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From homeless high school dropout to one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the country, Eric Thomas has truly found the Secret 2 Success. A holistic approach to success, involving a series of intimate instructional sessions with Inspirational Speaker and Life Strategist, Dr.
As you learn from Eric and the ETA team, you’ll gain an understanding of the true meaning of the word success and how it’s not only attainable but applicable to everyone no matter where you are in life right now. This course is designed to help you move through the material of Eric’s sophomore release, “Greatness Is Upon You,” a personal and professional development guide filled with life changing principles on how to achieve and sustain greatness in different areas of your life. In this course, Eric unleashes the practical, easy to apply secrets that led to his success in a heartfelt and energetic series of interactive videos that will challenge you to look beyond your environment to realign and shape your destiny by beginning with your biggest obstacle: You.
The problem is, most of us have had to balance multiple jobs, manage relationships, take care of our kids, pay bills, etc.
As we helplessly sit on the sidelines of others dreams, we start to use these roadblocks as justifications to why we aren’t the MVP Quarterback of our own Success Superbowl. These people all contribute to this magnetic opposition that can drain our passion for what we do. All of these things just begin to build up until we run out of fuel and begin to pitter patter along, half ass-ing our dreams, but still wishing for the stars. Side-note: If you are still reading this, you know I am speaking the truth and nothing but the truth.
If all of the above didn’t bake a big enough cake with thick frosting on it, here are a bunch of cherries to throw on the top. And all of my true Entrepreneurs out there have boiling blood just by listening to such things. I believe that the #1 reason we (entrepreneurs) put up with the sucky stuff, is because we want to make a difference. If you have ever read the 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell, you understand that the 5th and highest level of leadership, is getting to a point where you can reproduce leaders like you, who can repeat the process over and over. Anyone who knows me, understands that I have a deep desire in my heart to witness others become successful, while playing a vital role in that success. I was sexually abused by over 7 different people, and never came out with it until I was 18 years old. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what you have been through, what you are going through or what you will go through. A few years ago, when I decided to make the journey into Entrepreneurship, I left a very well paying job.

I now own multiple companies and support my wife and two daughters on a job I created for myself. Like you I too quit a well paying job a few months ago – the corporate world was sucking my soul out of me. We sacrificed a lot to get to where we are, and trust me when I say, little money is not an excuse for not pursuing your dreams.
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Whether you’re a recent graduate, professional athlete, coach, stay at home parent, government, business, or ministry leader, Breathe University will equip you with the strategies you need to ascend to the next level.
The creative minds of the hit YouTube series, “Thank God I’m Married,” have gone into the lab and developed an engaging and interactive course in the fundamental principles in achieving and maintaining a successful marriage.
Participants of this course should expect to engage in content that will make the distinction between character and reputation, legacy and currency, victim and victor, being beaten and beating the odds. Students will learn how to face their flaws and fears one core shaping principle at a time. As a matter of fact, as I write this, I am feeding one of my daughters pizza, my wife is sick upstairs, the house is a mess and my other daughter is watching a loud TV show in the background. In other words, we want to leave a legacy, change generational patterns in our families and impact the world for the better.
Once we get to a point where we have experienced success, taught success and created a cycle that re-produces success, we have accomplished our goal.
When I am 30, I want to be able to sit down for a cup of coffee with an aspiring entrepreneur, listen to his passions and dreams, and then write a sizable check while committing to walking along side of them, while they journey to success. That sacrifice could be time, money, bad relationships, security in a job, or even your entire lifestyle. He dropped out of high school, was homeless, and lived in abandoned warehouses while eating meals out of trash cans.
He has written books, received his college degree, and is one of the worlds most inspiring and sought after public speakers. In grade school, I moved in with my aunt and uncle and was later kicked out of the house at 19, dropped off at college (halfway across the nation,) and told that I wasn’t welcome back in my home anymore.

I also have the honor of working with other amazing people who have passion and a drive for entrepreneurship. So long as you stay focused, draw your inspiration from great resources, and ignore the crappy things, you will become successful.
I’m following my bliss now which is great … But not very lucrative at the moment! We had a little bit of a savings, occasionally I would do freelance work, my wife also had a part time job, we cut back on budget expenses that are un-necessary like smart phones, internet, TV, online subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, etc.
Students should work through the book and workbook along with the videos to maximize results. When used in combination with Eric’s autobiography, “The Secret to Success,” the barriers students will be able to break through are innumerable. But at the same time, we know in the back of our heads how far away we are from reaching that point.
They are more concerned about maintaining the public image of being an entrepreneur, than they are about actually whole-heartedly pursuing their dreams.
Just accept that some of these things may apply to you (or someone you know,) and keep reading.
We have to understand that shame is one of the worst things we can entertain in our own lives and in our relationships. Sure, I had made decisions to contribute to some of the things that happened in my life, but there were also many things that happened that were out of my control.
I knew that I had more to offer than pushing paper for a bunch of money hungry financial institution executives – I also knew if I didn’t get out soon, I would become one of them. I simply want to inspire this generation of entrepreneurs to cut the crap and live up to their full potential! In the book, Eric not only details his struggles and successes, he also provides invaluable advice on how anyone can take their life from its current state to places they never dreamed imaginable. Audiobook Rar This Value rapidshare megaupload hotfile, The Audiobook Rar This Value via download, The Audiobook Rar This Value full free download, The Audiobook Pdf law of attraction book pdf the life of the american teenager attraction the (Unabridged) by.

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