a good therapist or stylist, and what influences a client on whether they should return not.
If you want to be top of your game, you need to learn how to communicate, how to build rapport with a client and how to win a client for life. Whether it is a salon manager, stylist or therapist, teaching good communication skills is a must.
The first thing we have to realise is that only a small part of how we communicate is verbal. This is vital for youngsters , it is unreasonable to expect a 16-21 year old to be able to have intelligent conversations with a 35+ year old and so left to their own devices it always reverts back to holidays, what are you doing at the weekend etc. Great communication skills do not happen overnight, but I can assure you invest in communication skills as much as you invest in technical skills and you and your team will achieve amazing things.

An average stylist or therapist with good communication skills will always out perform a technically fantastic stylist or therapist with poor communication skills.
As salon owners we invest thousands of pounds and hours of time in teaching technical skills but how much time do we spend in teaching communication skills.
Just 7% are the spoken words, the tone of your voice and your non verbal (body language) are vital for good communications.
It doesn’t have to be that way, just remind the yougsters why the client is there, and get them to talk about the hair or service, explain what they are doing, explain what products they are using and why, show and tell the client how to use the products for themselves. A problem a lot of therapists or stylists¬† have is they know what questions to ask but they do not know how toy listen.
It is the professional way demonstrating their expertise and giving the client the confidence to return. Worked with UK leading salons like Vidal Sassoon, Nicky Clarke, Worthingtons, Sanrizz, Ken Picton.

To be great at communication, you have to walk the talk and believe in what you are saying. Even though words are only 7% of the way we communicate, get it wrong and you will not succeed. So often they ask a question and because they are thinking about the next question they have to ask they find they didn’t listen to the clients answer. LOOK THE PART – if you look and act like a professional and successful stylist or therapist you are already 55% of the way there.

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