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The next Disney Fairies movie “Secret of the Wings,” will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD October 23.
Disney says Periwinkle will start appearing at the parks in mid-September and will be available to meet guests through the winter.
Ask just about any kid you know where to find the happiest place on Earth, and they'll point you to Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Part of the fun and mystique of Disney World is its obsessive fans, who crave and constantly seek out information and trivia about their beloved park.
Many people claim the park is haunted a€” whether it's by a single ghost in the Haunted Mansion, multiple spirits around the park or the ghost of Walt Disney himself.
One tale that's not so tall, however, is the one about the secret city under Walt Disney World.
First, Walt Disney World's secret city isn't actually underground a€” Florida is too swampy for subterranean construction.

Walt Disney came up with the utilidors idea when he was strolling through Disneyland in California and saw a costumed cast member from Frontierland walking through Tomorrowland a€” a jarring sight, to say the least. The movie follows Tinker Bell’s journey into the mysterious world of the Winter Woods, where she meets Periwinkle, a frost fairy who turns out to be Tink’s sister, born of the same baby’s laugh. Both parks will get new sets that feature a dusting of magical snow and ice to welcome the frost fairy Periwinkle, and Tinker Bell will be outfitted in winter attire. Opened in 1971 and the size of San Francisco, it's one of the most visited spots in the world.
It's more like the ground floor of the park, and the part that's open to the public, which is built on an almost unnoticeable incline, makes up the second and third floors. Not wanting to spoil the Disney magic, he decided to build tunnels into his new Florida park so cast members could move through the grounds undetected. And, if you're visiting the park and have an extra five hours and $79 or so in your pocket, you can actually tour certain parts of the tunnel and get a look for yourself.

Led by mascot Mickey Mouse and dozens of characters old and new, Walt Disney World simply never gets old.
Some say park authorities let packs of feral cats roam the park at night to rid it of mice and other rodents.
The Disney's Keys to the Kingdom Tour takes you down into the belly of the beast and shows you just how much work it takes to make the Magic Kingdom so magic. And we've heard stories of people dumping the ashes of their loved ones in the park or even on the rides.

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