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A marker disc is used to mark every throw and should be a special disc, like a pocket mini disc model that is not used in normal play. Follow through, (stepping past marker disc after throwing), is allowed on any throw except when putting, (any throw where the rear of the marker disc is within 10 meters of the hole). If the disc is stuck in a tree or a bush more than 2 meters above the ground, the marker disc is placed exactly beneath it and it is carefully removed from the tree.
A mandatory dog-leg is sometimes used to keep players out of alternate-use areas or to make a particular hole more difficult.
I am thrilled to see Parks and Rec Managers realizing the recreational opportunities from this terrific sport. Most golf discs -- especially drivers -- tend to fade to the left, which would put them somewhere within the overstable range. It is only fair that your opponent’s turn to throw be without distraction, just as you would like it to be for yours. The thrown disc is always left on the lie, (where it came to rest,) until the marker disc is placed on the ground directly in front of and touching the disc.

A good course design avoids sidewalks and pathways where an errant disc might fly into areas where people may be walking.
I have just recently started playing disc golf because my community built a new course last spring. The best place to get information about disc golf baskets is here on the disc golf baskets page.
The disc golf education section of the website also has a ton of information to get you more familiar with the sport. Like clubs in ball golf, Discraft golf discs are designed to travel on a variety of flight paths to help you meet any course challenge. Do not throw your disc until you are sure its flight or landing, will not distract another player. The other foot can be any place you choose as long as it is no closer to the hole than the rear of the marker disc.
That being said, if the your disc lands on a sidewalk or gravel path that is not marked as out-of-bounds (OB), then it’s still in play.

Every time the temperature goes over 45 degrees the course fills up and there are probably 30 or 40 users that day. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give a call 831-722-6037 or drop us an email. The Alternate Red Tees provide for a shorter course measuring 5440 feet with 10 holes under 300 feet, 7 holes between 300 and 400 feet and 1 hole greater than 400 feet. Each hole starts with a tee-off, followed by subsequent throws until players reach the basket. You may now proceed; however, take extreme care not to damage the tree or bush, or reshape them in any way to improve your throwing conditions. If your disc goes on the wrong side, it can be thrown back on either side of the dog-leg and then passes as the arrow indicates.

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