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In the movie, Tonto Dikeh acted the role of a spoilt child, who sleeps with her father and her boyfriend. When the movie was released, fans tongue-lashed the three major acts who played their roles like a smut movie. I hate to advertise for any movie and I believe every movie I have been a part of has been challenging in several ways. Some believe you did not get married to her because it was reported that she normally got drunk at home. HE is originally from Europe, an American widely traveled journalist, a historian, opinionated writer, an authour, President of Nigerian American Press Association (NAPA) a famous media association of Nigerians and American journalists with over 100 memberships. I can tell you that majority of British politicians and Nigerians are presently condemning Cameron for trying to place Britain as a saint, immunized from stealing.
Unilaterally, they have said that corrupt politicians and business people from Nigeria and many other countries have laundered their ill-gotten gains in Britain’s property market, while London also has ties to numerous tax havens routinely used to hide stolen money to develop their country.
Q: Are you sure after Nigeria may have signed the Agreement on Stolen Funds Reparation, the UK Government will return the money?
My position is further confirmed by a reported statement from British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, who said that the UK government had no plan to keep the money, but there are certain legal requirements that Nigeria had not met to ease the recovering of the money.
Q: Can you mention those British Banks where Nigerian politicians in the know of British Government hides Nigeria’s stolen funds? A: Let me say here that British Government is government built mostly on stolen funds from the money pilfered by some politicians in those countries and kept in their banks. Recently, an International corruption watchdog said high street banks in the United Kingdom could have helped fuel corruption in Nigeria by accepting millions of dollars in deposits from dubious politicians in the west African nation. How come five leading UK banks have failed to adequately investigate the source of tens of millions of dollars taken from two Nigerian governors accused of corruption in the past. He also said ‘Large scale corruption is simply not possible without a bank willing to process payments from dodgy sources, or hold accounts for corrupt politicians in the knowledge of the government. I strongly share in the belief that Financial Services Authority (FSA) have failed woefully to do more to prevent money laundering through British banks. Alamieyeseigha was accused of corruption after he was caught with about $1.6m in cash at his London home. How about Nigeria’s former minister of Petroleum, Diezani Allison Madueke, who took off to UK to cool off and kept varying staggering amount in UK banks?
Let me remind you that after the sacking of Benin Kingdom, the bronzes were taken by the British to pay for the expedition. When the Benin Bronzes first arrived in Europe, they transformed the way people saw Africa. Q: Today, being the Mother’s Day, what message would you have passed on to your Mother if she were alive?
A: Well, as the first male child it is imperative that I go home to Nigeria and team up with the rest of my siblings to make the burial arrangements possible. Q: What assistance are you looking forward from your State and Federal Government being that you have consistently used music as a vehicle to re-brand Nigeria’s image in United States?
Q: Are there plans for you to put in place Burial Committee Group among musicians and friends? A: Yes, I look forward to having a committee in place with friends of all works of life, including musicians. Q: As the firstborn in your family, what does this lose of your Mother means to you at this time in your Career? A: Ah, as a first male child I wish my mother had lived a little longer to enjoy the full benefit of a dear mother. Our correspondent investigation gathered that these moves are allegedly led by arrowheads of Diezani Alison Madueke, former Petroleum Minister in the last administration presently undergoing medical treatment on cancer related ailment and James Onanefe Ibori, a-two time Governor of Delta State still in British prison serving jail term for corruption-related charges.
Their Plan A was to send emissaries to President Buhari to give a soft-landing to traumatized Diezani so that she could return all the money stolen under her stewardship to Nigerian government and be left off the hook regarding any intending prosecution. Ibori’s circle of friends in Britain and Nigeria also critically looked at the trial, conviction of 13 year jail term sentence served on their benefactor, and were hopeful that at the end of his UK Prison Term, he would be heralded to tumultuous celebration in his hometown in Oghara, oil rich Delta State.
Going by rising phobia of likely further probe on the Panama Scandal of Ibori in Nigeria after he would have completed his UK jail term, it became very easy for these close friends of the convicted former Governor to accept the dangling proposals by Diezani’s contacts in Britain to frustrate the anti-corruption war of Buhari. Naija Standard can tell you authoritatively that Daily Mail further exposed themselves to opprobrium by alleging that Buhari had over One Million Pounds in his bank account. As reported in Daily Mail that Hanan (Aisha), Buhari’s 16 year old daughter traveled on first class from London to Nigeria is laughable. Latest information reaching Naija Standard showed that these politicians in their desperate plans to fight back at the Nigerian institution have concluded plans to stir up demonstration by some placards-carrying Nigerians and British citizens at the Anti-Corruption Summit on May 11-12 so that members of the International Community could begin to doubt the sincere war on corruption being fought day and night by President Buhari. As at press time, no official statement has been issued by President Buhari’s media team on this matter.
