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Friends:How is the Mental Release by Mutual Joy?The Blessed Buddha once explained: How is the release of mind by infinite mutual joy (Mudita) achieved? Video: 1 Million Children Training Buddhist Meditation!If they can, so can U!Wisdom grows from meditation. The radical rationality of the Buddha-Dhamma here shines forth, wiping all empty babble away!
This newly created order limits, restricts & thus affects the future evolution of the universal system.
Example: Rich people possessing all the things they ever desired, can still be very discontent! And vice versa: Poor people not having much, can still be very content and very much smiling! However, those things explainedby the Tathagata are fully understood and fully practised by him. The Seer Kaladevala also called Asita explains that the Bodhisatta will become Buddha.The Bodhisatta meditates during his father's plowing festival.
CONTENT WHEN UNDERSTANDINGSolitude is happiness for one, who is content,Who sees and clearly understands this Dhamma.Harmlessness is happiness in all worlds,Kindness towards all living beings. The proximate cause of friendliness is seeing the good aspects of things!The proximate cause of understanding compassion is this very friendliness! What does this liberation have as its destination, what is its culmination, what is its sweet fruit, and what is the ultimate goal of mental release by universally mutual, unselfish, altruistic, appreciative & rejoicing joy? While seated, the Venerable Radha asked the Blessed One:Venerable Sir, one says: Mara, Mara!! Accordingly, in addition to the normal ritualistic observances undertaken on a Poya day, on Poson day devotees flock to Mihintale & Anuradhapura, the ancient holy capital city of the country, for it was there that Arahat Mahinda converted the then ruler, King Devanampiya Tissa, and his court to Buddhism, thereby setting in motion a series of events that finally made Sri Lanka the stronghold home of Theravada Buddhism. Once in Savatthi the Blessed Buddha said this: What, householder friends, is the Dhamma explanation befitting for oneself?
The Blessed Buddha has said: Profound, Ananda, is this dependent origination, and profound does it appear. If you wish to support the Forest Sangha materially with upholding and sharing this precious Saddhamma, then a quite good opportunity is open right here & now.

Here, Bhikkhus, a Bhikkhu dwells pervading the frontal quadrant with a mind imbued with infinite mutual joy, so the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quadrant. Anguttara Nikaya 5The absence of hate, hating, hatred, the absence of anger, and any malignity, and the presence of love, friendly kindness, gentle disposition, tender care, forbearance, genuine considerateness; seeking the general good for all, compassion this is the very root of good behaviour. Arahat Mahinda arrives and tests the king's intelligence.
One thus rejoicing in others fortuneis called a 'boon companion', for he is constantly glad: He laughs first and speaks afterward! Knowing this relation between progress and decay any clever one would settle on the pure & practical way to growth of genuine understanding. In parallel all mutually enhances each other!Such are essentially fine examples of co-dependent co-arising! If he trains hard … then he might come to dwell in the sublime fruit.Hello Bhante,I read some of your posts before but I didn't do it systematically. As above, so below, across, and everywhere to all beings as for himself, he dwells pervading the entire cosmos with a mind fully saturated withunlimited mutual joy, immense, exalted, measureless, without hostility, without any enmity, without any trace of ill will, of jealousy or of envy! Equanimity balances consciousness so it prevents both all excessiveness and any deficiency. Thus sympathetic with all beings, embracing all living, he pervades the whole world, and the entire universe with a vast mind, refined, infinite, freed from all hate and any ill-will. Since I felt your posts are so helpful, today I started to read from the beginning, and noticed the paragraph quoted above. Or on seeing a dear person being happy, cheerful and glad, mutual joy can be aroused thus: 'See this being is indeed glad!
The Bhikkhus then responded: Venerable Sir, this great Planet Earth is much, much more, incomparably more.
What is displeasing and disagreeable to me, is also displeasing and disagreeable to any other being too.
By stabilizationit perfects and consummates all the other six links to awakening: Awareness,Investigation, Energy, Joy and Concentration. Now, however, is my mind unlimited and developed, and no limited behaviour based on a narrow, restricted intention, favouring this, while rejecting that, will remain!What do you think, Bhikkhus and friends: If a boy from his early childhood develops kind friendliness, compassionate pity, altruistic joy, and imperturbable equanimity, will he then still be able to do bad, evil or wrong deeds?

He leaves his palace at night on his horse Kanthaka followed by his driver Channa.He crosses the river Anoma, cuts his topknot, throws it up, where Sakka catches it. If he wishes: May I dwell experiencing the unrepulsive in any disgusting and repulsive object, then he experiences pleasing beauty in whatever disgusting & ugly thing!
Or mutual joy can be aroused by apprehending the future glad aspect of his in this way: 'In the future he will again enjoy similar success and will go about in gold palanquins, on the backs of elephants or on horseback'. Having thus aroused mutual joy regarding a dear person, one can then direct the very same feelingsuccessively towards a neutral one, and gradually towards any hostile person.Vbh 274, Vism I 316 Comments: Mutual joy causes Contentment! When meditating hecan completely transcend the realm of infinitude of space, only aware that consciousness is infinite, he can enter and dwell in the sphere of the infinitude of consciousness..
Verily indeed a Universal Generality is this Dependent Co-Arising (Paticca Samuppada)! Dig it & keep digging. The maiden Sujata offers the last milk-rice meal on the morning of his Enlightenment.The Buddha throws the plate into the river Neranjara, where Naga Mahakala hears it.
Therefore should effort to fathom these 4 Noble Truths be made right NOW!Comments: Animals are much more common than humans (trillions of billions of insects and fish),since this rebirth at this level is much more common!
Understanding this fully, friends, the learned Noble Disciple is disgusted with all form, feeling, perception, and with all constructions!He is disgusted even with consciousness! Any mortal has only his mind as base, foundation, essence, mediator, creator, controller and protector! Consequentially: Lack of mutual joy produces frustrated discontent!Mutual joy also eliminates jealousy and envy! The Bhikkhu, however, knows: Whatever formerly I have done of bad deeds with this material body, all that I still have to atone for here, and after that, then nothing of it will follow me. Absence of mutual joytherefore induces the acid like mental pain called envy and jealousy!Source of reference (edited extract): The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. The Buddha explains Breathing Meditation Anapana-sati on the full-moon of November He realizes that his long prepared mission has finally been completed & renounces life.

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