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The practice comes in letting phenomena -- objects, ideas, feelings -- come and go without clinging to them, dwelling on them, indulging in them. Since 1999 the Open Dharma teachings have spread across the globe with many people experiencing the transformational effects of this gentle approach to connecting with the inner self. Gemma Polo will gently share inspirational words and readings while holding space for the group, at both a collective and individual level. The entire retreat will be held in noble silence, giving us the opportunity to experience a world without words in which everything vibrates with more intensity and in which we can see more clearly. Inspirational talks: Gemma will share different aspects relating to the process of awakening and encourage you to enter into the mystery. Meditative hikes: these hikes provide the opportunity to put the principles of meditative walking into practice in a personal and individual way.
Individual interviews: each day Gemma will offer space for those who would like to have a one-to-one interview with her. Meditative chanting: this allows you to let your voice come out through simple repetitive mantras with the aim of quieting the mind and raising vibrations beyond singing. Open Dharma® has been offering teachings and meditation retreats since 1999 to encourage people from around the world to live an awakened life. How to get here? We offer transportation from Ainsa – Vio only on Saturdays and Vio – Barbastro on Fridays.

The length of your stay at Casa Cuadrau is up to you, as long as you want, you can come even for two weeks or more.
The prices are per person, they have increased due to the VAT increase, which is already included in the rates. We hope and we know that your generosity will be equal to ours and that your donations, which you can make at the end of the retreat, will allow us to continue offering these teachings and doing the work we love. Gemma Polo and her family rely exclusively on the generosity of all beings who are nurtured and nourished on the retreats she offers.
We strongly recommend to come for one entire retreat, to deepen in the practice of yoga and get the full experience of the retreat. Conscious and mindful walks in nature, guided by Daniel Benito, will enable you to come back to the true essence of who you are and feel at one with the world.
For most people, the process of awakening is very intimate and personal, and it can be really beneficial to explore your experience in more depth on an individual level.
At the young age of 11 she started her own meditation practice inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi.
Gemma Polo and Dani Benito will offer freely of their time, energy and wisdom throughout the retreat, honouring the ancient tradition of Buddhist monks and creating a bridge between the heart and the material world.
If there are not the enough people, we will help arrange another retreat for you, or will provide a refund.

Additionally the practice of yoga will allow you to awaken and rediscover your body, and in combination with meditative chanting, will open the door to subtler states of being.
At Casa Cuadrau we invite you to practice Karma Yoga by helping out with simple household chores, such as drying dishes or general cleaning and gardening tasks, etc. Providing these teachings and retreats without a fixed price provides an opening for each of us to connect to the vast freedom of the universe – as much to those offering as to those receiving. During this time she spent two years as a contemplative nun and a Catholic activist in Latin America. She then went on to work as an organic beekeeper and to study Agriculture, International Development and Religious Sciences.
She lived in India for ten years, offering retreats in India and across the world through Open Dharma.
She now lives in Dharmaloca, an eco-hermitage, which she created herself in Priorat (a comarca in Catalonia, Spain) and where her four horses and two children can live freely.

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