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Bir tiyatro yazar? olan Sidda, oldukca sevgi dolu ve bir o kadar da garip davran?slar? olan annesinden ve dogup buyudugu sehir olan Louisiana'dan yeterince uzak olan New York'ta yasamakta ve bunu boyle surdurmekte kararl?d?r.Bir gun Sidda hakk?nda Time Magazin dergisinde c?kan yaz?da, Sidda'n?n annesi Vivi'nin iyi bir anne olmad?g? yaz?l?nca Vivi cok sinirlenir ve anne k?z hem kendi iliskilerini hem de Sidda'n?n evlilik korkusunu yenmesini yedi y?ld?r bekleyen sevgilisi ile olan evlilik planlar?n? bozacak bir kavgaya girisirler. As a daughter struggles to analyse her mother, she comes face to face with the tangled beauty of imperfect love, and the fact that forgiveness, more than understanding, is often what the heart longs for. The book (and its two companions, Little Altars Everywhere and Ya-Yas in Bloom) is full of fabulous characters and lots of soapy intrigue, but its main storyline centers around the relationship between Viviane Joan Abbott Walker and her oldest daughter, Siddalee. Sidda realizes that her mother, as imperfect as she is, needs grace and understanding, just as much as she does. I have actually never read the books or watched the movie, but you have just inspired me to check them out. Bu durumu duzeltmek icin Vivi'nin de bir uyesi oldugu Ya-Ya kardesliginden eski arkadaslar? devreye girerler ve Sidda'ya gencken annesinin nas?l birisi oldugunu anlatmaya karar verirler.
Did you see the movie?  What were your impressions about the mother-daughter relationship it focuses on?

I have read it about three times, and I always enjoy its rich storytelling, humor, poignance, and descriptions of old-time, down-home Louisiana living. And she messes up royally by sharing with an interviewer too many juicy tidbits about her past. Even as I type this post, I feel myself starting to think in the Southern accent and manner of speaking that these books so vividly allude to. Vivi reads the article, shocked and humiliated, and promises to disown her firstborn immediately. Thus begins our tale, told in a series of revealing, sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful flashbacks. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. And, I am sick to death of this whole center of the universe, holler than thou, nothin' is ever enough.

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