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I'm Geoff Llewellyn, Managing Director and I believe that successful change management is the essence of enterprise success, whether the change is focused, at the micro level, on continuous improvement in an established business process or, at the macro level, on complete re-orientation of an enterprise to new markets, technology or political reality.
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AssurX’s powerfully versatile software unites and coordinates information, activities and documentation in one reliable enterprise system, effectively managing any quality- or compliance-related operations.
AssurX software easily adjusts to fit any established or changing process, requirement or business. AssurX's system of quality and compliance software solutions is designed to be simple to use, maintain and configure to meet each business' precise needs.
Enterprise Change Management lag aan de basis van de TopEase aanpak en het onderliggende softwareplatform.
Dit resulteert uiteindelijk in een projectmodel om de verandering gecontroleerd te plannen en vervolgens de uitvoering daarvan te bewaken en te documenteren.

Change management is defined as the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change.
The RPM approach, described here, is both flexible and scalable to deal with this range of circumstances.
It automatically tracks and communicates about activities—sharing the right information with the right people at the right time—and coordinates efforts between groups. Mapping precisely to your real-world operations, the system creates an electronic workflow of tasks, alerts, escalations and approvals that can be automated to the level you prefer. It involves 1) understanding the change that is being implemented, 2) analyzing the people that will be impacted by the change and 3) creating the plans and actions that will help drive the successful implementation of the change from the people-perspective (such as communications, sponsorship, coaching, training, resistance management and reinforcement mechanisms). The easiest on the market to deploy, configure, use and adapt, AssurX is ideal for every business—of every size—even the most highly regulated. I love how you provide suggestions of how to use, when to use, cheat-sheets and checklists, and how it links to different methodologies.

In essence, it is ensuring that change management is done effectively on all projects and changes in the organization. In addition, it is important to note that taking on ECM is itself an endeavor for the organization. There is no magic wand or silver bullet to help an organization become competent at managing change. When an organization becomes serious about building this core competency, it must treat ECM as: A project - Like any other project, the effort to build the competency to manage change requires planning, design and implementation work.

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