President BUHARI: To start with, let me explain to you that the executive has never been the cause of the delay. President BUHARI: George, I am a very thorough, disciplined retired military man, even though I am a great democrat.
We intend to create the environment for our young peoples to be able to innovate and create jobs through technology.
I have expressed my personal condolences to the Catholic Bishop of Enugu, the people of Ukpabi Nimbo and all other communities that have suffered fatalities and other losses from the recent attacks. President BUHARI: We have put in place a strong mechanism, tracker to monitor the stage-by-stage implementation of the 2016 Budget. I will be traveling on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 to London to participate in the international Anti-Corruption Summit which will be held in the British capital on Thursday, May 12, 2016.
Before returning to Abuja on Friday, May 13, 2016 Insha Allah, I will be having a separate meeting with Prime Minister Cameron to discuss ongoing Nigeria-Britain collaboration in the war against corruption and terrorism, as well as other issues, including trade and economic relations between both countries. President BUHARI: Otumu, I want to really thank you for your thoughtfulness in this question. George Elijah Otumu, thank you for this enjoyable interview all the way from United States of America.
LATEST reports reaching us from the Headquarters of Access Bank Plc in Lagos indicates that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) stormed the financial institution few hours ago, while fiercely-looking gun carrying security operatives arrested, handcuffed and whisked away jittery Herbert Wigue, the Managing Director over his complicity involving the sum of $115Million stolen by Diezani Alison Madueke.
Sketchy information reaching us showed that the embattled boss of Access Bank Plc is currently being quizzed by the EFCC in Lagos in addition to other shady oil transactions involving him and Angela Omokore (Nee Ebagua), a former Executive Director with the bank.
Troubled-looking Wigue is expected to spend the weekend in EFCC cell as he is cooperating fully with the officers of the Anti-graft agency to narrate all he knows about the deal.
As at the time of filing in this report, all attempts made to get the reaction of Access Bank to this arrest by EFCC.
Foluke Atituke Akinradewo, tall, ever-attractive lady became a member of the Unite States National Indoor Volleyball team and during the 2012 London Olympics. Akinradewo is a lady who believes Education in life is key to open doors and that combined with endowed talent by divinity, one can attain success even beyond the sky. She was named an AVCA Second Team All-American and led the squad in hitting percentage (.397), a mark which ranked third in the Pac-10, 13th in the nation and third for a single-season in school history.
In 2007, Akinradewo was named the AVCA National Player of the Year and was the Honda Award winner for volleyball. Weeks after his wedding rumour surfaced, Nollywood actor Benson Okonkwo who became popular in Nollywood‘s first gay movie, Pregnant hawker has been exposed. His dirty secret lifestyle has been exposed by his supposed girlfriend Emelda Emells Anthony who claims she is not dating him.
Upset by the virality of their photos that circulated the web last week, Emelda said she has known Benson Okonkwo as far back as 2005.
Emelda who lost her father on the 4th of August claims she is engaged to another man and that they’re currently having issues after he (her new man) spotted those pictures on the net.
To make the matter worst, Emelda said she became aware Benson Okonkwo‘s gay lifestyle after he started seeing troop of men in his house. The beautiful lady who is currently mourning the death of her father is using this medium to expose his dirty secrets and her real relationship with him. Emelda’s denial of relationship with Gay Nigerian actor Benson Okonkwo and the fact that she said she sees a lot of men in his house suggest that he is definitely an homosexual man.
If Benson Okonkwo is gay, he might face 14 years jail sentence in Nigeria over the recently passed anti-gay law. Another school of though said Emelda should be blamed for allowing a guy to touch her openly in her sensitive spot.
Who do you thing should be blamed, Emelda or the gay Nigerian actor covering up his lifestyle? Nigerian insulting the guy without proof,primetive thinker,think beyond what u read when dia is full proof that he is gay.
