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Imagine being sequestered, confined to a small space and told to painstakingly push a button over and over again, indefinitely. Lost’s Dharma Initiative taps into the very real battle between the greedy, Wall Street corporations and Main Street America. Since the announcement of the recession in 2007 (sparking the clash between Wall Street and Main Street), Lost has maintained between 9-13 million nightly viewers and as high as 16 million (not adjusted for DVR). Corporations are infamous for their bureaucratic structure (the paperwork to go to the bathroom is three feet high!). Just as Homer’s Duff-guzzling alcoholism reflects the painful truths about the American family, and similar to the environmental imperialism dramatized in Avatar, Lost has used entertainment to craft a powerful message in creative and interesting ways to get you emotionally charged.  Think about it, when was the last time you were moved by an educational pamphlet? Like Matt Groening and Jame Cameron, Lost’s writers have tapped into underlying cultural currents with the Dharma Initiative. Il problema pero' non e' in questi termini ma nella personale potenzialita' di risollevarsi.

Also called Wisdom Eyes, this pair of eyes can usually be found depicted on all four sides of the Buddhist shrines known as Stupas. Each figure in the composition is first drawn within its traditional grid and transferred to the painting surface. Wait, are we talking about ABC’s hit show Lost or the hilarious late 90s corporate satire, Office Space? The correlation could be the red thread that has made Lost such a run-away success (in addition to those painful cliff-hangers). Office Space has TPS reports, Dharma has the monitoring station with endless reems of notebooks.
Enron created such a powerful internal (and external) brand that the leadership tricked everyone into following the scam. Some will even blow themselves up to save the company (think Juliet, last season, last episode).

The symbol denotes the all-seeing and omniscient eyes of Buddha and is representative of the Lorda€™s presence all around. If we look at Enron, the leadership and employees lied, cheated and stole from grandmas in the Valley to meet the bottom line. The curly line below the eyes in the middle (where the nose is on a face) is the Sanskrit numeral one that symbolizes the unity of everything and also signifies that the only way to attain enlightenment is through Buddhaa€™s teachings. Shaped like as club having ribbed spherical heads, the Vajra is symbolic of the attributes of a diamond (purity and indestructibility) as well as the properties of a thunderbolt (irresistible energy). The dot between the eyes is indicative of the third eye, which represents spiritual awakening.

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