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Vergelijk het met de steen van Klem, de ster  starburst - het einde van het labyrint moet het rode vierkant zijn. A truly wonderful experience.Many old favorites and a few new ones to tempt you.Thank you Hoyle!!
There are so many great games in this collection, my favorites are slide tiles and 8 ball pool.I think you will love these games.
Don't have previous version, 2006 version not on Amazon, but figured someone might like to know about the current version.
Editorial ReviewThis fantastic program will have your brain working as hard as a mandrill on a conveyer belt with bananas dangling in front of it. I played this game in Video Production every so often, and while making contraptions, I literally NEVER wanted the end-of-the-period bell to ring for at least another hour.
I played this game for hours as a kid and I am super excited to see that it's still around.I can't wait to relive my childhood again! I had bought computer puzzle games before and was not very satisfied(peices to small, hard to move, etc).I read another review of this one and thought I'd give it a try.I am so glad that I did!I especially like the fact that I can turn my own photos into puzzles and email them to friends!
A must have for children 3-4 years old.When my son turns on the computer, Trouble on the Tracks is the first game he reaches for.

You need to use your head and think about how to solve all of these "wacky contraptions." At first, I thought it was a challenge, but then it got easier and easier. I like the variations of pool, but there needs to be a connect four game on there.Sometimes, the software will not let you change or add characters when you need to. First off you can load the games on a computer and don't need the CD's to the play the games.
I have yet to receive a refund of my purchse, which also included another game, which didn't work in a completely different way. You're attempting to recapture the escaped trickster figures from several world mythologies -- each suite of puzzles solved earns you a segment of a little trickster story, and at the end of each level you solve a more challenging puzzle to capture the trickster and move on to the next. I play it with my daughter and we compete with each other.All the people I know who have the game, enjoy it. I use it to unwind after a stressful work day or anytime I want to just relax and enjoy the silly little chuzzles.
Puzzle pieces are large enough to work with easily and the program allows you to sort pieces into different trays by color, shape, etc.This product is well worth the money! The only thing missing was being able to drive Thomas on the railroad with him as the engineer.

The fact that the games don't show up on my account as a purchase, which I suppose is because I used 1 click shopping for the first and last time, makes it worse. It's just enough structure to make you feel like doing the puzzles has a greater purpose -- hey, I'm not just twiddling here, I'm capturing Anansi! After playing Siberia 1 an 2 I felt I was that character, seeing the character as I moved it. At the end of the game, it would have been wonderful for the designers of the game to let Thomas ride around railways with the child being able to make stops and choices where to drive the train on the island of Sodor.
All I know is its awfully hard to make contact or get satisfaction, when the computer does'nt acknowledge the purchase.
Even cotacting by e-mail is made difficult by the redundant pre formed responses by the automated customer service. By the way , I'm running XP pro on an athlon 64 bit processor, and every other game I've purchased have worked.

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