Dat gal is a cheat hw cn u go along way with a guy nd he is touching ur sensitive part nd nw u wnt to lead d world astray by spoling anoda man’s image if u have a quarel with ur present guy pls sort it out nd stop tanishing anoda mans image nt dat uve caught him before or do u wnt to tel me dat since ma friend cum to ma house any how dat make me a gay? She probably dated ben back then in 2011 nd its possible they’re no more in a relationship. I personally know this son of a wealthy man from enugwukwu in anambra state, he is a gay and very proud of it, none.
All this people say that she wants to tarnish the guy(ben’s) image are either working with Ben or totally jealous of her marriage. Below are videos of Movie secret girlfriend episode 5, you are able to watch the video by hitting "Play Video" button. This video of Secret Law Of Attraction Full Movie was uploaded by Jennifer Kessler on May 11, 2015. This video of Secret Taiwanese Movie With English Subles was uploaded by Able Francis on November 15, 2013.
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Utgivning av den tredje James Bond serieboken fran Titan Books, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. After spending over a year on a fruitless search for Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his sinister organisation, SPECTRE, Bond decides he’s had enough and pens his letter of resignation! All information, text och grafik (om inte annat anges) pa denna webbplats ar skyddad enligt lagen om upphovsratt.
Ian Fleming Publications Ltd eller nagon annan av de som innehar rattigheter for James Bond.
And now, in a new interview with PUNCH, Jibola has confessed that he regrets playing that role.
During that time, girls had this perception that they could tie you down if they got pregnant for you. Some of their female friends liked me and made me do things a young boy should not indulge in.
Were it not the video camera that captured that scathing and derogatory statement, Cameron could have denied he did not utter it.
But the leaders of those countries have sent strong signals that they want things to change, and the London Anti-Corruption Summit creates an opportunity for all the countries present to sign up to a new era. There will be an Agreement to be signed at the end of the summit on Reparation of Nigeria’ stolen funds in United Kingdom. It is strange that UK knows those funds were stolen from Nigeria yet they instruct their banks to collect such funds, so that they may use the funds through backdoor and play it around in a circle, when tired they return the funds into the banks. Robert Palmer, a campaigner at Global Witness corroborated my position when he said ‘Banks are quick to penalise ordinary customers for minor infractions but seem to be less concerned about dirty money passing through their accounts. The fact that they reportedly acknowledged that in accepting the money, Barclays, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and HSBC, as well as Switzerland’s UBS, might not have broken the law, is a shame on British Government. Name one British bank that has been publicly fined or even named by the regulators for taking corrupt funds, whether willingly or through negligence or sacked. He was briefly jailed in Nigeria after pleading guilty to embezzlement and money laundering charges two years later.
Though I read in Nigerian papers that she will be prosecuted by the Nigerian Government on how she looted Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC).
Majority of the artifacts were stolen by British aunthorities on the soil of Nigeria from Benin Kingdom. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office sold them off, and around 900 ended up in the world’s greatest museums, including the British Museum, which has one of the largest sets. Though its value is not clear because so few bronzes have been sold recently, in 1989 a bronze memorial head from Benin was auctioned at Christie’s in London for more than ?1 million. Europeans were surprised that Africans — a people whom they assumed to be backward — could make such refined artwork.
Looking back now I can say my mother was a strong influence and supporter of my career as an Artist, Lol.
Believe it or not, my mom was also a great singer in her days as a teenager and even until she died. I believe also that my true friends, wherever they are, would make themselves available for support. Hence, I see myself very fortunate to be labeled a Legend among other great musicians before me and in my era. One only grow mature to gain experience in dealing with the challenges that resurfaces every given day. I’ll just continue to thank God for His goodness, knowing He alone sustains me through my short falls and errors in the process of still climbing to arrive at the very top of the mountain of success.
But they have failed in the process, as lies cannot overtake the truth and darkness can never ever overcome the light.
Sources close to the aides of these politicians confided that before now they had for long had Plan A and Plan B immediately President Buhari came to power. You could recall that after President Buhari was sworn in, he had traveled to London, and Diezani personally made reported frantic moves to make peace with Nigeria’s leader which was rebuffed. But when recent reports of Panama Papers scandal in one of their biggest leak hit the press globally, Ibori’s name popped up showing how he enlisted his immediate family as beneficiaries of the offshore companies and foundations with evidential documentation confirming his secret offshore tax havens to hide some of the funds he looted from the state’s treasury. The story has been verified to be fake, cooked-up to cause disaffection among British citizens and bring about hatred against Nigeria. Their aim is to sway empathy and outright disconnect between the British and Nigerian Governments such that the earlier planned 250Million Pounds to be given to Nigeria by next year for development should be canceled. By the time we begin to implement this budget of change almost immediately, Nigerians will appreciate my service and dedication to this country the more because my government will make life beautiful to Nigerians and will offer them better living conditions. Don’t forget that it is when light is about to break that you witness the thickest darkness.
