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Come out and experience the amazingly euphoric and energizing effects of the the Wim Hof breathing exercises along with a Chakra Cleanse and LOA guided meditation! Can you imagine the ability to control your own immune system and thus fight off any form of physical, mental or emotional dis-ease with the power of your thoughts? Can you imagine the ability to a€?magnetizea€? the kind of opportunities and relationships you want in order to live a life of happiness and bliss?

Using an eclectic combination of ancient esoteric disciplines, backed by cutting-edge scientific research, we practice and develop easy to learn habits to achieve all of the above.
To help our members form the habits, we provide affordable workshops, multiple times per week.
This includes the famous Wim Hof breathing exercise system; as well as powerful visualization and meditation techniques from the ancient a€?Mystery Schoolsa€? and other esoteric traditions.

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