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Charlotte, North Carolina's chart topping band pushes the production envelope with new live recording from Time Warner Cable Arena. Three Digico consoles, an SD7 at FOH and two SD10s in monitor world, controlled sound reinforcement for the live event. The power of worship in a live setting is rooted in our human craving for connection and shared experience. Sign Up for Our Email NewsletterDesigned for tech directors and systems operators in churches like yours, our newsletter provides you with updates, articles, news, products and more! In this devotional from Casting Crowns, the GRAMMY- and Dove-Award-winning artists walk you through the biblical meaning and practical application of songs from their new album, A Live Worship Experience. From Elevation Church, based out of Charlotte, NC, musicians and church leaders from Elevation Worship share lyrics from seven songs on their latest release, Here as in Heaven, along with the Bible passages that inspired them and how God’s Word can influence our lives. Pastor and author Dave Willis shares the “7 Laws of Love” found in Scripture and offers practical advice on how you can put love into action to bring health and healing to your relationships. Author Megan Shook Alpha helps you see through the changing whims of what society tells us is beautiful, leading you to a genuine understanding of authentic beauty — and how you can experience it for yourself.

Pastor and author Max Lucado helps you face each new day with courage and faith, inspiring you with daily reminders that God is with you, and that with him he brings comfort, encouragement, and grace sufficient for the day. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Ieanoeiea, eioi?ay iieo?eea iacaaiea "The Getaway" aueaao 17 e?iy 2016 aiaa e aoaao aee??aou a naay 13 o?aeia.
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Iaiiiiei, ?oi ?aiaa, ?aeec aue iaicia?ai, eae aoi?ay ?anou aeuaiia "Aii n ii?iaeuiuie yaeaieyie", e aie?ai aue iacuaaouny "3P". Over the past decade, groups have taken these experiences outside the church walls and into the mainstream market, establishing the demand for live concerts and albums. Ana o?aee a aeuaiia, ca enee??aieai "Chocolate", caienaiu n auaoae o?anoieoae a?oiiu Aaoae Oaoeiie.
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In recent years, few groups have pushed the envelope of production and popularity more than Elevation Worship.Born out of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, Elevation Worship has been a steady and influential presence in the worship genre.
When a group not only garners success in the Christian world but sees an album chart in the Top 25 of the Billboard 200, you know they’re up to something good.

Because of the communal nature of any group worship experience, artists have turned to live recordings; a way to enhance both the ambiance and experiential feel of the music, rich with atmosphere and the voices of thousands. Released on February 5th 2016, Elevation’s newest album, "Here As In Heaven," was recorded live in front of a sold-out crowd at Charlotte’s Time Warner Cable Arena. Adding the need for a live recording and full-camera shoot for a DVD release, you’ve got yourself a production and planning ballet not for the faint of heart. How does a church, in the midst of normal week-to-week operations, plan and execute this monumental task? PlanningThe initial planning stages for this live event and recording began in the spring of 2015.
Brian Poole is the Live Production Technologies director for Elevation Church, a post he has held for the past seven years. Coordinating the live element, audio recording, and filming each took careful consideration to ensure everything worked hand in hand. Poole says taking the time to fully vet and think through each area was extensive yet critical in the early stages. How will the rigging affect the load in and load out?” With this being Elevation’s second live album and event at Time Warner Cable Arena–the first taking place in 2014–they were able to build in an extra day into the production schedule. The second comprised of line-checks, lighting programming, camera staging, and band rehearsals. Trying to wrangle different contacts and coordinate changes with design, rigging, and such was a huge headache”, says Poole.
Poole said this made a huge difference in having one contact for everything, streamlining the entire process.

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