Despite the current difficulties we will work extra-hard to achieve our revenue projections. Recently, there were reports of how some Fulani Herdsmen wrecked havoc on Abia, Benue, Delta and Enugu States killing hundreds of people, raping under age girls, setting houses ablaze which led to lawlessness and commotion. I assured the Bishops that I acted with deliberation and moving methodically to implement my change agenda for the good of the country. As an internationally recognised leader in the global fight against corruption, I will be playing a prominent part in the summit which will be hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron of Great Britain with many other Heads of State and Government in attendance.
On May 5 in Abuja I urged the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to facilitate the faster recovery of Nigeria’s stolen wealth stashed abroad.
This administration is proud of you and every other Nigerians Abroad that are making the nation great.
Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when she was a three-year letter winner in volleyball and was also on the basketball and track & field teams. As a freshman in 2005, she was named thee Pac-10 Freshman of the Year and the American Volleyball Coaches Association(AVCA) Pacific Region Freshman of the Year.
In 2006, she was named to the NCAA Final Four All-Tournament Team as she led Stanford to an NCAA Division I runner-up finish to Nebraska. She broke the Pac-10 and Stanford single season hitting percentage record by more than 50 points, as she averaged .499 percentage, a mark that was first in the nation and second since rally-scoring was introduced in 2001. Akinradewo competed for Team USA in the 2012 Summer Olympics where she earned a silver medal for her efforts.
Then pass ur judgement I hate that shit too bt if I start seeing or thinking anybody that look gay is gay then half of the guys who pull their pants down and braid their or wear skinny jeans are gay,pls niger ask.
She said they met sometimes back, she must have fallen in love with him thinking he will marry her some day due to all the lies he bombarded her. Boken baseras pa material av Henry Gammidge and John McLusky och ges ut i en haftad upplaga. Titan Books presents the further adventures of the world’s greatest secret agent, in this third instalment of a classic action series! If a girl went through what I faced as a child, the experience would be tagged as child abuse.
They want to use Nigeria’s stolen funds to build and rapidly develop their own nation to their optimal satisfaction.
In United States, banks that breach the law have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for handling dirty money. Dariye was arrested in 2004 in London and was found to have purchased properties worth millions of dollars even though his legitimate earnings amounted to the equivalent of $63,500 a year. The questions are: What is happening to those huge funds she stole and kept in British banks?
Very famous Benin bronze plaques stolen in 1897 when the British launched a punitive expedition to the venerable Benin City, heart of an old kingdom headed by a Royal King Oba Ovonramwem.
One of the sculptures, the bronze cockerel known as Okukor, ended up at Jesus College after it was donated by Captain George William Neville, a former British Army officer whose son had been a student there. The Benin Bronzes are a set of artworks created by the Edo people for centuries starting from the 13th Century to celebrate the Benin Kingdom. Till date, they remain some of the most celebrated artworks to emerge from Africa, but much like Greece’s Elgin Marbles, they are mired in controversy due to the circumstances in which they were acquired. Okri, a pop-classic artiste who relocated to Los Angeles, California, United States belongs to the Nigerian pop generation of 80s but has brought modernity into his brand of music through highlife.
In my prayers there’s always this old saying about children being blessed and privileged to bury their own parents at the appropriate time designed by God. They must abide by the law of logic not to want to cut corners tantamount to permanent failure. She had sent few other people to the presidency ever after, but Buhari noted for his passion against corruption, and openly told Nigerians accountability and honesty are the only ways to good governance. Daily Mail, London simply came handy for these politicians because of its hard stance against Buhari’s administration since elected as President of Nigeria last year. No single traceable fact in the Daily Mail reports could warrant a publication in any College Press Journal. Probably the anonymous writer of the article (who hid his identity) have no sound information or correct dossier on Buhari: he is a retired General in Nigerian Army, a former Head of State, a former Petroleum Minister and incumbent Nigerian President who has never soiled his hands in the cookie jar of corruption. The problem had all the while been the Parliamentarians in National Assembly, the Senate, to be precise, who kept pandering with figures, injecting figures that we never included.
