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The primary project development process for the MBTA is their Capital Investment Program (CIP) which is a guide to the MBTA’s five-year capital budget. There are a few files that are typically required for either of these application types that only get reviewed in one of the two projects in ePlans. See the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection's Development Process Resources page for the DEP Record Plat Information Form.
As part of the on-going effort to improve and streamline the Local Area Transportation Review and Transportation Policy Area Review (LATR & TPAR) Guidelines, M-NCPPC staff has developed a traffic study scoping form.
For applications requiring a traffic study or exemption statement, please fill out the form and send it to the appropriate transportation planner for Area 1, 2, or 3, as noted below. Someone looking at the sheet index on the cover sheet of the drawing set should be able to ascertain which file to open to see that sheet.

The product of this step is the Final Designs (commonly called the 100% design for both roadway and transit projects).
Concurrent with this process, right-of-way must be acquired and environmental requirements must be satisfied.
The CIP is a strategic planning document that authorizes funds over a five-year period to meet the MBTA’s operational objectives within its financial capacity. The system helps manage critical project information and provides the opportunity for agencies and individuals who review and comment on new development plans to organize their comments as one voice to applicants and the public. For these files, you will upload a placeholder document for the required file in the project where the file will not be reviewed pointing to the project where that file will be reviewed. The Area transportation planner will review the submitted Agreement Form and contact you to refine specific details of the traffic study scope, as needed.

The document describes the MBTA’s infrastructure and the capital needs to maintain the system, outlines ongoing and programmed capital projects, and details planned projects to expand the transportation network. Users at all technical skill levels communicate throughout the review process, and all project information is visible and accessible, allowing multiple reviewers to access information simultaneously.
This placeholder document is an 8 ½ x 11 PDF stating which plan to see for that exhibit. Many of the required items still need to be uploaded to both the Preliminary and Site Plan projects in ePlans, so make sure you have the correct plan number in the filename depending on which project you are uploading to.

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