The budget is intended to signpost a renewal of our commitment to restoring the budget as a serious article of faith with the Nigerian people. I want to commend the sacrifice, resilience and toughness of all Nigerians young and old who have despite the hardships continued to have hope and confidence of a great future for Nigerians.
Our revenue generating agencies are coming under better management and are being re-oriented. Many Nigerians expect that you could have issued a statement immediately reports emanate on how those blood-thirsty Fulani Herdsmen were committing genocide, but you kept quiet’ (Interjection by Mr President).

I told the Executive Secretary of UNODC, Mr Yury Fedotov we are looking for more cooperation from the EU, United States, other countries and international institutions to recover the nation’s stolen assets, particularly proceeds from the stolen crude oil. She is highly intelligent, cherishes details and passionately in love with volleyball right from her childhood days. She was an All-American selection in 2003 and 2004 and an all-state selection in 2002, 2003 and 2004. She was named to the Final Four All-Tournament Team as she led Stanford to their second consecutive Division I national runner-up finish to Penn State. I have known him since 2005 and those photos were taken in 2011 at a salon and we were just playing around, even the kiss is not real. We were supposed to date back when we were introduced but he never touched me and when I started seeing men in his house I understood and we have been friends ever since. Look at d pictures and see three different dresses and she made us believe dat it was just a casual picture at d saloon. Even when she eventually found out he was gay she kept it to herself until he decided to ruin her marriage. After the movie, I had to keep telling myself that the character I portrayed was not who I am.
There are some things an actor would do to make his acting real that should be edited but they released the movie like that. He was also a chain smoker, but of course, there are also people that do it and live longer. In this 30 Minutes interactive session with SAMSON SHOAGA, EDITOR, Steve Franklin give reasons why he condemns British Government as a Thief and Dictator.
In the present list of Transparency International Corruption Index, UK occupied 10th position with Germany, Luxembourg. When they are through, they will then recycle same stolen funds into their banks and begin to give to Nigeria in piece meal after a long waiting period. Barclays, HSBC and UBS are all members of the Wolfsberg Group, an international body set up in 2000 to try to improve global anti-money laundering procedures. James Ibori, a-two time former Governor of oil rich Delta State was arrested for corruption, pleaded guilty and sentenced to 13 year in British prison.
UK Troops sack ed his palace purposely to steal Nigeria’s assets, eventually stole the bronze plaques that detailed the history and customs of the kingdom and exiled him-turning the kingdom into part of modern day Nigeria.
The gift was fitting; the cockerel is the mascot of the college, after the surname of its founder, Bishop John Alcock. When colonialists first discovered the pieces adorning the Oba’s royal palace, they were amazed that such incredible artwork could be created by people so ‘primitive’. I’m also glad that the fortitude to bear such a huge loss is the strength of the Lord and the true belief that we shall one day meet again.
Buhari’s response then was that those who misappropriated billions of naira belonging to Nigeria’s state oil company, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation would soon be prosecuted. The ridiculous story showed how empty and bereft of investigative news Daily Mail has fallen. The Senate earlier came out with different figures that were trending all over the social media which were not true.
The implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) is expected to contribute significantly to improving transparency over government revenues. For national security reasons, I will not go into full details of how and what we have done to catch and arrest any public official found to be stealing, misappropriating or squandering our collective wealth that is determined to bring smile on the faces of Nigerians.
Muna bukatar dukan su, su zo gida da kuma shiga da mu gina mafi Nigeria, inda kowa da kowa zai iya ri?e kansa high ba tare da jin kunya ba.
At the age of 15 years from her High School days, she developed fast on academics, never took her eyes off her dream of volleyball, which eventually took her all around the states in America. From February to July 2008, she trained with the United States National Team and was an alternate on the 2008 Olympic team. As a senior in 2008, Akinradewo repeated as the Pac-10 Player of the Year and got her third consecutive Honda Award nomination. A reasonable and responsible man will never expose the pictures of his acclaimed girlfriend or ex-gf on the Internet knowing that could ruin her marriage.
When polygamy was accepted in our society, we did not have as many diseases as we do have because you would bring the wife home. They will then attach stringent conditions for Nigeria to follow in implementing the piece meal funds reparation.
Till date, no British bank has been publicly fined or even named by the regulators for taking corrupt funds, whether willingly or through negligence. This revelation was made by Robert based on court documents from cases the Nigerian government has brought in London in an attempt to get funds returned that it said were stolen by two former state governors: Diepreye Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa state and Joshua Dariye of Plateau state. Also stolen is Elgin Marbles, a Greek statute, which the British Government manipulating to claim. Okri, a serial award wining musician is presently sad, mourning the death of his dearest Mother, Late Mrs Mary Onojighodame Okri, nee Eruvwekaghwe who died on May 1, 2016 at in DeltaState. No truth in the report that is now dubbed a fallacy and journalism of disrepute on social media. If Daily Mail had no news to fill their pages, they should have closed down or used cartoon stories as fillers.
We are absolutely committed to changing the structure of the Nigerian economy once and for all. I cannot promise you that this will be an easy journey, but in the interest of so much and so many we must tread this difficult path. My administration has worked very hard in the past 11 months to reverse the very negative global perception of Nigeria on corruption. Tare, za mu gina New Nigeria mu mafarki (Meaning: Nigerians in Diaspora, including Hausa community should keep honesty, integrity, dignity and discipline as their watchwords. Today, she is one of America’s most decorated volleyball super star and it is interesting knowing she is a Nigerian, though she has two other citizenship from Canada and United States. She repeated as a First Team All-American and led Stanford to their third consecutive NCAA title match. I lost my father on August 4th and I am still mourning him so to be reading this type of story online is making my situation worse.
Because u see guys visiting him, u tag him gay, u are senseless, u don’t have any proof so u are a looser, idiot.
He simply did it to ruin her marriage and probably keep her forever as his cover up partner. What I said was that I do not have anything against polygamy; however, do not confuse fornication and adultery with polygamy. When I grew up, I met kids that I fathered and did not know because their mothers did not tell me that they were pregnant. I never got married to her; neither did I go to her parents to ask for her hand in marriage. Also, he talked about the latest show of shame by David Cameron in UK Anti-Corruption Summit. If they feel that the returned funds is not well executed according to British laid down rules, they will delay releasing other stolen funds.
What is British Government doing with the bulk of the money of Nigerian politician accused of corruption? After several sleepless nights thinking of what would become of her status with her falling health fast deteriorating, she was prompted upon by her family and close friends to continually undergo medication for her Cancer problems, after her release by UK National Crimes Agency, alongside four other people. Further details of the approved budget, as well as our Strategic Implementation Plan for the 2016 budget, will be provided by the Honourable Minister of Budget and National Planning.
We are working night and day to diversify the economy so that we never again have to rely on one commodity to survive as a country. I can assure you that this government you have freely elected will work with honesty and dedication, day and night to ensure that our country prospers and that the prosperity benefits all Nigerians. In the last 10 years, crude oil sold for more that $100 per barrel, but Nigeria did not save.
Our genuine efforts to deal with corruption and drugs have earned us international respect and this has encouraged us to do more.
Due to her exceptional and overwhelming beauty, voice, she used to audition for commercials when was a little girl. God is love and so long as you are alive reading this message please repent and come back to God and get rid of any thing that is not good. It is not only the person that steals money that is corrupt, the country that hid the stolen funds is far corrupt than the person who stole the money because Britain is by their action saying ‘You may go and steal as a politician, but make sure you bank your stolen finds with us, we will help you take good care of it.
At last they did the right thing which was why I eventually signed the 2016 Budget into law. In designing the 2016 budget, we made a deliberate choice to pursue an expansionary fiscal policy despite the huge decline in government revenues from crude oil exports. So that we can produce the food we eat, make our own textiles, produce most of the things we use. I am the President of the whole of Nigeria which comprises every tribes, ethnic groups in 774 local governments in Nigeria.
We know that by fighting the scourge of drugs and corruption and rebuilding trustworthiness, integrity, good business practices, and imposing discipline on youths to avoid drugs, we are not doing a favour to the international community, we are doing a favour to ourselves. Nigeria had her independence since October 1, 1960, yet you are not willing to let the country grow, progress forward. This is why we decided to enlarge the budget deficit at this time, to be financed principally through foreign and domestic borrowings. Thereafter, I will join other participating heads of State and Government at special plenary sessions on Exposing Corruption, Tackling Corruption and Driving out Corruption. I have also promised that my administration will work with the UN agency to rehabilitate young Nigerians who have been misled into consumption of illicit drugs and drug trafficking. We need all of them to come home and join us to build a greater Nigeria, where everyone can hold his head high without being ashamed. We are determined to secure all Nigerians and I have told the Inspector-General of Police and other security agencies, in very strong terms, to deal decisively with the attackers. Both the Benson the actor and that lady that can’t control herself should change and accept Christ.

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